Remnant 2 Phantom Wasteland: How To Unlock Hatchery Locked Door

Unlock Hatchery Locked Door

Traveling through the dusty landscapes of Remnant 2 Phantom Wasteland Locked Door will catch your attention and players will have to unlock the Hatchery Locked Door to advance the game’s plot. In a series of steps, this guide will tell you how to unlock the Hatchery Locked Door inside Phantom Wasteland. One might be familiar with the Phantom Wasteland’s location if they have explored the Tower of the Unseen.

The process demands a concentrated step-by-step effort but has lots in store for the players to enjoy.

Remnant 2 Phantom Wasteland Locked Door Location

Nestled inside the futuristic land of N’Erud, the Phantom Wasteland hosts the Hatchery Locked Door in Remnant 2. Typically, the Hatchery area is located at the far end of the Phantom Wasteland. You can check this through the game’s map. This whole area is crucial for the game’s developing story as it offers a chance to battle with other bosses as well such as the Sentinel Keep Boss.

Remnant 2 Phantom Wasteland Locked Door Map
Map of Hatchery Locked Doors In Phantom Wasteland in Remnant 2

The whole area reeks of Parasites ready to kill you at first sight. It is better to equip yourself with the best weapons in Remnant 2 to effectively battle them on the spot. Avoid taking damage at this stage. However, be careful not to spend all your ammunition here as well. Ideally, you can also craft weapons to your own preferences with the Remnant 2 Weapon Mod Crafting Guide.

How To Unlock Hatchery Locked Door In Remnant 2

The first step is to locate the Hatchery Locked Door inside Phantom Wastelands. The steps are straightforward from there onwards.

Locate The Remnant 2 Phantom Wasteland Locked Door

Once you’ve traveled all the way to the Hatchery, the Locked Door can be sighted easily due to the distinguished mark on the door. The distinguished mark is a circle with a bright red light on it, coupled with four straight neon lights pointing toward the circle. Due to the dim lights inside Phantom Wasteland and in general theme of Remnant 2, the Hatchery Locked Door is not hard to miss.

The area near the Hatchery Locked Door in Remnant 2 would generally look quite similar to the Void Vessel Facility. Now that we’ve located the Locked Door, it is time to begin our mission of unlocking it.

Reveal A Hole By Breaking Boxes And Barrels

This part is a bit tricky to manage especially if the Parasites are after your life. You will notice many boxes and barrels placed near the Locked Door. They’re all of a faded purple and grey color. The items hide beneath them a passage that we’re looking to go through.

Remnant 2 Phantom Wasteland Locked Door Pathway
Path leading to the cables in Remnant 2

Break enough boxes and barrels, and a hole will be visible to you in the ground. It is a compact space lit by a warm yellow light. Players will have to crouch to travel through here. Follow the path inside here that leads to an opening with climbing stairs on it.

Collect Rerouting Cable Ring

Climb the ladder to a heightened area of The Hatchery. Take the first right corner. A purple glow at the end of the corridor indicates the presence of the Rerouting Cable Ring. You may collect it.

Find The Narrow Opening

Once the Rerouting Cable Ring has been collected, walk back towards the other side. Look towards your right to see a wall opening. The wall opening is designed in a way that allows players to shoot from above towards the cables. Crouch and aim, but don’t shoot yet.

Shoot The Barrel To Restore Power To The Locked Door

A player ready to shoot at the barrel to restore power in Phantom Wasteland
Remnant 2 Phantom Wasteland

Look for a barrel placed between the two cables. There will be no electric current passing through the cables. Shoot at the barrel to burst it, which will create a blast and power up the cables. Well, the Locked Door in the Phantom Wasteland of your Remnant 2 is locked no more.

The power allows the door to be opened now. You can observe current passing through the two cables.

Collect the little bonus for yourself once you’re done with this. Walk down towards the cables and look for a dead man lying near them. Pick up the Blackout Ring from there.

The two rings are quite effective to collect. Rerouting Cable helps you by amplifying your health and by providing you with a Shield. Blackout Ring allows an increased Reload Speed to your Magazine, thus helpful in attacks.

That’s all you need to know in order to unlock the Hatchery Locked Doors in Phantom Wasteland on Remnant 2. The Hatchery is an interesting place where you face different kinds of Parasites and notorious bosses such as The Progeny and Primogenitor.

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