How To Get Potatoes In Starfield Explained? How to Find and Use (Complete Guide)

How To Get Potatoes In Starfield Guide

In Starfiled, various types of materials and resources are available, contributing to crafting, building, and trading within the game. As you progress through the game, you will want various materials for progression.

You will need specific types of resources. to complete various missions and sidequests. While certain resources may be readily abundant, others prove scarce and challenging to locate. This guide will explain how to get potatoes in Starfield and explain their potential uses.

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Where To Find Potatoes In Starfield

How To Get Potatoes In Starfield
Potatoes In Starfield

If you’re wondering where to locate potatoes, particularly if you haven’t encountered any yet, the answer lies in the vast expanse of the galaxy. However, these versatile tubers won’t be found growing on every planet.

Additionally, you cannot cultivate potatoes at outposts. Typically, you can only cultivate those products that are native to the planet in the greenhouse. In other words, the farming process can be automated to plant crops that naturally thrive on the specific planet where the outpost is located.

However, given that potatoes don’t naturally grow on any planet within the game, cultivating them in outposts is not an option.

The exclusive method to acquire potatoes in Starfield involves purchasing them from vendors in the AID section. However, the plus point is that the cost is relatively affordable, around 35 Credits.

It’s important to note that acquiring potatoes in large quantities outside of stores is unlikely. Several stores, such as General Goods in AC, Jane’s Goods in Cydonia, and the Quikshop on Neon, offer potatoes for purchase. Moreover, there are additional stores where you can find this essential resource.

How To Get Potatoes In Starfield

Potatoes In Starfield: Quickshop
How To Get Potatoes In Starfield: Quickshop

The Potatoes will be available in all the mentioned stores, and the way of acquiring them is pretty much the same irrespective of the shop you are visiting. This section will walk you through the process of obtaining Potatoes from the Quikshop.

Locate Quikshop on Neon

The Quikshop on Neon is located on Volii Alpha in the Volii System. In order to get there, start through Neon in the Neon Core and locate one of the Ebbside doors, which are located among several shops.

Once you get there, look for a lift, which is conveniently located near the eye-catching Fresh Seafood neon sign. Take the lift up to the Underbelly and exit to the right to reach the Generdyn Industries building. On your left, you’ll notice the Quikshop, which advertises Fresh Warm Food.

Speak With Katherine Luzion

Katherine Luzion
How To Get Potatoes In Starfield: Katherine Luzion

When you arrive at the Quikshop, you might encounter Katherine Luzion outside; if not, she could be found indoors, possibly engaged in sweeping. Simply speak with Katherine, and she will discuss her late husband.

Afterward, you can inquire about her available items for sale, with potatoes typically listed under Aid. It’s worth noting that Potato availability may vary, adding an unexpected twist to the notion of potatoes being a sought-after commodity.

In case the Potatoes are out of stock, you need to find a nearby chair to take a seat and wait around 48 in-game hours to expedite the restocking process. You will have to repeat the process twice, and once you are done, revisit the shop to find Potatoes.

How To Get Potatoes In Starfield explained
How To Get Potatoes In Starfield

The waiting time of roughly a minute for every 48 in-game hours can be efficiently utilized to accumulate as many potatoes as desired. This method proves particularly useful at shops equipped with nearby seating arrangements.

How To Use Potatoes In Starfield

Now that you know how to get Potatoes in Starfield, here is how to use them and put them to effective use in the game. Although they are such scarce and rare materials, their uses in-game are limited.

They are only used to restore 2 HP, and simply consuming them will do the trick and restore your health. Other than that, they can be used in a recipe for cooking the Shepherd’s Pie. However, the Escape From the Endless Voyage quest will demand a bulk of 50 Potatoes in order to complete it.

Starfield potatoes contain an Easter egg, which adds a playful touch. Surprisingly, the first description of potatoes mirrors Samwise’s words to Gollum during their journey in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

While this trivia does not provide any practical benefits, it is an entertaining fact to share with other players.

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