Remnant 2 Council Tribunal Puzzle [How To Solve]

Remnant 2: Council Tribunal
How To Solve Council Tribunal Puzzle in Remnant 2

An abundance of secrets are hidden throughout Remnant 2’s complex story, with the Council Tribunal puzzle being one of the more intriguing ones. This mysterious puzzle is a key part of a quest line whereby your goal is to identify the Remnant 2 council tribunal member accountable for the One True King’s tragic death.

With each game, the Guilty Council Member’s identity varies, giving an element of surprise and making this task unique. Examining the traitor’s dagger in great detail is essential if you want to succeed. This thorough guide will lead you through the convoluted quest path and explain every step of the way.

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Location Of The One True King’s Council In Remnant 2

Remnant 2: Council Tribunal Puzzle
Location Of The One True King’s Council In Remnant 2

The moment you learn of the One True King’s Council, your quest to learn the truth officially begins. This quest offers a mix of mystery and intrigue and is an experience in and of itself.

The council is waiting for you if you have successfully obtained a crucial artifact known as the Magic Quill inside the Remnant 2 Council Tribunal Chamber of Losomn. Your journey’s most important item, the Magic Quill, has the ethereal capacity to make portals on the Losomn palace’s stone walls.

The mysterious figure known as the Jester, who dwells on the lowest levels of the Beatific Palace, contained inside a room decorated with an unsettling assortment of bones, will be the target of your mission to acquire this priceless item.

  1. With the Magic Quill in your hands, you must exit the bone-filled chamber of the Jester and go to the left.
  2. The wall here has a wall design that looks like a fading chalk door design.
  3. As you get closer to this mysterious structure, use the Magic Quill, and watch as the gateway comes to life.
  4. As you enter the portal, you’re filled with anticipation for what will happen when you come out on the other side and find yourself in the Council Chamber.
  5. A little distance away, the Council of the One True King invites you to join them in their ages-old conversation by climbing a narrow stairway.

Identifying The One True King’s Traitor

Remnant 2 Council Tribunal
Identifying The One True King’s Traitor

One of the council members has betrayed the One True King, which you learn when you converse with the group, which also includes Savan, Oniril, and Nyele. The result of this betrayal is the king’s endless sleep, which is a condition similar to death. They give you the difficult assignment of finding the guilty council member because they have faith in you.

Even while it may appear difficult, the game only provides a few tips that are dropped when you engage with the council. But don’t worry; solving the enigma is not an impossible challenge. You may achieve success by adhering to the laid-out steps in this method.

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The Council Tribunal’s Location

The Remnant 2 Council Tribunal, which is reachable via a gloomy mirror of the Fae palace, is your first stop on your journey to identify the traitor.

  • After leaving the council room, turn left to find a set of stairs that you may explore.
  • After ascending these stairs, you’ll arrive in a chamber with a sparkling mirror that acts as a doorway to the Remnant 2 Council Tribunal.
  • Surprisingly, the Tribunal’s layout is identical to that of the Council Chamber, giving you a feeling of familiarity as you go through this enigmatic space.
  • Your first task after arriving is to rid the region of enemies in order to protect yourself.
  • Once the chamber is safe, careful inspection will show the council’s glaring absence.
  • Nevertheless, their chairs are still there, surrounded by a pool that has water-like characteristics, creating an absurd image.
  • A closer look reveals a mirror of the light world on the pool’s surface, with the council members occupying their assigned seats.

Unravel The Council Tribunal Puzzle

Remnant 2 Council Tribunal
Unravel The Council Tribunal Puzzle

The chairs at the base of the Remnant 2 Council Tribunal hold diverse artifacts, each identified with a different symbol. However, they are in different locations when seen from below the water-like surface.

You need to move the blue diamond-shaped item to the left, the pink eye-shaped item to the center, and the purple mirror-like item to the right in order to match the placements of these things with their counterparts in the mirrored world. You enter the throne chamber after successfully recreating this arrangement, which causes the great door to open behind the council chairs.

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Looking For The Evidence

Remnant 2 Council Tribunal
Looking For The Evidence

The One True King is present in the throne chamber, but there comes a stunning revelation: He is visibly deteriorating from his former splendor.

  1. Make your way around the throne of the king, climb the stone stairs to the top, and get ready to jump over to the ledge in front.
  2. You will soon find yourself behind the throne as you make your way along this ledge, ready to take another risky plunge.
  3. By making this jump, you will be placed exactly behind the king’s head, where you will find an unexpected object: an assassin’s knife buried in the monarch’s neck.
  4. Interact with this dagger to gather crucial evidence but be ready for a fight as enemies come after you as you leave the royal chamber.
  5. When you have a little period of peace and no attackers are around, check your inventory and take a closer look at the dagger.
  6. Rotate the weapon to look at the weapon’s hilt’s bottom, where you’ll see a symbol that matches one of the Council members’ emblems.

It’s important to remember that each player’s version of this sign is different, highlighting the need to do your inquiry into the dagger before condemning a Remnant 2 council tribunal member.

Condemning The Traitor

The time has come to present your findings and address the council now that you have successfully returned to the light world and entered the council chamber.

  • Talk to the council while forcefully asserting that you have important evidence.
  • Make sure to choose the conversation choice that invites you to tell the council about the dagger. Before anything further, make sure you’ve carefully examined the dagger to find the incriminating sign on its hilt.
  • The traitorous council member will immediately and without hesitation admit their wrongdoing, which will result in their rapid and immediate death.

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The remaining Remnant 2 council tribunal members’ expressions of owing signal the achievement of your mission as the dramatic sequence of events ends.

  • You get the Ornate Sword as a token of your victory as a result of your bravery and determination in exposing the truth.


You now possess a thorough grasp of the Remnant 2 Council Tribunal puzzle and the procedure for identifying the guilty council member in the Council of Losomn due to this guide. The questline is intentionally vague in its directions, which makes it exceedingly difficult. But if you carefully adhere to the instructions provided here, you’ll be able to successfully traverse this perplexing adventure.

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