Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor [A Complete Guide]

Remnant 2 RealmWalker Armor
Remnant 2 RealmWalker Armor

In Remnant 2, an RPG centered on combat, armor plays a crucial role in determining your character’s survival and combat efficiency. Various armor sets offer diverse advantages, ranging from protection to enhanced damage. The Realmwalker armor set is particularly noteworthy, being both highly sought-after and challenging to obtain.

In Remnant 2, the core gameplay extends beyond the initial hours. While Adventure Mode provides access to numerous items, certain secret archetypes and unique armor sets, like the  Realmwalker Armor Set, are exclusively found in post-game content.

The Realmwalker Armor serves as a versatile and agile option for players aiming for a more mobile playstyle in Remnant 2. Here’s a guide to aid you in obtaining this Realmwalker Armor.

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What is Realmwalker Armor in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Realm walker Armor
Remnant 2: Realmwalker Armor

In Remnant 2, the Realmwalker Armor Set holds a distinct position among the game’s diverse armor sets. Noteworthy for its low weight, crucial in maintaining optimal combat mobility, the set goes beyond mere damage protection. Offering an array of bonuses, this armor set stands out for its versatility.

The Realmwalker Armor in Remnant 2 is a light armor set designed to prioritize agility and dodging. With a moderate armor rating, it provides resistance against various types of damage. This rare set can be obtained either at the beginning of the game or during the later stages.

It may not seem heavily protective in appearance, but the Realmwalker Set is strategically valuable in combat situations. It is the default starting set for the Explorer Archetype, offering high mobility due to its lightweight materials.

Where To Find Realmwalker Armor In Remnant 2

Following are the locations where the Realmwalker Armor Set can be found in Remnant 2:

  1. Starting Equipment for the Explorer: The Realmwalker Armor Set serves as the default starting equipment for characters adopting the Explorer Archetype.
  2. Purchase from Whispers after Campaign Completion: Players have the option to buy the Realmwalker Set from Whispers after successfully completing the main campaign and unlocking the Explorer Archetype.

How To Unlock Realmwalker Armor In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, the Realmwalker Armor can either be obtained at the beginning of the game for characters choosing the Explorer Archetype or purchased from Whispers later in the game after completing the campaign. Let’s discuss how to unlock Realwalker Armor in two different ways:

  • Defeat Final Boss (Annihilation): Regardless of the method chosen, both require defeating the final boss, Annihilation.
  • End Credits and Rewards: After defeating Annihilation, the end credits will begin, and you’ll receive rewards, including a Broken Compass.

By Unlocking The Explorer Archetype

Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor Unlock Explorer Archetype
Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor: Unlock Explorer Archetype

You need to unlock the Explorer archetype first to get your way to Realmwalker Armor in Remnant 2. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to unlock the Realmwalker Set in Remnant 2:

  1. Complete the Campaign: First, complete the main campaign of Remnant 2.
  2. Obtain Broken Compass: Acquire the Broken Compass drop from Annihilation during your campaign playthrough.
  3. Visit Wallace at Ward 13: Go to Wallace, a vendor in Ward 13, with the Broken Compass.
  4. Craft Golden Compass Engram: Use the Broken Compass to craft the Golden Compass engram with Wallace
  5. Unlock Explorer Archetype: Crafting the Golden Compass engram will unlock the Explorer Archetype for your character.
  6. Switch to Explorer Archetype: Choose to switch your character to the newly unlocked Explorer Archetype.
  7. Get the Realmwalker Set: As the Explorer Archetype, the Realmwalker Armor Set becomes the default starting set for your character in the new campaign.

