Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility [How To Open Locked Doors]

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility

The closed entrance to the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility is a puzzle that tempts players with the prospect of worthwhile awards. This mysterious entrance, which is located deep beneath the unsettling N’Erud region’s laboratory, is a testimony to the difficulty and mystery that this alluring dungeon offers. Exploration and tactical combat abilities are necessary to unlock it.

The Remnant 2 Void Vessel facility itself holds the secret to your success, creating the conditions for an exciting adventure. In this thorough guide, we’ll dig into the inner workings of the Void Vessel Facility, revealing its mysteries and directing you through the procedures necessary to open its locked doors and enjoy the treasures that lie inside.

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Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility Locked Doors

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility
Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility Locked Doors

Locked doors in the Void Vessel Facility aren’t just barriers; they lead to hidden riches in Remnant 2’s lab for the N’Erud area. By presenting tasks outside of normal fighting and exploration, accessing these doors offers a thrilling new depth to your game experience.

It is crucial to comprehend the facility’s layout and the importance of significant locations on the map in order to properly traverse this challenging dungeon. The Stasis Pod, the Shortcut Door, the Enemy Tube, the Final Area, and the Key Location are some examples of these locations. Understanding their significance will help you navigate the building and open any locked doors that might be in your way.

Door 1: Stasis Pod

  • You’ll need a unique key to enter this first closed door and get access to the sought-after Space Worker Armor, which is identified by a recognizable red and yellow emblem.

Door 2: Shortcut Door

  • When entered from the other side, the second locked door, denoted by a bright red sign, offers a useful shortcut from the last section of the dungeon.

Other Important Topics Involve:

  • Enemy Tube: Using the tube will allow you to join the boss battle and open Door 2.
  • X-Marked section: It is advisable to stay away from this dangerous section until the remainder of the dungeon is finished.
  • The Key Location: This indicates where to find the key required to open either the locked entrance to the Stasis Pod or the first Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility.

You must take a deliberate course, fend off formidable opponents, and successfully traverse the Void Vessel Facility to open its doors.

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How To Move Through The Remnant Void Vessel Facility Dungeon

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility
Move Through The Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility Dungeon

As you set out on your trip through the maze-like Void Vessel Facility, you’ll come across a number of obstacles and foes to overcome. We’ve described the procedures needed to effectively explore the facilities to help you in your search:

  1. Start Your Journey: Take the elevator down into the facility’s basement to start your journey. When you get to the lower levels, you’ll have your first run-in with hostile resistance. Remove them, especially those coming out of the tubes. You’ll discover that debris initially obstructs your way, directing you to climb higher and continue on your trip.
  2. Moving Forward in the Dungeon: The first closed door of the Void Vessel Facility (Door 1), identified by a special symbol, is located on this platform. The Stasis Pod, which houses the Space Worker Armor Set, is accessible via this entrance.

Nevertheless, it continues to be unavailable without a unique key. You will have to cross a platform gap to get to a resource crate, then turn around and fight some more foes close to the second closed door (Door 2), which serves as a possible exit from the dungeon.

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  1. Move Through the Big Rooms and Avoid the Red-Lit Area: Avoid the vividly red-lit region filled with robot opponents as you go forward. It is advised to choose the little door at the end of the room on the left since the region may be host to a skulking alien thing that makes navigating difficult.

This door will lead you down a hallway and into a room with a white energy beam as its major feature. Be ready to face powerful foes, including miniature Abominations, as you move across these vast spaces. Once you’ve defeated these adversaries, go through the dungeon’s last spacious area until you reach the doors that lead to the spectacular conclusion.

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility
Move Through The Big Rooms and Avoid the Red-Lit Area
  1. Entering the Final area: The Void Vessel Facility’s final area is filled with adversaries, so you’ll need to move cautiously. A locked console, however, next to the second closed door (Door 2) will provide you with a shortcut and protect you from perilous encounters.

Explore this space, interact with the console to open Door 2, and get ready to defeat the room’s final foes. You may find important objects by exploring the little rooms, including the key to the first closed door (Door 1).

