Best Weapons in Remnant 2 And How to Get them

Remnant 2 is a role-playing shooting video game with a third-person perspective. It is inspired by the dark souls-like genre, where there is excitement of adventure and fear of death at the same time. It was released in July 2023 by Gearbox Publishers and created by the developers of Gunfire Games.

They put steady yet high-quality work at the same time in this dark and fancy video game. There are multiple options for weapons in this game as a player in Remnant 2 can carry three weapons at the same time with him for every time use. One long gun, one handgun, and one melee weapon.

The higher the player reaches, the better the weapons get, and so is the player’s combat level.

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Best Weapons in Remnant 2

Here are our top 3 best long guns

  1. Nightfall
  2. Sagittarius
  3. Aphelion


Nightfall is a fan-favorite long gun that has a high capacity to stand against foes when the situations are out of control. It can be efficiently used in mid to long-ranged encounters. It has a semi-automatic system with which it shoots small bullets like fireballs.

The weaponry mod of Nightfall is a “Dread Walker.” This scary mod takes the player into a dark world and gives this weapon increased damage to the enemies and steals the life out of enemies.


This gun is in the top 3 for many reasons. It’s your choice to use it if you have better control. This gun is used for long-distance to mid-range engagements. The damage provided by the enemies is relatively very high. The damage it gives is 98 with 4.5 RPS.

It has energy bullets in it, which hit like arrows with sharp accuracy.


Aphelion is a friend when it comes to long guns. This companion doesn’t see if you are fighting with an enemy or a bunch of enemies swarming over a player. This long gun is more like a magical wand. It throws an energy beam at the foe.

That powerful beam is enough to blast the enemy. This weapon is tough to get, but once you have it, you will want nothing else.

Best Weapons Remnant 2
Best Weapons in Remnant 2 (Source – ScreenRant)

Best Handguns in Remnant 2

Although every handgun you update with time becomes the better option for you because you get used to it, there are still some handguns that must never be ignored to ace the Remnant 2.

  1. Enigma
  2. Double Barrel
  3. Sorrow


This gun is everyone’s darling when it comes to close to mid-range combat. It is the smaller version of one of the bosses in Remnant 2, which is the Labyrinth. It has a defense system that heals the player as well as high accuracy in its attack.

It has a weapon and mod of Chaos Driver, which sends Electric rods to the foes and gives a strong Shock.

Double Barrel

It is a sturdy handgun with bullets that shreds the foes into pieces. This gun has availability for weaponry mods and mutators to upgrade it. This gun is used for close combat ranges, and you can depend on it at the wrong time.


This gun can be in Yaesha. Sorrow is a mysterious handgun with a crossbow-like structure. It can recall its bolts and heal the player as well. It is helpful for mid-range encounters and works well in long-range encounters as well.

When the player is in need of something more substantial yet agile, the Sorrow is the perfect handgun to carry

Melee Weapon in Remnant 2

Melee Weapon is a must-have in Remnant 2. Let’s discuss our top 3 Melee weapons. 

  1. Iron Greatsword
  2. Spectral Blade
  3. Atom Smasher

Iron Greatsword

This brutal weapon looks like it works like a sword, saw, and hammer at the same time. It can be got by default if you try the Challenger Archetype in the game. It has a lot of attacks and provides excellent damage. This melee weapon can be used for the last boss.

Spectral Blade

the spectral blade is a decent looming melee weapon and is considered one of the best melee weapons to ace the game. If you want to get this masterpiece, all you have to do is defeat the Sha’hala, and the key in the reward is used to make this amazing melee weapon in the craft shop of MaCabe.

Whirlwind is its weapon mod, which makes it more potent against the foes.

Atom Smasher

You can locate this deadly weapon at Terminus Station. Once you have this hammer, you will become so strong because this brutal weapon has a strong damage rate. It is so useful that it can be carried as a melee weapon for difficult situations.


With this guide above, you can easily select the best weapons for you on your journey to the dangerous worlds and their scary dungeons.

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