Remnant 2 Nightweaver – How to Defeat Boss

Remnant 2 Nightweaver

Are you prepared to uncover the magical Nightweaver’s mysteries in Remnant 2? Set off on an exciting trip across Remnant 2’s frightening worlds from the Ashes, where you’ll face formidable adversaries and evil individuals. Whether you travel alone or with a group of friends, you aim to delve into the depths and destroy the terrible forces that threaten existence itself.

Who is The Nightweaver?

The enigmatic Nightweaver, a fearsome boss who also happens to be Nimue’s sister, will appear in Remnant 2. This eerie boss is a lethal opponent since it feeds on people’s fears and fantasies. Bosses like the Nightweaver are more harder to defeat than ordinary or elite foes. They typically protect valuable items and play key parts in the game’s narrative and plot.

When you begin your Losomn quest in the Morrow Parish region, you will undoubtedly encounter this boss. To fight this terrible monster, aim for its weak spot in the Heart. When enough damage is caused to her Heart, she loses her capacity to summon spiders, as well as her weak point. As she loses her Heart, she will transform into a ghost, but don’t worry; she may reclaim it with her second-phase grab strike.

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How to Defeat The Nightwear

The Nightweaver is a challenge to first-time Remnant 2 players due to her unexpected attacks and surprises. Even as your first major fight, The Nightweaver may be destroyed with the right strategy.

Remnant 2 Nightweaver
Remnant 2 Nightweaver (Source – GameRevolution)

First phase

The initial section of Nightweaver gives players a simple assignment. Except for one, most of her attacks are easy to predict and evade. Her slow-moving ice rockets let players conserve energy and make more strikes. However, because these missiles can follow you, sidestepping is a good idea.

Nightweaver’s melee lunges are the most scary tactics in this phase. These include a lunge attack, a delayed tail swipe, and a charging assault with arm swipes. Both may be avoided by ducking in the direction of the boss, but be cautious because they are usually followed by a surprisingly broad range of motion ground slam.

Keeping a reasonable distance and urging Nightweaver to employ her projectile attacks has proven to be effective among the techniques we’ve explored. Use upgraded weapons with damage-boosting upgrades to swiftly deplete her HP. However, keep in mind that the next step will be a genuine fight.

Second phase

Prepare for an unpleasant confrontation as Nightweaver transports you into the disturbing facility. She becomes more aggressive, employing fatal ice missiles with powerful melee strikes. Because of the confined space, her attacks become considerably more hazardous.

Fight her in the main foyer, where there is more area to escape her blasting bugs and barricades. Arm yourself with a secondary weapon, such as the Enigma, to deal with her minions successfully.

Nightwear attacks are common yet manageable. Keep an eye out for her lethal ice ball/leap combo and health-eroding grab move. These may catch you off guard.

Continue to wait in the lobby for her return. To get the upper hand, reduce Nightweaver’s mobility by employing a secondary weapon with the Scrap Shot mod.


Get ready for a satisfying triumph against the Nightweaver, and you’ll receive these priceless rewards:

  • 1,163 Scrap was hauled in in plenty.
  • The Knowledge Tome, an instructive book
  • five valuable Lumenite crystals
  • Gorgeous Cursed Dream Silks
  • Nightweaver’s Finger is a distinctive memento.


Finally, Remnant 2 pits players against the enigmatic Nightweaver, a formidable foe with a dubious connection to Nimue, in a thrilling voyage across the mystical worlds. As you journey over treacherous terrain and contend with the Nightweaver’s relentless onslaught, your talents and bravery will be put to the test. A multi-phase strategy is required to destroy this terrible creature.

In the first phase, focus on evading projectiles and doing damage, and then in the second, react to the confined surroundings and make clever use of the proper armament. The rewards for defeating the Nightweaver include unique trinkets and rare resources, which add to the game’s interest.

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Who is Nightweaver in Remnant 2?

Nightweaver, also known as Nimue’s sister in Remnant 2, is a terrible boss that feeds people’s fears and fantasies.

How can I get rid of Nightweaver during the first phase?

During the first phase, avoid her ice rockets by rolling towards her, then use upgraded weapons with damage-increasing upgrades to diminish her HP.

In the second phase, how should Nightweaver be defeated?

Use a backup weapon like the Enigma, fight her in the main foyer to evade her blows, and watch out for her grab and ice ball combo techniques in the second phase.

What advantages will I gain if I defeat Nightweaver?

For defeating Nightweaver, you earn 1,163 Scrap, The Knowledge Tome, five precious Lumenite crystals, Gorgeous Cursed Dream Silks, and Nightweaver’s Finger, a rare keepsake.

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