Remnant 2 Wind Tower Puzzle [How To Solve]

Although Remnant 2 is renowned for its fast-paced action and monster-slaying quests, sometimes players want a break from the action and enjoy a soothing puzzle. One such mysterious obstacle is the Yaesha Realm’s Wind Tower in Endaira’s End. The following article will outline the procedures for resolving the Remnant 2 Wind Tower Puzzle enigmatic conundrum and obtaining the worthwhile benefits it provides.

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How To Solve The Wind Tower Puzzle In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Wind Tower Puzzle
How To Solve The Wind Tower Puzzle In Remnant 2 (Source – TheGamer)

The Yaesha Realm’s Endaira’s End region has a special feature known as the Wind Tower. Since it is fully optional, puzzle-averse players may decide to skip it. However, figuring out this riddle is a must if you want a mental challenge and want to get two exclusive Rings. It is good to bring a companion along and get both awards at the same time since the puzzle gives separate incentives for solitary players and co-op duos.


1. Locating the Wind Tower

  1. The Wind Tower is located in a moss-covered open stone area.
  2. The tower’s summit is accessible through a spiral stairway.
  3. The tower has an open entryway to the center on each level. However, use care since a deadly fall from a leap that is too high is possible.

2. Understanding the Symbols

Remnant 2 Wind Tower Puzzle
Understanding the Symbols

A stone tablet on the ground with a different sign is located at the entrance to each door in the tower. The air current in the tower’s core creates an updraft that creates a melodic sound when you walk upon the tablet. Since these symbols will be key to completing the puzzle, it is imperative that you maintain track of them.

3. Reading the Notes in the Hidden Cave

  • A secret cave has the solution to the Remnant 2 Wind Tower puzzle.
  • Drop from the ledge southeast of the tower in the direction of the waterfall to enter the cave.
  • A box and a table with a book are located within the cave.
  • The book includes four symbols and hand-drawn artwork.

These symbols correspond to those on the tablets discovered in the tower. Note the sequence of these symbols from left to right since it is crucial to the puzzle’s solution. The second page of the book shows two sets of symbols that are exclusive to cooperative prizes.

4. Solving the Puzzle

Remnant 2 Wind Tower Puzzle
Solving the Puzzle
  1. Head back to the Wind Tower and locate the first symbol according to the printed numbers you recorded in the book.
  2. Place your foot on the symbol and wait for the note to begin playing; this should take two to three seconds.
  3. Continue the procedure by moving on to the next symbol in the right sequence.

Synchronization is key if you’re working on this puzzle with a co-op partner. The sequence in which you and your companion must stand on the symbols must match that in the book. If everything goes according to plan, the background music will become louder, and a little pedestal will appear out of the ground to the left of the tower, displaying your well-earned gift.


Remnant 2 Wind Tower Puzzle
Remnant 2 Wind Tower Puzzle Rewards
  1. You’ll get the Wind Hollow Circlet Ring, which increases reload speed by 12%, after finishing the solo Remnant 2 Wind Tower puzzle.
  2. If you are able to solve the pair problem, you will be given the Band Band, a special ring that increases the Speed of Revive and Being Revived by 35% and increases Downed Health and Downed Movement Speed by 100%.


Remnant 2’s Yaesha Realm’s Endaira’s End provides a welcome diversion from the action-packed gameplay the game is renowned for with the Remnant 2 Wind Tower puzzle. Although it can at first appear confusing, a close study of the symbols and a trip to the secret cave will give you the answers.

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The Wind Hollow Circlet Ring and the Band Band are worthwhile accessories that may significantly improve your gameplay, whether you solve the puzzle alone or in co-op mode with a companion. In order to have a meaningful and fulfilling experience in Remnant 2, spend some time investigating the Wind Tower when you find yourself in Yaesha’s Endaira’s End and learn its mysteries.

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