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How to Use 24 Powers in Starfield & Unlock Them – Everything Explained

Starfield is a space-themed Role-playing game that is new in this gaming industry. In the year 2018, Bethesda Game Studios announced making such a game; on September 6th, 2023, it’s finally here. It is a critic-friendly but hard-to-play game. It’s been a little time, and we can already tell the difference between Starfield and other action games following critic reviews and likings. 

There has been an evident rise in popularity in the Xbox world. Long story short, most players playing Starfield are stressed and having fun simultaneously due to the game’s sound development, making the star exploration journey more and more adventurous and filled with actions.

Detailed Classification of Powers In Starfield 

Although you get some skill sets with the option of various backgrounds, it’s just the starting energy drink so that you won’t fall before a weak enemy or a robber. Starfield powers are the most exciting part of the missions inside the game. The game has many options regarding characters, backgrounds, and skill sets. For exploring hundreds and thousands of planets, moons, and space bodies, the power sets needed to do all the hard work must also be diverse. 

The powers screen in Starfield, with all 24 powers unlocked and named.

There are a total of 24 powers, and each power will provide the player with a unique ability to deal with space issues. They are not as easy as they look, so the player must be vigilant to not only select power but also adequately level up regularly and gain more and more power to stay safe for missions.

The primary 24 powers and the abilities they insert in the players are as follows.

How to Get 24 Powers in Starfield: Explained

Anti-Gravity Field 

Anti-Gravity Field allows players to suspend enemies by creating low or no gravity in the areas under them.

Alien Reanimation 

Who doesn’t want an Alien friend? A dead one alive to fight on your side. Alien Reanimation is the power for this task.

Creator’s peace 

Don’t let the enemies fight with you; have this power and disarm the enemies near you. 

Create Vacuum

Create Vacuum creates a vacuum for enemies near you, and they would not be able to breathe with this power. 


Earthbound makes you feel like you are on Earth, which means it will maintain Earth’s Gravity for you to do the work. 

Elemental Pull

With this power, you don’t need to dig for resources near you because it will not pull the elements to you.  

Eternal Harvest 

Once Harvest, the flora will re-upgrade on its own with this power. 

Grav Dash

This power will increase your ability to provide harm and make you dash.  

Gravity Wave

Gravity Wave creates a wave of gravitational force that will harm the enemy. 

Gravity Well 

Gravity Well will create a well-like area to pull the enemy inside. 

Inner Demon 

How about generating a clone of an enemy to fight against it? The power of Inner Demon will do this for you.

Life Forced

Life Forced allows the player to forcefully take all the enemy’s life and health and provide it to the player. 

Moon Form

Moon Form power will increase your resistance and root you in your place. 

Parallel Self

This power will create your clone, who will fight alongside you. 

Particle Beam

A highly damaging beam of energy will shoot at enemies for high damage with the power of Particle Beam. 

Personal Atmosphere

Personal Atmosphere allows players to restore the oxygen level in the environment for breathing easily.

Phased Time 

Phased time slows down the time for a while. 


Precognition lets players know what NPCs near you are about to do and say.  

Reactive Shield

This power reflects the attacks on you, and the security around you makes you more resistant to future episodes. 

Sense Star Stuff 

Sense Star Stuff tells about life in your surroundings.  

Solar Flare

This power sends a Hot Flare of energy that will burn and injure the enemy.

Sunless Space

Sunless Space creates a ball of ice that will freeze the enemy if it comes in contact with that ball. 


Supernova allows the player to emit an energy blast, damaging enemies considerably. 

Void Form

Void Form makes you considerably invisible for a short period.

How to Use and Unlock the Powers in Starfield 

The anti-gravity field is the first power to unlock. You can equip yourself with only one ability at a time, but that never means you only want one to beat anyone. You can select the power from the Power Manu provided at the top of the pause screen selection wheel. 

Starfield: How to acquire Anti-Gravity Field power - Dot Esports

When the player uses power, he will need the power to use it, which means there will be a power meter as well, and when the player is using it, the power meter shows itself decreasing. Tap LB + RB at a time to activate power on your controller, and on your keyboard, just press Z to activate any of the power you have. 

You can select any power you have claimed at the top of the menu. There’s also an option to choose your favorite power that would be easy to activate. 

Unlocking power is also not as complicated as it looks like the first power is opened in the first or primary mission into the unknown. After the first power, you will be provided with many other quests, which will unlock many other powers slowly with time by completing the quests regularly. All the player has to do is play vigilantly and have fun in that complex intergalactic exploration journey. 

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