Lies of P Quartz Build: Unmasking Deceptions

lies of p quartz build: In this blog, we provided knowledge regarding the game The Lies of P and also gave a detailed guide about Quartz Build and Locations to find Quartz.

Lies of P is a third-person OTS game where the player has a tabletop view. Neowiz Games and Round8 Studios develop the game on Unreal Engine 4. It was published in 2023 for PlayStation 4 and 5. Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and macOS.

In The Lies of P, the player controls Pinocchio, the lead character in the game. Pinocchio is a human-like puppet who has to explore and kill the enemies in the Krat city.

Pinocchio has weapons for fighting against villains and a mechanical arm, which has many purposes. It can be equipped with various deadly weapons. Lies of p quartz build, there are over 30 different weapons with 100 different combinations with them.

The game is compared to Dark Souls and Blood Borne. It is inspired by the famous novel “The Adventures of Pinocchio.” In the game, there’s a system called the “Lying system” that allows the player to make decisions for the character that lead to different paths and even different types of endings. The game has a total number of three different endings.


Human-like Puppets were invented in Krat city with the power of Ergo. They soon are used everywhere in the city and not only helped with labor but also were bound to obey the Grand Covenant. Despite everything, they kill the human population and connect to each other. The story begins here. Pinocchio is said to save the Geppeto and fight against puppets. He has to fight against the groups of people who were out there to kill puppets as well.

Lies of P Quartz build guide (The lies of P Quartz build stats)

Quartz, as we know, is a special stone, but here in Lies of P, Quartz is a material that provides the player an upgrade in his P Organ. We will discuss Lies of P Organ build in another blog, and for now, we would say that it’s a tree of skills for character and shows the skills and abilities of Pinocchio, which can be both Active skills and Passive skills. P Organ helps Pinocchio in his fighting stats, and Quartz is a material to upgrade P Organ.

If we go into the details, P Organs are just like Organs in the humanoid Puppets that supply, Ergo, Energy in the whole system of Puppets, Just like the heart pumps the blood to the whole body. They vary and have the ability to provide certain aspects of powers to the Puppets.

Quartz is an essential mineral that, when used with P Organ, provides the specific ability with different types of Colors and Frequency. There are three types of P organs and 29 Quartz in the game.

There are over 24 Quartz that are used for upgrading Pinocchio’s powers, which will be useful in the hotel.

lies of p quartz build
lies of p quartz build

You are given a set of skills on the menu to choose from, so choose your Quartz according to your need and where it would fit perfectly and enhance your P Organ in its attack and defense. If you search for “Lies of P how to use Quartz,” You are most probably not going to get useful information regarding this because, as I wrote earlier, this is your game, and you are the captain of why and how to use Quartz accordingly.

Locations for all the Quartz (Lies of p quartz farm)

In that dark journey of Puppets and humans cold war, the player has to keep Pinocchio safe and strong in Krat city, and for this very purpose, you must find Quartz to upgrade your strengths.

Cerasani Allay

At this location, you can find Quartz, but first, you will have to defeat the Parade Master Boss.

Hotel Kraft

You will have to buy the Quartz from Polendina in his hotel if you succeed in upgrading his shop with Supply boxes. You can get two total Quartz if you expand his shop completely.

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Krat City Hall

You will get Quartz in the Krat City Hall after winning the fight with Scrapped Watchman Boss.

House in Elysion Boulevard

After finishing the Crafted Cryptic Vessel, you can get in the house on Elysion Boulevard and get all the loot having Quartz.

Workshop Union Culvert

In that place, there’s Trinity Sanctum, where you can get Quartz from the cupboard.

Venigini’s Works

If you defeat the Giant Puppet of the future in the middle of Venigini’s Work, you will get the Quartz as a gift.

St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

After fighting against the enemy that you encounter in place of the wooden wheels in this location, you will get Quartz in return.

Malum District

In the waterlogged Square, there would be a symbol of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood; behind it,  you will find a chest with Quartz in the building.

Malum District Town Hall

In front of the Stargazer, there is the building, and behind the counter of that building is where you will find your Quartz chest.

Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

At Stargazer, you will find tunnels if you happen to go down by ladders. Far in the room at the end of Sewer Tunnels is a chest of Quartz.

You can also get a reward from Quartz for defeating the Mad Clown in Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert.

Estella Opera House Entrance

There is a Trinity Sanctum here as well, and in its cupboard, you will find your Quartz to upgrade.

Grand Exhibition Gallery

The courtyard has a garden area, and in front of that garden, there is a chest. You can also locate it near the puppet guard in that place.

Barren Swamp

In the swamp, there are two large Puppets of the future. If you can defeat both of them, you will get two Quartz for that victory.

If you show all four gestures to the broken puppet next to Barren Swamp and come back to him again to talk to him after some time, you will get your Quartz.

Barren Swamp Bridge

After finishing the Rusty Cryptic Vessel, you will be getting a loot at the end of the cave with Quartz.

Hermit’s Cave

Across the deep gap in the floor is the chest in one of the cabinets.

Krat Central Station Platform

In the middle of the two trains in Krat Central Station Platform. There is the chest within the Central Clouded Decay Area.

Abandoned Apartment

In this area, you have to show Frozen Feast to the merchant to get Quartz

Krat Central Station Street

After finishing the fight with Corrupted Parade Master and winning from him, you will get a reward of Quartz.

Relic of Trismegistus Entrance

If you successfully defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss, you will be rewarded.

Arche Abbey Outer Wall

After finishing your talk with Arlecchino, you will get Quartz.

Arche Abbey Broken Rift

After the long past8ng fight with enemies in the rafters, you will get your deserving gift.

Arche Abbey Upper Part – Inside

The path with the Wailing Knife-Wielding enemy is the chest within the room.

Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal Bridge

After winning from the Disruption-Poisoned Brawler enemy, you will be rewarded with Quartz.



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