Sea of Thieves Guild Rewards – A Comprehensive Guide To Season 10 Guilds

Sea Of Thieves Guild Rewards

The Sea of Thieves season Ten introduces an exciting and significant addition: the advent of Guilds. This feature lets you form clubs, enabling you to collectively enjoy the riches acquired under a united banner with friends while navigating the vast seas.

In order to understand the Guild mechanics in Seas of Thieves, we have compiled a detailed guide that will go over the Sea of Thieves Guild rewards and everything else you need to know to make the most out of the feature.

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What Is Guild In Sea Of Thieves

Guide: Sea Of Thieves Guild Rewards
Sea Of Thieves Guild Rewards Explained

A Guild in Sea of Thieves is a coalition of players who have joined forces under a common banner, resembling a type of club. While they may not be online together simultaneously, every sailing venture contributes to the collective progression and rewards for the entire group.

Additionally, members can keep track of each other’s recent activities, enjoying various perks associated with Guild membership. Whether creating a Guild or joining a friend’s Guild, players can collaborate as a unified group, unlocking exclusive rewards.

Sea Of Thieves Guild Rewards

Beyond the tangible benefits, Guilds foster stronger social bonds among players and open up new avenues for roleplaying opportunities.

Guild Limitations In Sea Of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, you will have the option to establish your own Guilds or become members of existing ones, with a limitation of up to three Guild memberships concurrently. Each Guild is capped at a maximum of 24 players.

The Guild owner holds the authority to oversee invitations, add or remove members, and delegate management privileges, known as Guild Leaders, to other members.

Additionally, the Guild Owner oversees customization aspects, including the Guild’s motto, logo, and colors, which will be discussed in more detail later on.

How To Create Guild In Sea Of Thieves

The process of joining existing guilds in Sea Of Thieves is straightforward. Simply accepting the invitation will let you join the Guild. When it comes to creating your own Guild, things are different.

You need to hold the rank of Captain first in order to create a new Guild and assume the role of Guild Owner. To create a Guild, you need to pledge one of your Captain-controlled ships to the Guild.

Furthermore, you can find a dedicated Guilds section within the Main Menu that enables players to initiate the Guild creation process. In the Guild section, you’ll be able to select a Title, Iconography, color scheme, and motto for the Guild.

These choices allow you to reflect your Guild’s unique personality and articulate its mission statement. It’s worth noting that, as the Guild Owner, you retain the flexibility to modify these elements later through the Guilds menu.

How To Pledge A Ship To A Guild

In the process of Guild creation or at any point during your Guild membership, you have the option to pledge one of your captained ships. This action relocates the ship from the My Ships menu to the Guilds menu on the main screen.

The best part is that you will remain the ship’s owner. Once you have pledged a ship, all progress made on that vessel contributes to the Guild’s overall advancement.

Subsequently, you can choose to share your ship, allowing fellow Guild members to sail it, earning Ship Milestones even when you’re not at the helm, or keeping it private. Once your Guild is established, management can be conducted through the Guilds menu.

You retain the flexibility to adjust branding and permissions at any time. While only the Guild Owner possesses all permissions, certain members can be designated as Guild Leaders, granting them the ability to invite additional members.

The Guild Owner also has the option to transfer ownership to another player, relinquishing control of the Guild. Now, the next step is to extend invitations and bring players into the Guild!

Guild Invites

Sea Of Thieves Guild Rewards
Sea Of Thieves Guild Invites

The Guild owners or Leaders can send invitations to other players for Guild membership using the Guilds Menu or the in-game Pirate Log. As aforementioned, the Guilds are capped at a maximum of 24 members.

To find these invitations, go to the Guild Invites section of the Guilds page of the Main Menu. It’s worth noting that players can only belong to up to three Guilds at once.

Pirates can also use the Guild Invite Emote to invite other players directly in-game. These emotes depict your pirate handing a scroll to another player, who can interact with it to join your Guild.

This only works if there is an open spot in your Guild and they haven’t already joined three Guilds. It’s essential to be aware that these invites have a lifespan of 7 days before expiring, and a player can only access their 20 most recent invitations.

Guild Chronicles Sea Of Thieves

Guild Chronicles Sea Of Thieves
Sea Of Thieves Guild Chronicles

the Guild Chronicles serves as a distinctive social feature for Guilds. It provides a means to catch up on the events that unfolded in your absence. While you’re offline, fellow Guild members can embark on voyages.

Within this feature, you can track the arrival of new members, observe newly pledged ships, and witness Guild members sailing and earning treasure and rewards for the Guild.

Additionally, the Ship Chronicles for each captained ship offers a detailed record of the escapades of that particular vessel. Therefore, it proves beneficial to manage your Guild effectively.

Reputation and Distinctions Sea Of Thieves

When you choose to set sail as part of a Guild, you’ll accumulate a Reputation for the Guild in addition to the standard pirate-exclusive progression.

Moreover, turning in treasure to Trading Companies and gaining Allegiance from Hourglass Battles will contribute to raising your Guild’s Reputation. This, in turn, enables you to unlock exclusive Guild rewards gradually.

You can unlock the exclusive Guild Role Outfits. These outfits will offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in various crew roles, from the helmsman to the cook, providing a unique and roleplay-enhancing experience.

As your Guild attains Reputation levels, the opportunity arises to achieve a Distinction each time it reaches level 100. When you reach this milestone, your Guild’s Reputation is reset to level 1, while your Distinction level increases.

The Guild can go through the Reputation progression ten times with a total of ten Distinctions to earn, unlocking unique rewards for each achievement.

Guild Emissaries Sea Of Thieves

Once a Guild achieves Reputation level 15, it automatically unlocks the ability for crews to function as Guild Emissaries. To hoist the Guild Emissary flag, cast your vote at the new table near the Sovereign tent on the outpost.

Similar to Trading Company emissaries, becoming a Guild Emissary enables a crew to accrue a multiplier on their treasures. Additionally, while operating as a Guild Emissary, you have the option to sell other types of Emissary Flags to the Sovereigns.

Guild Emissaries Sea Of Thieves
Sea Of Thieves Guild Emissaries

You can earn an Emissary Grade from Guild Emissary, ranging from Level 1 to Level 5. Each level gain increases your multiplier, which is then applied to any treasure you sell to the Sovereigns.

While this multiplier isn’t as effective as the standard Trading Company Emissary Grades, it does apply to ALL treasures, not just those from a single company.

Emissary Ledger

The treasures you acquire as a Guild Emissary, like those of other Trading Company Emissaries, will be recorded in the Guild Emissary Ledger. This global leaderboard is divided into four tiers that rank all Guilds based on their total emissary treasure.

As with other companies, reaching the top tiers of the Ledger unlocks special rewards. That concludes our discussion of the Sea Of Thieves Guild Rewards. Additionally, make sure to read our Osrs Leagues 4 Areas Guide.

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