Remnant 2 Butcher’s Quarter Secret: Find the Secret about the Hanging Man

Butcher’s Quarter is a place in Remnant 2 that is always on fire and the exact location can be found in Losomn. Players explore various parts of the Remnant 2 world and you will experience some mysteries at new places and enemies to fight with various weapon mods. One such mystery lies in the Butcher’s Quarter where you get to solve one of the most interesting parts of a mini-quest.

You must read the article to know the exact mystery of the Butcher’s Quarter Remnant 2 secret. The exact location can be found when you travel to new beautiful places like the Losomn. Read below to know all the details about what the mystery is and whether is there a secret to this specific place or not.

Remnant 2 Butcher’s Quarter Secret

When you travel all the way to the Butcher’s Quarter, you will spot a man hanging from a rope. Now, here the question lies whether you will save the person or not. Many players might think that it depends on your morality and that everyone should opt for saving the man. But the choice is totally yours.

Remnant 2 Butcher's Quarter Secret
Remnant 2 Butcher’s Quarter Secret

When you spot the man hanging behind a wall that is covered in fog, you must try to approach him. Try to go near him and on your way, you might have to defeat some of the enemies with best weapons which won’t be tough. After defeating the enemies, you should talk to them and remember not to be in haste. He will tell you some details as to why he is being hanged so listen to him carefully.

The Decision: Whether to save the Hanging Man or Not

Whatever decision you make will lead to some reward. There are two separate rings which will be obtained after you decide about the man. The two rings are as follows:

  • Dran Memento Ring will be granted if you save his life
  • The Singed Ring if you let him die
Remnant 2 Butcher's Quarter Secret
Dran Memento Ring granted after saving the life

The Stats of the Rings

It all depends on which ring you want as both ways in Remnant 2 Butcher’s Quarter secret, you get a different ring. Both the rings have their own benefits so do read them before you make any kind of decision. The stats for the Dran Memento ring are as follows:

  • Increases the stamina by 20
  • Reduces the encumbrance by 5

Whereas the Singed ring will increase all the damages given to burnt enemies by a whopping 10%. Both the rings offer different kinds of choices and your game will depend on your choice. Do not think that morally you are obligated to save the man so you must always choose to save him.

Rather think about the play style you want to adopt by looking at the rewards that these rings attain. You must also be thrilled to know that whatever option you choose, you will get a Shadeskin Trait along with either of your choice. This trait helps to gradually increase the resistance to Elemental Status Effect which can be proven to be quite handy at times.

How To Save The Man

Choosing the Singed ring is easy as you won’t have to do anything and let the man die in flames. However, if you choose the Dran Memento ring in Remnant 2 Butcher’s Quarter secret, you may be required to fight in order to save the man. When you see the burning man, there might seem no way to cut him loose from the rope unless the fight ends. You must focus on the man who is carrying the torch. Your strategy should be to keep the torchman from approaching near the wood placed right beneath the hanging man.

The best way to deal with this situation is by climbing on the platform and asserting your options from there. The aim is to find a way to the platform. The enemies who are carrying the torches have 6 options to go near the platform. Out of the 6, only 4 of the options will most likely be used so just focus on those four.

Just hold the enemies with a torch for some time and when you spot the villager with a chainsaw, it will give you a hint that the fight is almost finished. If somehow, you fail and the man is burning in the fan, you must go in the fire too. This will cause the mission to start all over again. When you save the hanging man, he will reward you with the Dran Memento ring.


The Remnant 2 Butcher’s Quarter secret is where you will decide whether to save the hanging man or let him die. If you somehow save him, you will be granted the Dran Memento ring and if you let him die, you will be given the singed ring.

Both the rings have their own benefits and remember that this choice will determine your game style so choose accordingly. You will also get a Shadeskin Trait along with either of the choices you make. This secret is mostly unknown to players so now you know which ring bears what rewards. Choose the one which suits your game style better.

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