Lies of P Simon Manus’ Weakness: How to Beat Simon Manus

Discover Simon Manus’ weakness in Lies of P! You can overcome this formidable opponent and get valuable prizes by using strategy, upgrades, and astute defensive play.

You’re fatigued from battling Manus, yet you still can’t seem to win? Don’t be concerned, exhausted adventurer! You may beat Simon Manus, the Awakened God, in Lies of P with the aid of this article. We have all of the required tips and methods to assist you in defeating this formidable foe.

To whet your appetite, here’s a sneak peek from Lies of P: The surprising inspiration for this eerie game with overtones of Souls is The Adventures of Pinocchio.

Pinocchio embarks on a journey to uncover the enigmatic Mr. Geppetto in this gritty rendition of Carlo Collodi’s iconic fable. His journey brings him to Krat, a city styled after the Belle Epoque in which deadly puppets wander freely, and civilization has devolved into madness.

To live, Pinocchio must learn a wide range of weaponry as well as the particular abilities of interchangeable Legion Arms. Along the journey, he encounters both friends and opponents, but your role is to assist him in concocting a web of lies in order to achieve his desire to grow.

Simon Manus—Who is he?

Set out to confront Simon Manus, the game’s scary last opponent and a deadly foe hidden in Lies of P’s Arche Abbey Area.

Simon runs slowly and wields a hefty mace, yet he executes a lethal leaping attack with a broad reach. His skills include side-to-side sweeps, rushes, tremendous jumps, overhead smashes, and a far-reaching jab.

During your arduous fight, he emerges as the awakened Simon Manus, Awakened God, as well as his other manifestation, the Arm of God. The awakened version contains unique attack combinations, so brace yourself for more challenging assignments.

When you defeat bosses on your heroic journey, you are awarded valuable Ergos, which are needed to get powerful boss weapons. You may be able to obtain the highly sought-after Fallen One’s Ergo by defeating Simon Manus.

Weakness of Simon Manus

Explore Manus’ weakness in the mysterious realm of Lies of P, where even the most fearsome foes have flaws.

Despite Manus’ enormous power, competent opponents may exploit his limitations. His clever method involves shifting assault timings to lure you into risky tactics.

Among this deception, he stuns with fast strokes. His sensitivity to acidic explosions, on the other hand, is his Achilles’ heel. Use acid grindstones to deliver strong assaults and maintain your continuous aggressiveness to swiftly diminish his HP.

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Furthermore, during the early rounds of the fight, Manus exposes a vulnerable front—his head—as a point of vulnerability. This is an opportunity that astute players can seize. The end of Phase 1 heralds the start of the next struggle against the great Awakened God. To win, keep an eye out for and exploit Manus’ faults.

How to Beat Simon Manus

Prepare for a two-part battle with Simon Manus, with the second phase being significantly more challenging. It is critical to be able to develop effective guarding and employ Pulse Cells properly for healing. To get an edge, be sure to upgrade all of the equipment, including the handles and weapons.

Phase 1

In the first phase, Simon Manus takes his Arm of God avatar and attacks with a massive mace and melee attacks. The deceptively long reach of his strikes may catch you off unprepared. Before you begin to fight, use a Star Fragment to summon the Spectre.

Take note of when his melee assaults land. To make room for your own attacks, choose to avoid or block his two-swing combo of a forearm swing and a backhand swing. Manus also employs a Fury slam strike, which includes a ground smash, a change in mace grip, and a subsequent leap. Keep your distance or correctly timing this move to deliver staggered damage. To react, utilize the recovery window.

Occasionally, the boss will select an AoE charge strike over a leap. Stay out of its line of sight to prevent injury. Keep in mind that flames continue to burn on the ground, necessitating a quick response.

You will not be gravely injured, but you will gradually deplete his health. Before proceeding to the second phase, collect a sufficient amount of Pulse Cells. For those who have used extra Special Grindstones, the fire element is particularly potent.

Phase 2

Prepare for the major battle during this period. Because he is competent in both physical and ranged combat, the Awakened God is a formidable opponent.

Keep a watchful eye on ranged assaults. As the boss’s arm pulsates with energy and smacks into the ground, three subsequent explosions are launched toward your location. To evade this assault, keep moving. A ground-hugging energy wave sent toward you by Simon Manus may also be effectively halted or avoided.

The boss employs a number of disruption attacks. Three of them involve Manus summoning energy spheres that fire projectiles after a delay; one involves dodging while firing multiple projectiles, another involves releasing faster-moving bolts of Disruption, and the third involves dodging while firing multiple projectiles. Sidestep on every occasion to dodge their attacks.

The optimal moment to attack is with melee swings, which are now faster and have a broader range. If you intend to block, make allowance for the slightly off-timing.

Be aware of Manus’ rolling blows, which let him cover ground swiftly before combining them with a smash. He still employs the previously described Fury attack. Learn to adjust the timing of damage to lessen it. The Awakened God launches a brand-new attack that summons a gigantic hand from the skies and produces a catastrophic explosion. Run as fast as you can away from the danger.

When feasible, use Fable Arts and perform precise assaults. A good defensive approach can lead to victory, whether via attrition or by stinging the monster for a Fatal Attack. Your prizes for defeating this foe are the Arm of God quest item and the Fallen One’s Ergo.


Master Simon Manus in Lies of P uses a strategy and equipment upgrades. The second phase, which includes melee and ranged attacks, is the most challenging. You will triumph because of your astute defensive and precise attacks. Your prizes are the Arm of God quest item and the Fallen One’s Ergo.

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