Osrs Leagues 4 Areas – Exploring All 10 Regions [Complete Guide]

Osrs Leagues 4 Areas Guide

In Osrs Leagues 4, you will find yourself bound to specific regions within the vast realm of Gielinor. To start, you will be confined to Misthalin, with the opportunity to liberate Karamja during the tutorial phase.

Furthermore, as progress unfolds, participants can unlock up to three additional areas upon accomplishing 60, 140, and 300 League tasks. This comprehensive Osrs Leagues 4 areas guide will entail all the details about the Osrs Leagues 4 areas.

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Osrs Leagues 4 Areas

Osrs Leagues 4 Areas
Osrs Leagues 4 Areas

The Osrs Leagues 4 encompasses a total of 10 distinct regions, each offering its unique challenges and opportunities. These areas include Asgarnia, Fremennik, Kandarin, Karamja, Desert, Misthalin, Morytania, Tirannwn, Wilderness, and Kourend.

1. Misthalin

Misthalin will be the area where you start your journey in Osrs Leagues 4. It encompasses the Kingdom of Misthalin, Fossil Island, Zanaris, and certain realms accessible via Fairy Rings. These realms include Abyssal Area, Abyssal Nexus, Cosmic Entity’s Plane, Enchanted Valley, and Gorak Plane.

It is important to note that despite indications in the Leagues interface, the Abyss is not considered part of Misthalin. Additionally, underground and instanced areas with entry points in Misthalin are included.

However, magical barriers restrict access to Al-Kharid, Port Sarim, the western exit of Barbarian Village, the Kalphite Hive and Kalphite Lair, the underground sections of the Paterdomus Temple, and Canifis.

When it comes to the loot obtained from Misthalin, the passive relic drop rate boost applies to unique items obtained from all Treasure Trails reward caskets. Additionally, unique items from superior slayer monsters are also affected by this passive relic drop rate boost.

When you unlock the Osrs Leagues 4 Misthalin area, the following quests will be completed: Druidic Ritual, Priest in Peril, Elemental Workshop I, Dig Site, Nature Spirit, Bone Voyage, Dragon Slayer I, The Restless Ghost, Lost City, Fairytale I – Growing Pains,  Tears of Guthix, and Fairytale II – Cure a Queen.

2. Karamja

The vast area of Karamja includes the island of Crandor and the Realm of the Fisher King. Furthermore, it extends to cover underground and instanced regions with entrances in Karamja.

When you unlock the Karamja area, the Shilo Village, and Jungle Potion, quests are automatically marked as completed. The prominent settlements in Karamja include Musa Point, Tai Bwo Wannai, Brimhaven, Mor Ul Rek, Shilo Village, and the Ship Yard.

If you acquire a Player-owned House from an Estate Agent, your house will be situated in Brimhaven, facilitating construction training from level 1.

3. Asgarnia

The Asgarnia region spans the entirety of the Kingdom of Asgarnia, including the island of Entrana, the Pest Control islands, and Troll Country, excluding Weiss. It also comprises underground spaces and instanced areas with regional entry points.

Furthermore, it includes the passage to Catherby from White Wolf Mountain. However, it will be limited, employing magical barriers to restrict access. Merlin’s Crystal, My Arm’s Big Adventure, and all necessary subquests are automatically completed when this area is unlocked.

4. Fremennik Province

The Fremennik Province covers the whole of the Fremennik Province, the designated area includes the Fremennik islands, Lunar Isle, and Weiss. It also encompasses underground spaces and instanced areas with entrances located within the specified region.

Moreover, the magical barriers impede access to Kandarin via the bridge south of Rellekka. Simply unlocking the area, the Secrets of the North, Horror from the Deep, Dragon Slayer II, Mountain Daughter, and all necessary subquests are automatically fulfilled.

It’s important to note that while Secrets of the North unlocks, Desert Treasure I will not be automatically completed. The unique drops from rune and Adamant dragons receive a boost upon unlocking The Fremennik Provinces, enabling players to engage in battles with these creatures.

5. Kandarin

Osrs Leagues 4 Areas
Osrs Leagues 4 Areas Explained

The Kandarin Area extends through the Kingdom of Kandarin, including the Feldip Hills, Ape Atoll, and Crash Island. This designation also covers instances of areas within Kandarin and underground regions with entrances in Kandarin, excluding Taverley Dungeon and the Underground Pass.

However, access to the Nightmare Zone is limited. Players can acquire Nightmare Zone points by consulting Dominic Onion and purchasing them for 1 coin each.

Additionally, magical barriers are in place to restrict and prevent access to White Wolf Mountain and the Fremennik Province bridge. Moreover, when Kandarin is unlocked, King’s Ransom, Monkey Madness II, Swan Song, and all requisite subquests are automatically completed.

6. Kharidian Desert

The Kharidian Desert Area entails the Kharidian Desert, inclusive of underground areas and instanced locations with entrances within the specified area. However, the passage to Misthalin, both north of Al-Kharid and south of Varrock, is constrained and obstructed by magical barriers.

The Desert Treasure II quest and all necessary subquests are automatically completed when you unlock the area.

7. Morytania

The Morytania region spans the complete area of Morytania, incorporating the islands of Mos Le’Harmless, Braindeath Island, Dragontooth Island, and Harmony Island. Additionally, areas within Morytania and underground locations with entrances in Morytania are also encompassed.

The Morytania, Darkness of Hallowvale, The Great Brain Robbery, and all necessary subquests are automatically completed when you unlock the area.

8. Tirannwn

Tirannwn spans the entirety of the region, encompassing the Temple of Light and the Underground Pass, along with instances of areas and underground locations within its borders.

The Song of the Elves and all required subquests are automatically completed upon unlocking Tirannwn.

9. Wilderness

The Wilderness Area encompasses the complete expanse of the Wilderness, including underground regions and instanced areas with entrances within this territory. However, accessibility to Last Man Standing and Bounty Hunter will be restricted.

In the Osrs Leagues 4 areas, the dynamics of death undergo distinctive changes when within the confines of the Wilderness. PvP deaths are similar to PvM deaths, with lost items being relocated to a gravestone, which then shifts to your respawn location.

Conversely, PvM deaths retain their standard unaffected status. Additionally, it’s important to note that Loot keys are disabled on League Worlds, introducing a unique element to handling items in this competitive environment.

To complete the Enter the Abyss quest and its necessary subquests, unlocking this area is essential. In fact, unlocking this area automatically completes all quests and their required subquests.

10. Kourend

The Kebos and Kourend region encompasses the whole of Zeah, including the Kebos Lowlands and Great Kourend. When you unlock the Kourend area, the X Marks the Spot quest is automatically completed.

Additionally, instances of areas within Kebos and Kourend, along with underground locations featuring entrances in this region, are also part of the coverage.

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