Players may successfully travel the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility by following this thorough tutorial, engaging in combat, gathering treasure, and opening doors that were at first unavailable. Let’s now examine in more detail the precise procedures needed to open the facility’s two closed doors.

How To Unlock Door 1: First Locked Door

Remnant Void Vessel Facility
How To Unlock Door 1 First Locked Door

Because it contains the Space Worker Armor Set, a crucial piece of equipment for your quest, your first contact with a locked door at the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility will be important. The gentle green light that this locked door (Door 1) generates makes it easy to identify. This is how you unlock it:

  1. Look about the building until you find a control panel in the last room.
  2. The console is clearly visible among enemy pandemonium because of the large green light that denotes its position.
  3. The combination to this console will open Door 1. But to get there, you must fight your way through a multitude of foes in the last chamber.
  4. Strategically approach the console by using cover and flanking paths. The console’s activation unlocks a side chamber and a collected object—a key—is then visible.
  5. This key will open the locked door of the first Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility you came across at the dungeon’s entrance.
  6. With the key in hand, go return to Door 1 and open it to get access to the Space Worker Armor Set, a set of armor that greatly improves your fighting ability.

The first locked door in the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility leads to the discovery of the Space Worker Armor Set, which is more than simply a side quest—it rewards persistence and strategic gaming. The Armor Set not only increases your protection but also favorably affects fight outcomes because of its inherent benefits.

How To Unlock Door 2: Second Locked Door

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility
How To Unlock Door 2 Second Locked Door

The second locked door in the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility is more than just a hindrance; it opens to a thrilling boss encounter with the horrifying alien Fetid Corpse. Here is how you may defeat this creature and advance:

  1. Access the Tube System: The tube system will take you straight to the lair of the Fetid Corpse; use the map to find it. As soon as you get there, be ready for a tough fight against this powerful adversary.
  2. Boss Fight Technique: Despite its intimidating appearance, the Fetid Corpse has predictable assault patterns. Keep your distance and concentrate on avoiding its melee and missile strikes. In this battle, perseverance and patience are more important than raw strength.
  3. Watch Out for Smaller Enemies: In addition to the Fetid Corpse, watch out for the appearance of smaller foes. Prioritize attacking these enemies over the boss since they may be extremely harmful if not defeated quickly.

The key to the second closed door in the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility will be your prize once you beat the Fetid Corpse. This key will open the door, allowing you to explore the facility’s inside and learn more about its secrets.

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Investigating The Final Area

Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility
Investigating The Final Area

You will find the Final location on the facility map if you go beyond a locked room of the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility. This section, which offers danger and reward, is only for the most courageous gamers. Your road map for overcoming this new obstacle is as follows:

  1. Accessing Final Location: Reaching Final Location entails exploring tunnels and covert passageways beyond the second locked door of the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility. Find the lever that unlocks the door to the chamber of the Fetid Corpse. In this section, there will be a plethora of new foes to face.
  2. Planning is Essential: Before beginning this quest, it is crucial to stock up on healing supplies and improve your equipment since this location has some of the hardest enemies. You must go cautiously through Final Location, a labyrinth full of traps and riches. Pay great notice to any odd inscriptions on the walls. These imperceptible cues point to the labyrinth’s secure passage.
  3. The Rewards: For surviving Final Location, players will get the Void Marauder Blade, a special weapon, as well as a plaque to honor their valor. In this difficult location, more lore nuggets and uncommon materials are waiting, so be sure to investigate every nook and corner.

It’s an exciting challenge that will put even the most seasoned gamers to the test: finding the Final Location after leaving the sealed doors of the Remnant 2 Void Vessel Facility. Take on an extra challenge to test your abilities and explore a portion of the facility that not many gamers have explored.

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In conclusion, the Void Vessel Facility in Remnant 2 has a wealth of undiscovered riches that are kept away behind mysterious doors and protected by formidable adversaries. You may successfully tour the building, open its doors, and find precious gear, such as the Space Worker Armor Set, by carefully following these detailed instructions.

In addition, further incentives and difficulties await those who dare to enter Location X. As you begin your trip in the Void Vessel Facility, discover the greatest features, overcome riddles, improve your builds, and confidently confront difficult opponents.

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