Starfield Ship Command Stuck? Here’s How to Fix It And Continue Progressing

Starfield Ship Command Stuck can be fixed and progress through challenges, perseverance, tries, and game updates. Master the controls of your spaceship!

Hello, Starfield’s fellow space explorers! As some of you may have observed, the Ship Command skill is not scaling up as expected. Ship Command is important in that it brings your spaceship crew to life by assisting with flying, shielding, and armament.

The difficulty is that even after overcoming challenges, some of you still have a tiny crew. That is, of course, depressing. Your interplanetary adventures may become legendary if you have a larger crew.

So, what exactly is going on? So, that may be an irritating game bug. Don’t worry; we’re all in this together. Keep an eye out for any game updates or fixes from the creators.

What is a Command Ship?

Hello there, Starfield explorers! Your spacecraft’s value in this vast cosmos is determined by its crew. The Ship Command Skill is the social magic that allows you to live out your intergalactic desires.

Consider this: You’re out there, interacting with other ships, maybe creating enemies or allies. As you progress, your Ship Command Skill begins to level up. It improves when you engage with other space passengers, much like your ship’s social appeal.

But wait, there’s more! The Ship Command Skill is a high-level skill, not just another one. To earn it, you must perform particular behaviors. But here’s the cosmic twist: Improving your ship leadership skills leads to a larger crew for your ship.

Why is Crew Important?

Why is it vital to have a larger crew? It is critical at Starfield to have competent personnel on board for your journeys. They are in charge of ensuring that your ship travels across the galaxies safely.

So go on a journey, meet new people, and improve your Ship Command Skills. It’s your ticket to a group that will make your time at Starfield unforgettable!

Welcome to your Starfield adventure aboard the reliable Frontier. However, there is a little catch: your starter spaceship can only carry two people. Wait, things are getting better! Your crew count cannot be increased immediately; it is a secret that will be revealed later.

You can only have two crew members on your Frontier. Therefore, you must fill them. Where you put them depends on their ability. Every crew member adds their own skills to make your ship sail more smoothly. On your journey, you could meet fantastic people like Sarah and Vasco, who will instantly join you.

But now the fun begins—imagine commanding a ship with four crew members rather than two—four people, four positions, and a slew of benefits. These advantages aid in sheltering your ship and preserving operations during intense space battles. I can promise you that you’ll need it out there.

A crew member with Starship Engineering knowledge, for example, may speed up repairs by 10% while also providing your ship with a clever 25% damage reduction. It’s like taking a ride with a space magician. Keep an eye out for larger ships, more crew, and exciting intergalactic adventures.

Starfield Ship Command Stuck? How to Fix Command Ship

Is there a problem with Ship Command in Starfield? Don’t be concerned! To get things back on track, follow these simple steps:

Acknowledged the Challenge

  • Ship Command levels up by performing specific in-game tasks.
  • Find and complete these activities in the game menu to enhance your Ship Command skills.

 Seek Assistance

  • If everything else fails, don’t hesitate to contact Starfield’s support team.
  • The support team is there to help and provide additional guidance

Maintain Update Status

  • First and foremost, determine whether Starfield is currently updated.
  • Go to Xbox “Settings”> “System”> “Updates.”
  • On PC (Steam), check your game library for updates before leaving it to work.


  • Climb aboard other ships with at least two crew members to activate Ship Command.
  • Consider hiring larger crewed ships for faster development.

Exercising Patience

  • Maintain your efforts; development in Ship Command may be a long process.
  • Continue exploring the game and accomplishing ship-related goals to level it up.

Reboot & Refresh

  • Sometimes, a fresh start is all that is required.
  • Check to see whether Ship Command comes to life when you save and restart the game.

With the assistance of these instructions, you may rapidly return to the captain’s chair and assume command of your ship. It’s smooth sailing!

How to Progress Ship Command Skill

Rank 1: To begin your career as a starship captain, you must invest a total of 12 Skill Points in the Social tree. After that, you can have up to four active crew members. It’s like assembling your own small space crew!

Rank 2: Your interplanetary trip will soon take an exciting turn. To show your worth, you must destroy or board five ships with two or more crew members. When you attain this milestone, your ship’s crew can have up to five active crew members, allowing it to have a little bigger crew.

Rank 3: Ascending the tiers necessitates a bit more skill in warfare. You must now board or destroy a whopping 25 ships, each of which must be manned by a crew of four or more. What is the advantage? Each ship can now have a maximum of six active crew members. It’s like having your own space team.

Rank 4: Mastering Ship Command to the greatest degree reveals your cosmic expertise. To obtain this level, you must destroy or board 50 ships with a crew of six or more. Your prize? The ability to have up to eight crew members actively working on your spaceship, making it into a strong force in space. As a result, advance and conquer.


Starfield’s Ship Command skill issue may be vexing. But don’t worry, we have solutions. First, make sure your game is up to date. To advance in Ship Command, complete in-game challenges and board ships. The trick is to be patient. If required, restart the game or seek Assistance. By following these steps, you will be able to command your spacecraft like an expert.

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