Remnant 2 BEST Archetype Combo [Top 7 List of Combos]

BEST Archetype Combo [Top 7]

In Remnant 2, an innovative idea called Archetypes—basically classes with their own special abilities and perks—is introduced. Character builds are very flexible because of the degree to which players may personalize these Archetypes. The synergy between their skills and bonuses to produce potent character builds will be the subject of this guide’s exploration of some of the Remnant 2 best Archetype combo.

Remnant 2 Best Archetype Combo

Remnant 2 Best Archetype Combo
Remnant 2 Best Archetype Combo (Source – PCInvasion)

It’s critical to comprehend Archetypes and how they affect gaming before delving into the particular combinations. The skills and advantages that each Archetype gives help to shape your character’s capabilities and playstyle. A number of synergies might result from combining two Archetypes, increasing your overall efficacy throughout the game. Having unique skills and benefits is essential for a successful combination.

1. Gunslinger and Hunter: The DPS Powerhouse

Remnant 2 BEST Archetype Combo
Gunslinger and Hunter The DPS Powerhouse

The Gunslinger and Hunter combination is a complete game-changer for players who like the DPS (Damage per Second) position. Before we go into their synergies, let’s examine what makes this combination a DPS powerhouse.


Gunslinger Skill: Bulletstorm

The core of this combination is the Gunslinger’s skills, Bulletstorm. There are two main impacts it offers:

  • Turns single-fire weapons like bolt action rifles into fully automatic weapons, combining heavy damage with quick-fire; increases the firing rate of weapons by 20% and reload speed of weapons by 50% for 20 seconds.

Hunter Skill: Hunter’s Mark

The following advantages of Hunter’s Mark, a skill from the Hunter subclass, simplify gameplay and improve gunplay:

  • Acts as a wallhack to disclose opponent placements by giving all adversaries within a 35-meter radius the MARK status.
  • For 25 seconds, increases melee and ranged damage by 15%.
  • 15% higher chance for the player and their friends to land critical strikes against MARKED foes.


The influence of Perks on an Archetype’s playstyle is critical. Here are the advantages of Gunslinger and Hunter and how they work together:

Gunslinger Perks:

  • Increase critical hit probability, firing rate, and ranged damage.

Hunter Perks:

  • Boost ranged damage, weak spot damage, reload speed, and critical hit probability with the hunter perks.

These perks combine to improve ranged damage by 65%, firing rate by 15%, crit chance by 10%, and reload speed by 25%. These bonuses have a powerful synergy when coupled with the skills, making the Gunslinger and Hunter combination a serious threat in terms of DPS.

2. Invader And Hunter: The Deadly Duo

Remnant 2 BEST Archetype Combo
Invader And Hunter The Deadly Duo

The Invader and Hunter combo is a compelling choice for players who prefer ranged combat and tactical precision. This combination offers a synergy that allows you to maximize your damage output and take out enemies with remarkable efficiency.


  • The Hunter’s skills complement your ranged damage, allowing you to deal even more devastating blows to your foes.
  • The starting weapon, the Huntmaster M1, is an excellent choice for long-range engagements.



  • Shadow is the primary perk for the Invader, and it introduces a unique tactical element to the gameplay.
  • When you use any Invader skill, it leaves a decoy behind. Enemies targeting the decoy will take additional damage from your ranged attacks.

As the primary Archetype in this combo is Invader, the Shadow perk becomes a crucial part of your loadout. This perk enables you to create decoys that draw enemy fire and amplify the damage inflicted by your ranged attacks. This setup provides an excellent foundation for coordinated strikes.

The Hunter’s skills play a pivotal role in enhancing your character’s ranged combat abilities. By using these skills, you can further boost your damage output, ensuring that your shots hit with lethal precision. Additionally, the Huntmaster M1, as the starting best weapon, serves as a dependable long-range firearm, perfectly aligning with the Hunter’s expertise.

3. Engineer and Summoner: Mastering Minions and Turrets

Remnant 2 BEST Archetype Combo
Engineer and Summoner Mastering Minions and Turrets

The ability to call teammates into combat makes summoner classes popular in ARPGs. You may enhance the synergy between your minions and turrets and create a deadly force on the battlefield by combining the Engineer and Summoner Archetypes.


Engineer Skill: Heavy Weapon – Vulcan

You may deploy a powerful sentry turret with the Vulcan skills that fire rapid-fire rounds that cause significant damage. This turret is a flexible addition to your arsenal since it can be picked up and employed as a weapon.

Summoner Skill: Minion – Flyer

You may call flying minions to help you in combat by using the flyer skill. When sacrificed, these minions cause damage locally and die by shooting homing missiles.

The main tactic for this combination is to call in minions and set up turrets, then take up a defensive position to engage the enemy. This combination excels at delivering damage while preserving durability with the appropriate build that focuses on HP regeneration and summon damage.


Benefits for the Engineer and Summoner strengthen the synergy even more:

Engineer Perks:

  • Emphasize heavy weapons and provide skill damage and a critical chance of a sizable increase.

Summoner Perks:

  • The Dominator perk, which works flawlessly with the Engineer’s metalworker perk, enhances skill damage by an extra 35%. Together, these benefits provide a staggering 85% increase in skill damage, which summons damage relics may further boost.

This well-designed synergy enables strong summons that can inflict impressive damage and have outstanding resilience, making it the perfect option for solo play.

