Baldur’s Gate 3rd Major Update – Significant Changes

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the third entry to the Baldurs Gate series. It is a tabletop RPG fantasy-themed with dungeons and Dragons like its previous versions. The 3rd major update is finally here. It was separately published in 2023 for macOS, Xbox, PS5 and Windows.

On Steam, it already ranked in the top 100 for its numerous players. It is a story-based game filled with fictional characters and teams of various Orcs, Dragons, and Cthulhu villains to fight one another for their aims.

The game is a universe, but it needed a lot of work in its third patch. Players’ feedback always plays a crucial role in updating the game, but we noticed that some updates weren’t even needed in the first place.

Significant updates in Baldur’s Gate 3rd

As said earlier, the game needed loads of alteration and addition, so we will compile almost all the important updates they provided the gamers in its Third major update.

Baldur's Gate 3
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Magic Mirror 

There weren’t many options for appearance in the past as much as they are now. You can find a magic mirror on your campsite, and upon reaching, you can enter a Character Customization Screen with dozens of options for your skin, voice, makeover, eye color, and hairstyles. All you can’t do is change your race, which is understandable.

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The performance of Baldur’s Gate 3 is improved to a good accent for PS5 users. The controller also shows matching colors to the Elemental Damage types. Larian, who developed this game, also mentioned proper optimization for PS5 users in this new update of Patch 3.

Combat issues 

  • A new update has made things much easier and more understandable when it comes to the actions of NPCs and Major Characters. 
  • Last time, Grym was suddenly made so smart, and he was resisting the crucible in Admantine Forge. Thanks to this update, who made him just as dumb as he meant to be. 
  • Now, you can use two Divine Smites in a single attempt in the fourth level of divine Smite. The Damage of this attack is also increased. Poltergeist enemies can not turn invisible again and again when you are using your powers to see the invisible in this latest update. 
  • They also managed to make a Sneak attack damage bonus, and it would not increase more than 6d6 on level eleven.
  • You can summon two skeletons from the same corpse via the Dead Exploit.

Graphic and Art-style 

  • Graphics are improved when it comes to zooming in or out. Previously, when we zoomed in, the tattoo faded away. Now it doesn’t, and thanks to Larian. The artwork is also changed for good. 
  • Colors are made brighter and sharper for the armors and pickables. Obvious changes, sharper surroundings, and noticeable reflections in the dark are good changes that fans wanted. 
  • Reading shop signs is not a crime, and thank god they updated this as a normal act in this 3rd update.

Cazador issues 

Cazador is finally free now in this third update. He won’t stay in his Mist form or may be inside the mist under Magic sunlight as he was created in the Daylight magic spell.

Will he be fine in the day and the night? You know better. Now, you can also trade with him while he cries for his life. To escape the mist won’t change it’s concentration now. This Misty escape feature will be fine.

Dialog flow 

  • Asterion Romance flow is better to observe now if only you chose to stay for a night before you leave for your camp again. Camp moments can be disabled as they are not so important as such. 
  • One of the scripts written with Kalach makes the story feel like you are dating Gale, and it’s finally fixed. 
  • Narrator, don’t act like you are a mind flayer anymore and don’t narrate like you are a mind flyer when you are not. 
  • The journal of traveling to Moonrise and following the convoy is also fixed and updated in the latest version. You can also ask Minthara to tell you the safe way to Moonrise, and then she will tell you to raid the Emerald Grove.

Other bugs 

When the Extra Attack was active, players were given free arrows of smoke powder. Now it’s fixed.

  • The performance of players in Lower City is made better. 
  • Characters that were Dragonborn can now choose between many barbarian piercings as well. 
  • Now your companions who left the party won’t act mean towards you and keep in mind how much partnership they had with you. 
  • Myshka is a cat in the game, and now it will follow you if it’s told. You don’t need to be a cat whisperer for that. 
  • Kalach, instead of saying, “You arrived in Shadow-cursed lands,” says, “You arrived at Rosymorn Monastery Trail.” which is actually the right name for the place. 

Final Words 

There are many other minor bugs fixed as well in this new update, and it’s good that they noticed the anger of the fans. Now, every player can see the scene of Shadowheart swimming, unlike in the last update, where some players complained about it.

Many gameplay issues are now completely fixed, which shouldn’t be there in the first place. There were dozens of minor issues like corpses not showing an “empty” sign even if you already have looted them. Overall, this new update of Baldur’s Gate 3 has won many hearts because they actually paid attention to the game and the obvious issues in the previous version.

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