What is the Purpose of Severed Hand in Remnant 2

Those who are willing to go into Remnant 2’s mysterious universe will find hidden riches there. One such uncommon item that might improve your gaming experience is the Severed Hand. This article will show you how to find it and the alluring rewards it hides.

How to Get the Severed Hand

The Severed Hand is a unique quest item discovered only on Remnant 2’s complicated planet of Losomn. It serves as a key to unlock fresh secrets and valuable prizes.

Severed Hand Remnant 2
Severed Hand Remnant 2 (Source – Remnanat 2 Wiki)

The Great Sewers’ Mysteries

The enigmatic Severed Hand may be found in Losomn’s Great Sewers, an underground location. This object may be found in the sewers, particularly at Tiller’s Rest. In addition, a nearby NPC requests your assistance, and the Spirit Wasp Amulet may be found there.

How to Avoid the Great Sewers

To discover the Severed Hand, go deep into The Great Sewers. Tiller’s Rest has multiple cages hanging above you. One of these cages stands out, its contents lighted by a terrifying purple glow and housing a dead person hovering in midair.

The purple aura will go away with each shot you fire at the cage, which is entirely your responsibility. As the cage falls, the Severed Hand will fall to a platform below, glowing an ominous orange.

To reach this platform, turn left and head towards the lake while climbing the left-side steps. Continue to the left and up the stairs. To get to the Severed Hand, climb a ladder, circle the area, and leap onto a wooden ledge. Participate in order to receive your prize.

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What to do with the Severed Hand

While exploring The Great Sewer, the Severed Hand might be imprisoned. You may be perplexed after firing it down because it appears to serve no use immediately away. The Severed Hand, rather than a riddle or key, is an item created for examination.

Examine the Severed Hand in your inventory to see how you may interact with it. This allows you to reach a ring on its finger and select one of two rings at random. You must find the Severed Hand repeatedly, which you may accomplish by rolling Losomn at the World Stone.

  • When Grey Health is present, Ring of the Damned increases damage output by 10%.
  • Strong Arm Band: Increases throwing distance by 30 and increases consumable effects by 0.5%.
Severed Hand Cage


To summarise, the Severed Hand in Remnant 2 is a unique quest item that hides vital information. It may be found in the enigmatic Losomn realm. Go to Tiller’s Rest in the Great Sewers and interact with a purple-glowing cage to obtain it. The Severed Hand is an item worth investigating, but it may look perplexing at first.

By staring at them, you may access two rings in your inventory: the Ring of the Damned and the Strong Arm Band, each of which give significant advantages that can improve your gaming experience. Discover the secrets of the Severed Hand to realize its hidden advantages in Remnant 2.


What is the Severed Hand in Remnant 2, and how can I obtain one?

A specific quest item called The Severed Hand may be earned in the labyrinthine planet of Losomn in Remnant 2. You can locate it in a purple-glowing cage near Tiller’s Rest in the Great Sewers, so go there to collect it.

What use does the game’s Severed Hand serve?

The Severed Hand is an item for investigation, not a key or a riddle. You may interact with it in your inventory to gain access to two rings: the Ring of the Damned and the Strong Arm Band, both of which provide benefits to your gaming.

How will I get to the Severed Hand once it is freed from the prison in the Great Sewers?

After the cage has fallen, proceed to the platform below. Turn left towards the lake, climb the left-side steps, continue left and up the stairs, climb a ladder, circle the area, and leap onto a wooden ledge to get the Severed Hand.

Can I obtain a lot of Severed Hands in Remnant 2?

You can receive numerous Severed Hands by rolling Losomn again at the World Stone and returning to the Great Sewers.

What benefits do the two rings you received from the Severed Hand provide?

The Strong Arm Band increases throwing distance by 30 and consumable effects by 0.5% when Grey Health is present, while the Ring of the Damned increases damage output by 10%.

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