Remnant 2 Postulants Parlor: Find Secrets and Mystery Behind Bottom Left Door

The Remnant 2 Postulants Parlor is a puzzle that is basically located in a dungeon. You are required to solve the puzzle in the dungeon and upon solving players will be awarded some rewards. The puzzle is hard to solve and requires lots of steps to be followed in a specific order. Apart from that, the postulant parlor holds some secrets which will be mentioned in the article so read it with all the details.

Remnant 2 Postulants Parlor Puzzle

The exact location of the puzzle is in Losomn’s Beatific Palace by moving through a wall placed near Jester. Jester can be converted into a door by using the b so you can get a passage to pass. When you reach the Postulants Parlor, you will see a puzzle similar to a chess board. The puzzle has some rules so know them before you visit the place. The rules of the puzzle are as follows:

  • There are two sets of pieces available, white ones and black ones. You can move only the white ones and your opponent will move the black pieces.
  • If all the black pieces are formed in a single line just like tic-tac-toe, then the game will reset. If the game resets, you will be given a curse status effect.
  • You can solve the puzzle only by making a straight white line with your own pieces. It looks tough but once you get the hang of the rules, you can easily solve the puzzle.
The Remnant 2 Postulants Parlor
The Remnant 2 Postulants Parlor

When you solve the puzzle, you will be granted access to a room where players can obtain a Royal Hunting Bow. The hunting bow is one of the long gun weapons that can be proven to be beneficial in some scenarios. To sum up the rule for this puzzle in a single line, one can say that you have to make a line with white pieces first while preventing the opponent player from making his line with black pieces. If you are having difficulty solving the puzzle, here is a detailed version of it:

  • Your first move should be to move the center white piece to the upper center section of the board. The statue can move any one of the three pieces to the center in response to this, but it must move the bottom-right piece.
  • Move the white piece in the top center position to the top left and back again if the statue moves any other pieces. The statue will retrace its steps if you move it to the top left, but if you move it back to the top center, there’s a chance the statue will move the right piece.
  • You should now move the bottom middle white piece to the bottom left location but this should only be done after moving the black piece to the bottom right spot. This will leave the black piece on the left to shift upward, allowing the white piece to retake its initial position in the middle of the left side.
  • All these moves in The Remnant 2 Postulants Parlor will make the opponent move his black piece in the middle as he won’t be left with any option. This way, you can move your white piece to the back side leading you to solve the puzzle.

Postulants Parlor Secret

After solving this puzzle, most of the players might think about leaving the place but there are a lot of secrets in this location. The Remnant 2 Postulant’s Parlor has doors that lead to various rooms and you must solve the puzzle to enter the room. There are some things that you should remember while solving these puzzles such as:

  • Every puzzle is connected to a room in the same direction. The bottom left position on the board corresponds to the bottom left room in that direction.
  • The door will remain closed if a black piece is positioned in its direction.
  • The door will open if a white piece is positioned in its direction.
The Remnant 2 Postulants Parlor
The solution of the first puzzle

This indicates that all the little chambers in The Remnant 2 Postulants Parlor around the dungeon’s edge may be accessed and trails made using the puzzle, and there are in fact several prizes to be discovered inside of them. There are just two special rewards:

  • The Game Master’s Pride ring like the master portal ring, which is in a chamber to the bottom left door
  • The Fae Royal armor set is located in the top right room.

Top Right Door

The top right door will have a Fae Royal Armor Set as a reward which is quite beneficial. All you need to do is keep a white piece on the top right side. This can be done by keeping the white pieces at the top right, top left, and bottom center positions while the black pieces will go at the bottom right, middle center, and middle left positions.

Bottom Left Door

The bottom left door consists of the Game Master’s Pride Ring and it can only be accessed by the co-op mode. This mode requires another player to complete the task. The benefits of obtaining the Game Master’s Pride Ring are:

  • It minimizes all the healing by a rate of about 50%.
  • It makes the effect of damage and healing minimal by dividing it amongst all the allies that have access to it.

Players should get the Game Master’s Pride ring in The Remnant 2 Postulants Parlor as it has several benefits and it makes you much more powerful in battles due to the healing ability. You can obtain the ring by doing the following:

  • This requires two players. One of the players should focus on the puzzle while the other travels around the Postulant’s Parlor.
  • The player who is solving the puzzle helps the other player to reach the bottom left room by guiding him to move a white piece on the board in the bottom left direction.
  • The player who is moving will pass through the first door in the bottom left direction and the other player will lose so the puzzle gets reset.
  • Now, the moving player will move towards the second door which will also be in the bottom left direction.
The Remnant 2 Postulants Parlor
Solution of the second puzzle


The Remnant 2 Postulants Parlor Puzzle is located in a dungeon near the area, Losomn’s Beatific Palace. The puzzle is quite similar to the chess game which also consists of white and black pieces. The white piece will allow the door to open and the black piece will allow the door to remain closed. You must use the Co-op mode which involves another player to solve the puzzle.

All you need to do is guide your partner towards the bottom left door. You should instruct him to move the white piece in the bottom left direction. Once you have done so, you will be granted with Game Master’s Pride ring. This ring causes healing purposes and it divides the damage caused amongst all your allies.

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