How to build an outpost in starfield and why it is important


Starfield is one of the finest spaced-themed games in the ever-competitive gaming field. Bethesda Game Studios created this video game, and Bethesda Softworks revealed it back in 2018 with countless universes to roam on and utilize their resources any way a player wants. Gamers who loved open-space action games took the popularity of this work of art and made it the most-played next-generation game on Xbox in 2023

This role-playing game allows the player to switch from an FPS to a third-person perspective in an open-world or open-space scenario. The person has the freedom of wandering and landing on countless planets, moons, and space bodies. With the concept of both fictional and non-fiction systems of planets, gamers get the advantage of long-lasting interest in the gameplay and curiosity to dig more and more into unknown worlds. 

What is an outpost in Starfield? 

In general, the outpost is a safe space, which can be a tiny home, a tower, a building, or a camp to sit back and relax. Every game with an outpost building option has specific requirements to build and use them. Starfield is a game where building an outpost is one of the significant tasks when you land on your planet of choice. It is like a safe house anywhere that the player made for himself to get protection and clean air, and a place like home to put his resource-gathering machinery and other looted items. In simple words, an outpost is a temporary home to chill. 

Why is it essential to build outposts on planets 

In Starfield, when the player lands on a new planet, he might have no idea about its whereabouts, but by making an outpost and scanning the world to gain resources, he will need more than one outpost on that planet. It keeps the resources he collected safely in that place and protects him from the harm of the strange land he stayed on. 

Space traveling can be both confusing and fun, and when you need to travel from one to another destinations, you will have to need a lot of stuff to survive. Maybe the planet you land on for a while has it all, but where you opt to doesn’t have anything you need, so an outpost helps to collect all you want and put them in your inventory. 

Since you can share these outposts with your companions, they can all help each other, making this resource garden much better and more extensive for the collectibles you will need in your long journey of star systems. You can build the energy generators accordingly near your outposts. Still, it will require heavy machines like wind turbines on cold planets or solar panels on hotter planets. You can construct any energy-yielding structure near your outpost accordingly, or you can use the machines you have built for future use.

How to build an outpost 

  1. Starfield is an open-world RPG, and gamers are not setting back to experience this journey. With thousands of Galaxies uninhabited and rich in resources, it welcomes the player to explore and get what all these planets offer. It’s good to chill in all that hassle and let the machines and robots work for you. All you have to do for that job is build an outpost. To streamline different resources and make your planet a well-oiled resource machine, make a base or an outpost with these simple steps.
  2. You can only make eight outposts per planet, so select a suitable planet on the Start map and scan your planets to check for their resource abundance. The scan option will be given after you select your planet with all the information regarding resources on your screen. UI will show you resources with color-coded differences when you rotate your planet, making selecting the proper location for an outpost easy.
  3. After you select the location to build your base, all you have to do is land on that planet, pull the scanner out, and you will see the option to select the outpost and where you want to place it on the land. The R button will be on your keyboard, and X on a controller for that job.
  4. A beacon will appear floating on that land. Now, choose the smooth area to place your outpost beacon. Once set, it will show you the parameter to construct your outpost. In that area, you can build rooms for storage, Habs, etc. The larger the outpost, the more stuff you can put in that outpost. 
  5. The option of an Overhead scan view of the planet also shows the quality rating of resources. On the upright corner of the resources, the choice of Quality ratings is present to collect the rare minerals and resources from those planets with that guide. Three golden stars mean the rarest among all, and one blue star means rare, but two purple stars make it rare and excellent quality material. No star at all means the resources are shared.
  6. You can also buy stuff for your outpost, like furniture ‘ decor or anything from the Shops in Atlantis named Jemisin Mercantile. You will need eight aluminum resources ‘4sealant, and six leads to build a small hab. It can be a great place to relax without a space suit on. There are many kinds of habs or small rooms, all for different purposes.


Outposts are one of the most essential structures for players to build on the planet ‘there are many kinds of outposts and habs that are not only the basis of operations but also defense basis because not all planets can be safe. There are many planets with creatures that can destroy your outpost or machinery. It can be both a challenging and adventurous task among many in Starfield. The best way to enjoy this game is to take more risks and discover new places to build new homes.

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