How To Find Star Ocean Second Story R Goodie Box Location

Star Ocean Second Story R Goodie Box Location

In Star Ocean: The Second Story R, going on an incredible adventure means not only defeating formidable opponents and completing missions but also gathering a stash of priceless artifacts that have the power to change the course of any confrontation. Goodie Boxes are one of these jewels that stand out as highly sought-after prizes that may greatly improve your gaming experience.

We will go over each of the ways to find Star Ocean Second Story R Goodie Box locations in depth in this extensive guide, with an emphasis on a very successful farming approach. We will also explore pickpocketing techniques and provide insights into the equipment and strategies needed to become an expert thief in the game.

How To Find Star Ocean Second Story R Goodie Box Location

Star Ocean Second Story R Goodie Box Location
How To Find Star Ocean Second Story R Goodie Box Location (Source – Fredchukdave)

In Star Ocean 2, one may find several ways to acquire Goodie Boxes inside its expansive universe. Although some of these expensive things may be obtained via passive gaming, it is not the most effective approach. Pickpocketing is another option available to players, albeit it is not without its difficulties. Fishing may also provide assiduous players with a way to find Star Ocean Second Story R Goodie Box locations, which often show up as “Unidentified Items.”

  1. In order to increase the likelihood of finding Goodie Boxes, players have to concentrate on leveling up one character’s Art talent to level 4.
  2. To do this, go to the Camp Menu’s Improve section and choose the Art skill.
  3. To further save future SP expenses, it is essential to enhance Determination for every character.
  4. After you have reached the proper level in the Art skill, go to a merchant and buy Magic Clay.
  5. The next step is to open the Camp Menu’s IC/Specialty section, choose Art, and then choose Create Strange Goods.
  6. This gives players the ability to make 10 batches of Strange Goods at once, with the possibility that each batch will include one or two Goodie Boxes.
  7. If you want the best possible results, you might think about saving before constructing so you can reload if the results don’t work out.

How To Pickpocket In Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Star Ocean Second Story R Goodie Box Location
How To Pickpocket In Star Ocean The Second Story R

Pickpocketing in Star Ocean: The Second Story R calls for specialized equipment, and the Thief’s Glove is a necessary piece of gear. At 40,000 Fol, players may acquire this item in Harley and other early-game towns. For those who want to be thieves, the Thief’s Glove turns out to be a sensible purchase, despite its seemingly high price.

Unlocking Nimble Fingers

Pickpocketing successfully depends on a character having the Nimble Fingers skill. This skill may be acquired in one of two ways: either by beginning the game with it or by crafting while playing. If no character has Nimble Fingers out of the box, players may make goods using the Crafting or Machinist ICs in the IC/Specialty menu until the needed talent is unlocked. Next, spend skill points on Poker Face and Courage, which both improve the character’s covert thieving abilities.

Best Items In The Star Ocean 2 Remake

Star Ocean Second Story R Goodie Box Location
Best Items In The Star Ocean 2 Remake

Pickpocketing has restrictions, so even if it might provide large profits, players must be cautious. A party’s ability to steal is limited, as pickpocketing negatively impacts their standing in other characters’ relationships. However, the benefits often exceed the drawbacks. The following notable objects are well worth the expense of becoming an expert thief:

  • Rainbow Diamond: Steal an early Rainbow Diamond from the newlywed lady in Arlia Village and use it to make strong goods or earn money.
  • Pickpocketing companions: In PA mode, search every city for partners to get higher-level weapons that are unique to your character.
  • Magic Camera at Krosse Castle: To be able to duplicate objects with a Magic Camera, you must steal from a person with green hair in Krosse Castle.
  • Marze Village Goodie Box: To find a goodie box that contains a random item, find an elderly guy next to the inn.
  • The Bestiary in Marze: Take an early copy of The Bestiary from an NPC next to the table in Celine’s Marze residence.
  • Bunny Shoes in Fun City: Players may grab Bunny Shoes from a bunny that lives close to the racetrack in Fun City.
  • Items in Kurik: Before the town is destroyed, pilfer a variety of things from Kurik.
  • Keen Kitchen Knife in Salva: Try robbing a woman and her kid at a home on Salva’s left side in order to get a Keen Kitchen Knife.


The search for Goodie Boxes in the vast universe of Star Ocean: The Second Story R reveals an alluring aspect of riches and potential for players. Choosing the creative route of crafting or venturing into the shadowy realm of pickpocketing, these techniques infuse an exciting strategic element throughout the whole game experience.

To sum up, the quest to find Star Ocean Second Story R Goodie Box location goes beyond just earning in-game currency. It turns into evidence of the player’s shrewdness, inventiveness, and readiness to take calculated chances in the quest for excellence. Equip your characters, accept the two routes of crafting and pickpocketing, and bask in the wealth of riches waiting to be found in Star Ocean: The Second Story R’s immense cosmic tapestry. I hope your travels are fulfilling, prosperous, and brimming with the excitement of the unknown. Enjoy your gaming!

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