Remnant 2 Blooming Heart: Best Location and How to Get

There are many relics in Remnant 2 that aid in progressing the gameplay giving a lot of benefits and one of them is the Blooming Heart. The Remnant 2 Blooming Heart heals your health and gives you many benefits, but getting it might be quite handy. Read the article to get the exact location of where to find the Remnant 2 Blooming Heart.

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How To Get Remnant 2 Blooming Heart

The exact location of the blooming heart is Yaesha where you must visit the Imperial Garden. Players will spot an enormous bell tower right next to the Imperial Garden within the place called Nameless Nest. This is the exact secret location where you can find the relic.

Remnant 2 Blooming Heart
Remnant 2 Blooming Heart

Players must do some tasks to reach the blooming heart relic which include:

  • You must take the stairs of the bell tower to find an elevator within the tower. This elevator will appear after you climb two sets of stairs and when you spot it, travel inside the elevator.
  • As soon as the elevator starts to move, jump out quickly.
  • Four symbols will start to appear in front of you and you must remember them in the exact order. If you can’t remember them, take pictures or screenshots as these symbols must be used later on.
  • You must go back to the base of the tower where you were standing before and you will spot a wall right in front of you.
Remnant 2 Blooming Heart
See the map to locate the bell tower

When players reach the wall, they will notice that the wall is completely an illusion and you can easily walk past it. When you walk into the imaginary wall, you will enter a secret room that contains a vault. Here, you must use the vault mechanism to match the exact order of the symbols that you saw earlier.

If you somehow forgot the sequence of the symbols, you can perform the same steps to watch the symbols again. When you have correctly inserted all the symbols, you must press the Plinth button to confirm your sequence.

Remnant 2 Blooming Heart
Remember the sequence of symbols and use them

If the symbols are correct, the vault will open and you can go inside to obtain the Remnant 2 Blooming Heart relic.

Blooming Heart Effects

This relic will aid you especially when you are in battle with other opponents and you need to boost your health. You can get the following benefits from obtaining the Blooming Heart relic:

  • The blooming heart relic heals up to 35% of the player’s health but this effect lasts for about 5 seconds.
  • It also produces 3 healing orbs which act in a similar way by giving a boost of 35% for about 5 seconds. The orbs exist for 20 seconds and if you use the blooming heart again, the orbs will vanish.
  • The best way to pick the orbs is by collecting it at some time intervals so you can use them effectively when your health is low. Do not take all the orbs at once.


The Remnant 2 Blooming Heart is a relic that will attain you a 35% health boost when you are fighting with other opponents. Apart from this, you can get orbs which provide you with the same benefit but it is hard to obtain the blooming heart. All you need to do is travel to the bell tower in Yaesha and fill in the correct sequence of symbols to obtain the relic to heal yourself during battles.

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