Starfield Secret Features & Details That We All Missed

Starfield Secret Features: It is 2023, and guess what? The Starfield release is finally here. This game was announced to be made in 2018, but I think the work put into it by developers is worth waiting for. Starfield is a space-themed RPG by Bethesda Game Studios.

They have made this game so complex that the players have yet to discover things. With countless space stations, galaxies, planets, and moons to explore, this space mission is not sitting back in catching the eyes of gamers. The odd thing is that despite being so hard to understand, the critics are impressed with every concept revamped in this game.  

Basically, Starfield is a shooting game with a lot of adventure and drama in space. There are dozens of character makeover options, background options, skill sets, and so many missions that the player may get lost in the galaxies, and it’s all about it as well. Unlike any other games in the past, the map is generated as far as the player wants to go, which is quite impressive. The gamers who enjoy short games and stick to the stories might not like this unending game. 

Did you miss these Starfield Secret Features?

The space lovers are on cloud nine after 6 September 2023. Starfield is massively played on Xbox and has already become the most played Game on Xbox this 2023. I guess the time flies when you are having fun. The more you dig into the game, the more you will be involved. The more attention you pay to the details, the more you can get from it. If you cannot notice those small details and those tiny features or controls get out of your hands while playing Starfield. 

Found the Burj Khalifa out searching Earth : r/Starfield

Then, you don’t need to wrap your head around it. We are here to tell you some of those mind-blowing details Bethesda Game Studios managed to add to this game. We will let you discover the other features and elements to notice yourself, so don’t worry.

Mars Mission

Here to the space lovers: do you remember Mars space missions? Eight rovers were sent to Mars, and only three successfully handled the operations.

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Have you seen any of it on Mars? Yes, you can; when you opt for your mission to Mars in Starfield, you can see the original animation of Opportunity Mars rover unscrambled resting, representing the great space exploring tasks that Humans were able to achieve in the history of space discovery.

Apollo Mission

How to find the Apollo Landing site in Starfield | PC Gamer

We all know that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two astronauts to step on the moon’s surface.

Were you there too? Not yet? But now you can. You only have to visit Sol Solar System’s Luna Moon, and maybe you will notice something cool there—the small sphere with two astronauts and Apollo 11 spaceship. The small globe is called the ‘Apollo snow globe’ in the game. If you ever get a chance to notice that homage the developers paid to our great Space Discovery, don’t forget to take a screenshot and share that with your fellow players.

Earth Landmarks

Let us talk about the Earth now since the Earth in this game is presented as a post-apocalyptic ball of sand, but guess what? Have you seen some landmarks in it still standing tall? If you haven’t, we will let you know that the Empire State Building (New York), Burj Khalifa (Dubai), and The Shard (London) are still present. They can only be seen after quests and following the relative mission, but we want you not to miss it.

How To Unlock All Earth Landmarks in Starfield | The Nerd Stash

The pyramids of Giza are one of the oldest landmarks of Earth that are included in the Starfield. The presence of Pyramids still standing even after the Earth has been destroyed is one of the indications of how human existence cannot vanish that quickly. Pyramids symbolize the robust architecture of old civilizations and their work of art.

Breaking Bad and Batman reference

Starfield has not only added features for space lovers and gamers specifically. This game has also covered personal interests in a few missions to keep the player digging more and finding more out of every task.

There is also excellent news for Breaking Bad (A TV series) fans of Batman (fictional hero). There are missions in Aurora labs where characters recognize yellow suits from breaking bad that were used for making meth in that show. The game has paid homage to Batcave while you play Mantis quest. When you reach the mantis lair, you will see Vigilante as Mantis on a journey for vengeance, taking reference from Batman (Gotham’s protector).

Other Minor Details

That’s not all. We can see minor details like injured enemies begging for their lives or hurt when you shoot or punch them; isn’t it realistic? Ballistic weapons can also act differently depending on the environment of the planet.

The dense air can slow the quick effects of firearms, and the colder climate can jam your vehicle for a while. You can see an Arrow on the knee reference from one of the games of Bethesda studios named SKYRIM. 

Have you noticed how Spaceships work? Unlike ordinary ships, they connect with you, show you the map to choose from the best, provide you with information about space bodies nearby, and trade stuff with you. If you don’t want to carry loads to other planets, the spaceships will do it in the new Atlantis. Who doesn’t wish for a spacecraft as friendly as Starfield?

The game itself is made with many details that have almost no match with any other game in the past. We only covered a few significant features that you might be interested in but have missed due to the complexities of this masterpiece.

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