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By Purchasing The Realwalker Armor

Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor Whisper Vendor
Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor: Whisper Vendor

In case you want to go for another method to get Realmwalker Armor after defeating the final boss Annihilation, you can buy it by using scraps. Here’s a breakdown of how to purchase the Realmwalker Set from Whispers in Ward 13 in Remnant 2:

  1. Spawn at Ward 13 after Credits: After the end credits, you will go to Ward 13.
  2. Location of Whispers: Whispers, the armor vendor where you can buy the Realmwalker Set, can be found adjacent to the Cass NPC in Ward 13. This location reference provides players with a specific direction to locate Whispers for acquiring the desired armor set.
  3. Purchase the Realmwalker Set: The Realmwalker Armor Set is available for purchase from Whispers.
  4. Required Resources: To buy the complete Realmwalker Set, you need to have 2725 scraps.

Realmwalker Armor Set Pieces In Remnant 2

The Realmwalker Armor Set consists of four individual items having their own stats and bonuses.

Realmwalker Beret (Head Armor)

Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor: Helmet
Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor: Helmet
  1. Parts: Head (Helmet)
  2. Armor: 4
  3. Weight: 2
  4. Resistances: Bleed: 0, Fire :0, Shock :1, Blight :1, Toxin: 0
  5. Purchasing Price: 400 Scraps

Realmwalker Tunic (Body Armor)

Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor Body
Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor: Body
  1. Parts: Body Armor
  2. Armor: 21
  3. Weight: 11
  4. Resistances: Bleed: 3, Fire: 2, Shock: 3, Blight: 4,  Toxin: 0
  5. Purchasing Price: 1,150 Scraps

Realmwalker Pantaloons (Leg Armor)

Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor Pentaloons
Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor: Pentaloons
  1. Parts: Leg Armor
  2. Armor: 12
  3. Weight: 6
  4. Resistances: Bleed: 2, Fire: 1, Shock: 2, Blight: 3, Toxin: 0
  5. Purchasing Price: 350 Scraps

Realmwalker Gloves (Glove Armor)

Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor Gloves
Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor: Gloves
  1. Parts: Gloves
  2. Armor: 3
  3. Weight: 2
  4. Resistances: Bleed: 0, Fire: 1, Shock: 1, Blight: 1, Toxin: 0
  5. Purchasing Price: 825 Scraps

Realmwalker Armor Uses And Benefits In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor Archon Archetype
Remnant 2 Realmwalker Armor: Archon Archetype

The Realmwalker armor set in Remnant 2 offers a unique blend of stats, visual design, and strategic versatility. While it lacks Toxin resistance, its balanced attributes make it a notable choice for players aiming for a combination of defense and mobility in their gameplay experience.

  • Archon Archetype Unlock: Acquiring the full Realmwalker Set is essential for unlocking the Archon Archetype.
  • Specific Gear Requirement: Players must wear the exact gear that Andrew Ford, a character in the game, once wore to unlock the Archon Archetype.
  • Unlocking Narrative Elements: Obtaining and wearing the Realmwalker Set is not just a gameplay requirement but a narrative-driven element. It actively contributes to unlocking specific character archetypes, enriching the overall storytelling experience in the game.
  • Toxin Resistance Absence: It lacks Toxin resistance, making it important for players to consider this vulnerability when facing enemies with toxic attacks.
  • Additional Resistances: Equipping the Realmwalker set provides specific resistances, including five Bleed resistances, four Fire resistances, seven Shock resistances, and nine Blight resistances. This contributes to a well-rounded defense against various types of damage.
  • Weight Considerations: Weight is a crucial factor in combat, affecting mobility and dodge speed. The Realmwalker set’s low weight is advantageous, enabling faster dodges and enhancing overall mobility during combat scenarios.


The Realmwalker Armor Set in Remnant 2 offers a balanced mix of moderate armor, low weight, and elemental resistances. Acquired as starting gear for the Explorer or purchased from Whispers after the campaign, it caters to diverse playstyles.

Despite lacking Toxin resistance, its freedom from set-specific bonuses allows versatile customization. Equipping the set triggers a questline to unlock the Archon Archetype, adding mystery to its utility. Overall, the Realmwalker Set is a good choice, blending functionality and style in Remnant 2.

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