4. Challenger and Engineer: A Melee Tank’s Dream

Remnant 2 BEST Archetype Combo
Challenger and Engineer A Melee Tank’s Dream

The Challenger and Engineer combination provides a reliable answer for players who choose a tanky, melee-focused playstyle. Let’s investigate this combination in greater depth.


Challenger Skill: Juggernaut

  • By boosting your melee movement speed and damage by 50%, the Juggernaut skills dramatically improve your ability to use melee weapons.
  • Additionally, it offers stagger resistance and three stacks of BULWARK, increasing your tankiness and mitigating damage.

Engineer Skill: Heavy Weapon – Vulcan

  • Once again, the Heavy Weapon – Vulcan skills serve as a turret for backline damage.
  • You will mainly employ the turret in this combination for ranged assistance while using melee weapons in close quarters.


The core of this combination is the interplay between the benefits of these two classes:

Challenger Perks:

  • Challenger focuses on boosting all damage, decreasing opponent damage, boosting stamina, and generally being a tank.

Engineer Perks:

  • Engineer benefits include increased movement speed and damage mitigation while using heavy weapons.

You may use a greatsword, move quickly, take little damage, and do a ton of melee damage while your turret decimates foes from a safe distance owing to this combination of gameplay elements.

5. Medic And Challenger: The Unstoppable Tank

Remnant 2 BEST Archetype Combo
Challenger And Medic The Unstoppable Tank

The Challenger and Medic combo is highly regarded as one of the most potent combinations of classes in Remnant 2. This dual Archetype system offers a unique blend of offense and defense, making it a fan-favorite choice among players.


Medic’s Healing 

  • The Medic’s skills enable the player to heal not only themselves but also their teammates during combat.
  • Unlocking the Medic Archetype also grants access to the XMG57 Bonesaw, one of the top-tier weapons in Remnant 2.


Die-Hard – The Challenger’s Prime 

  • Allows the player to survive a deadly blow, providing a second chance in battle.
  • Heals a significant percentage of the player’s health, ensuring survival in dire situations.

With the Challenger as the primary Archetype, players can harness the power of the Die-Hard perk to become incredibly resilient. But the true synergy comes when you combine the Challenger’s Die-Hard with the Medic’s skills, creating a tank character with the ability to deal substantial damage and provide support to teammates.

The Challenger and Medic combination excels in both solo play and cooperative gameplay, making it an ideal choice for those who seek versatility and survivability in the game.

6. Handler and Explorer: The Adventurous Duo

Remnant 2 BEST Archetype Combo
Handler and Explorer The Adventurous Duo

The Handler and Explorer combination appeals to players who value exploration and treasure-seeking in a genre where conflict and action are often dominant. Although this combination may appear unusual, it really offers certain benefits.


Handler Skill: Attack Dog

  • The player and their companions get a 20% damage increase from the Attack Dog skills.
  • In addition to doing more damage, the dog companion is a useful tool for games that emphasize exploration.

Explorer Skill: Fortune Hunter

  • Designed for completion runs when players try to acquire every prize and unique item, the Fortune Hunter skill is more of a support skill.
  • It makes gathering important goods easier by enabling the player and their teammates to view all riches and special items within a 40-meter radius.


The advantages of this combination may appear unusual, yet they have unanticipated advantages:

Handler Perks:

  • When the companion is within a 25-meter radius, the player’s range and skill damage increases by 30%, and their chance to critically strike increases by 5%.

Explorer Perks:

  • For each item picked up, increase damage done and critical hit probability by 5%, stacking up to five times. This results in a cumulative 25% boost in damage and a 60-second critical hit probability.

Surprisingly, when constructed properly, this ostensibly support-focused combination can inflict a lot of damage, especially if players choose a long-range rifle configuration. The additional damage and critical chance have a big impact.

7. Engineer And Medic: The Indestructible Tank

Remnant 2 BEST Archetype Combo
Engineer And Medic The Indestructible Tank

The Engineer is known for its proficiency with heavy weapons, and when combined with the Medic’s healing abilities, it results in a nearly invulnerable tank character. The Engineer’s starting weapons are already some of the best in the game, making it an excellent choice for the primary Archetype in this combo.


  • Medic skills can be tailored to suit various playstyles, offering healing for the player and allies or instant revives for teammates.
  • Obtaining the XMG57 Bonesaw further enhances the Medic’s utility in this combo.


  • Allows the player to buff their heavy weapon with infinite ammo and increased fire rate.
  • Activated by holding a skill button, providing a short but potent buff.

The high-tech perk complements the Engineer’s heavy weapon expertise, allowing players to rain down destruction with their firearms. Additionally, unlocking the Engineer Archetype grants access to the Atom Smasher, one of the most potent melee weapons in Remnant 2.

To complete the tank build with offensive and defensive capabilities, players rely on the Medic’s skills.

The Engineer and Medic combination transforms your character into an offensive powerhouse with remarkable resilience making it one of Remnant 2 best Archetype combo. Not only can you unleash devastating attacks with your heavy weapons, but you can also provide vital support to both teammates and your own character.


There are several Archetypes available in Remnant 2, each with a distinct playstyle and benefits. Combining two Archetypes enables players to create unique character builds with complementary skills and advantages. There is the ideal combination waiting for you, whether your preference is dealing high DPS, conjuring minions, taking damage, different traits, or exploring the game environment.

This article offers a thorough analysis of the Remnant 2 best archetype combo, assisting you in making defensible choices on your character design. These archetype pairings may improve your experience, whether you’re playing the game for the first time or trying to improve your performance. Comment here with your opinions on Remnant 2 and your preferred secret archetype combinations.

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