The Progeny: Fighting Remnant 2’s Mini-Boss for Rewards and Victory

Remnant 2's Mini-Boss

Discover the Progeny in Remnant 2, its movements, and hiding places to gain goodies, such as the Disengage Mutator and 200 scraps. Use our strategy to defeat the Progeny mini-boss in Remnant 2

Are you curious about Remnant 2’s Progeny? Then you’re in for a treat! Discover the mysteries of this fascinating Progeny as we go through the enthralling world of Remnant 2.

Remnant 2: From the Ashes, the highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling Remnant, plunges you into nightmarish environments teeming with formidable foes and godlike villains. Whether you embark on this deadly journey alone or with two pals, your aim is to explore the depths of the abyss and stop the evil powers from destroying reality itself.

What is Progeny in Remnant 2

You’ll run into the powerful Progeny, a mini-boss with a scary presence, in the world of Remnant 2. This species resembles the Slug parasite in appearance and battle technique, but it is much larger.

Be careful; the Progeny is renowned for making unexpected charges that might catch you off guard. Additionally, it has aberrational features that increase its health damage output and offer powers like thick skin and teleportation.

The Progeny is the result of the N’Erud parasite and a potent Aberration. It keeps you guessing during the battle since its talents and perks might alter based on the unique suffixes applied to its name.

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The Moves of the Progeny

The Progeny focuses on close combat to portray a threat while maneuvering. Be wary of its “Shove” move, in which it pushes you while doing just minor damage.

Furthermore, to keep you on your toes during a battle, it employs a two-hit combo in which the first punch mimics a lunge, and the second one occurs after a considerable delay.

Let’s now investigate how to track down and defeat this fearsome foe in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2's Mini-Boss
Remnant 2’s Mini-Boss (Source – Youtube)

Location of The Progeny—A Mini-Boss

Because the cosmos of Remnant 2 is continually shifting, it’s difficult to forecast where the elusive boss will appear. Nonetheless, there are a few places where it is known to spawn that you may look into in your hunt for it. Your journey may lead you to the frightening Hatchery, but don’t stop there—expand your search to encompass the sinister Dark Conduit and the foreboding Putrid Domain.

The diversity of parasites you encounter while exploring these intriguing ecosystems, including both weaklings and strong enemies, will heighten your adventure.

How to Defeat The Progeny

The Progeny lacks ranged attacks and prefers close-quarters combat. You may win this battle by preserving your distance or by slowing down your opponents with weapon upgrades.

You can evade the initial strike when it begins its major combo with skill. Because the next hit will be so sluggish, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to step back and aim for its exposed head to deliver the greatest damage.

Simply dodge to avoid being shoved, providing the boss with a tiny window of opportunity. Keep in mind that the arena is large enough for you to maintain a safe distance. Although they may not always appear, be on the lookout for potential robot invaders in the arena.

Rewards of Defeating The Progeny

When you vanquish the Progeny, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Using the Disengage Mutator to improve melee assaults.
  • 200 scrap units for your collection.


Mastering them in Remnant 2’s Progeny exposes a thrilling adventure over a complex landscape. When fighting with this formidable mini-boss that mimics the Slug parasite but is larger, use caution. It is a challenging adversary because of its irregular charges and abnormal features. You may beat this foe by knowing its methods and searching for it in various locations.

The prizes for winning include the Disengage Mutator for better melee attacks and a large supply of 200 garbage units to supplement your inventory. Take up the challenge in Remnant 2 and reap the benefits of your efforts!


What does Remnant 2’s Progeny represent?

The Progeny, a hazardous mini-boss in Remnant 2, is similar to the Slug parasite but larger and characterized by its unusual abilities and unexpected charges.

Where can I find the Progeny in Remnant 2?

Although it is uncertain where the Progeny will spawn, locales such as the Hatchery, Dark Conduit, and Putrid Domain have been mentioned.

How am I going to defeat the Progeny?

Focus on the tight conflict and repel its punches. Aim for its exposed head as it performs a slow second attack in a combo. Keep a watch out for any prospective robot invaders in the arena and avoid getting shoved by them.

What advantages will I gain by taking on the Progeny?

For conquering the Progeny, you obtain the Disengage Mutator, which increases melee attacks, as well as 200 trash units.

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