How To Get Orokin Catalysts In Warframe

How To Get Orokin Catalysts In Warframe - Complete Guide

You’re not alone if, like a lot of Warframe players, you’re always in a state of blue potato shortage. One of the most sought-after items in the game is Orokin Catalysts, which are the only thing that can double the mod capacity of any weapon you own. This includes arch-guns, arch-melee, main and secondary weapons, and even sentinel weaponry.

These catalysts are quite attractive since they may greatly increase your battle capabilities by supercharging your armament. We’ll go over how to get Orokin Catalysts in Warframe in this extensive guide from simple to difficult, so you can outfit your Warframe arsenal with the best weapons possible.

How To Get Orokin Catalysts In Warframe

How To Get Orokin Catalysts In Warframe
How To Get Orokin Catalysts In Warframe

In Warframe, there are many methods to get an Orokin Catalyst. Some are simple, while others are a little trickier. Starting with the simplest, let’s work our way up to the laborious and challenging techniques.

1. Platinum Market Purchase

The in-game market provides an easy way to find the route of least resistance. An Orokin Catalyst that is completely constructed may be obtained for a nominal cost of 20 Platinum. Although this is by far the simplest approach, it costs more money in premium currency.

If you have extra Platinum, this is an easy and fast way to get the coveted blue potato and upgrade your weaponry without having to deal with the hassles of other approaches. This is the easiest method of how to get Orokin Catalysts in Warframe.

2. Nightwave System and Offers

The Nightwave System offers an alluring option for thrifty Tenno who would rather earn their prizes via games. The Nightwave System offers tasks that must be completed on a daily and weekly basis in order to achieve Nightwave Standing. Built Orokin Catalysts are one of the many awards you gain as you advance through the Nightwave tiers (30 in all). Watch for the Nightwave rankings shown below:

  • Rank 11 – Series 1: The Wolf of Saturn Six
  • Rank 13 – Intermission I
  • Rank 9 – Intermission II
  • Rank 5 – Intermission III

For those free-to-play players who are prepared to put in the work, these rankings provide consistent development and the much-coveted blue potato as a reward.

3. Razorback Armada Mission

If you want a challenge, the Razorback Armada mission provides a difficult but rewarding route to becoming an Orokin Catalyst. The mission involves going up against the boss Razorback, a strong foe with some metallic tricks under its sleeve. The secret to success is playing strategically.

  • Launch the boss battle by using compromised consoles to call upon Bursa, your ally.
  • After being hacked, the Bursa turns into an ally and lets your Warframe assault the Razorback. To win, repeat this technique three times.
  • With the correct equipment, lone players may complete the mission in 5–10 minutes each run, however, a team can do it faster (around 3–5 minutes every run).
  • You will get 200k credits in addition to one constructed Orokin Catalyst for completing the quest three times.

Reaching 100% construction in your Invasion menu is a prerequisite for starting the Razorback Armada mission. Completing Corpus-sided Invasion missions is also required. A node will then show up adjacent to an active Relay along with a notification from the Lotus on the Razorback danger. It takes a Razorback Cipher Blueprint to access the node and start the quest.

4. Fomorian Sabotage Alert

Like the Razorback Armada mission, getting constructed Orokin Catalysts is tough but rewarded when you use the Fomorian Sabotage alert. Players use their Archwings to soar over the sky and infiltrate the Fomorian in this alert. It is imperative that you activate the Fomorian Disruptor since it takes away the power core’s shield, leaving it exposed for thirty to forty seconds.

  • In order to get the Orokin Catalyst and 200k credits within this time, players must target and destroy 16 massive power nodes on the core, causing at least one million damage.
  • A coordinated team may finish the Fomorian Sabotage mission in as little as three to five minutes, compared to five to fifteen minutes for a single run.
  • In contrast to the Razorback Armada objective, in order to start the Fomorian Sabotage mission and get to 100% construction in your Invasion menu, you must finish the Grineer-sided Invasion missions.
  • After that, the Fomorian Sabotage will show up as a quest node on the Star Chart menu.

5. Orokin Catalyst Blueprints

Orokin Catalyst blueprints provide a crafting alternative for the independent Tenno who prefers a do-it-yourself method. Numerous locations provide these blueprints: Sortie missions, Daily Tribute, completing the Stolen Dreams quest, Gift of the Lotus, select Tactical Alert rewards, and sometimes Invasion missions and fights.

After you have a blueprint, you will need the following supplies to make your own Orokin Catalyst:

  • 1x Control Module
  • 1x Gallium
  • 1x Morphics
  • 1x Orokin Cell
  • 25,500 Credits

The blueprint approach is a good substitute for players who are new to the game or who would rather take their time to become better, even if it may not provide immediate satisfaction.


Within the vast Warframe world, Tenno’s commitment and tactical skill are shown via how to get Orokin Catalysts in Warframe. Every option—the simplicity of market transactions, the difficulties of demanding missions, or the methodical advancement through Nightwave ranks—weaves a unique story of empowerment. With the powerful energy of blue potatoes added to your arsenal, the conflicts ahead should prove to be more exciting and fearsome.

Your weapons’ twofold mod capacity should serve as a monument to the power you’ve developed in the abyss. May the decisions you make in obtaining these catalysts speak to your own path. With Orokin Catalysts in hand, you’re prepared to make a lasting impression on the vast canvas that is the Warframe galaxy. May your wins be loud and your weapons be powerful.

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