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Remnant 2 Master Portal Key: How to find the Key and How to Use it

Master Portal Key in Remnant 2
Remnant 2 Master Portal Key

There are some items like the Remnant 2 Master Portal Key which aids players to travel to new places. This key is black in color and is in the form of a cube. It has hollow holes on 2 sides and it is used to stabilize various kinds of portals around the map.

This master Portal key is used to open the last line of The Keeper’s defense which is the Labyrinth Sentinel. Therefore, finding this key is tough so just follow all the guidelines to reach the exact location where this key is found.

Location of Remnant 2 Master Portal Key

This key can be found exactly at the Labyrinth biome where it is hidden behind a door. This place does not change often and is part of the second world shown in Remnant 2. There is a maze through which you have to pass and going through is tough so following all the steps correctly is quite essential.

Remnant 2 Master Portal Key
Remnant 2 Master Portal Key

You must complete the Labyrinth’s Energy Event to obtain this key. In contrast to Remnant 2’s primary realms, the Labyrinth is a constant place, therefore each playing will always have the same events, structure, and goals. However, the world’s sequence before and after The Labyrinth will vary according to how you go through the game.

You will come across two of the World Stones which include Fractured Ingress and the Entangled Gauntlet. The entangled Gauntlet can be found below a staircase which can be seen right in front of you. Both these areas have lots of rings and amulets which can be found in various places.

Traveling to the Entangled Gauntlet

Remnant 2 Master Portal Key
Portal through which you travel

When you reach this place, you will spot a portal that serves a teleporting purpose. You must be really careful while using this portal as some of the ways might lead to your death. There are a lot of puzzles around the map so you can check them as well. So follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The special thing about this portal is that it will change constantly after every 5 seconds so you must choose the right time to hop in. The ideal time is when you spot an unactivated World Stone on the opposite side. This will surely take you to the Colosseum of Ruin where you will find the Master key.
  • If you choose any other time to hop in the portal, it will take you somewhere else where eventually you will die. So jumping in at the right time within the designated 5 seconds is of utmost vital.
  • Be cautious about the point where you land as the ground can sink in causing you to fall. The best way is to jump out of the portal as soon as you get teleported as this way you will have a safe place to land.

Fighting a Wave battle

As soon as you reach the Colosseum of Ruin, you must get ready to fight a wave battle. When you reach the place, you will spot light blue colored orbs in front of you which will be in a circular pattern. All you need to do is shoot right at the center of the light to start the event with the best weapons.

There will be a series of waves through which you need to survive and each wave will have its own intensity. The main energy in every wave will vary and there are a total of 4 waves that you will encounter. These waves have energies such as:

  • 1st Wave: The Energy Orb
  • 2nd Wave: 4 times the Sword Constructs
  • 3rd Wave: 3 times the Slab Constructs
  • Final Wave: The Elite Golem
Remnant 2 Master Portal Key
Reaching the checkpoint to obtain it

As soon as you get through the final wave, you will spot the checkpoint. Take the checkpoint and travel to a fogged wall nearby. This wall will uphold a locked door containing the Remnant 2 Master Portal Key. When you defeat the final wave, this door will be unlocked and you will get two things:

You are just required to open the unlocked door to get your hands on the Master Portal Key.

Using Master Portal Key to Kill the Labyrinth Sentinel Boss

The altar in front of The Fractured Ingress Checkpoint in The Labyrinth Biome is where you will utilize The Master Portal Key.  It creates a new route to Labyrinth Sentinel. This way you can fight the primary boss of the Labyrinth and defeating him will get you rewards.

This boss has some of the same patterns but you must be careful as one strike from ground cubes will instantly kill you. All you need to do is know their moving pattern so you don’t get crushed by them. You must do the following to defeat the boss:

  • The weak point of the Labyrinth Sentinel boss is the glowing light that is coming right from the center. All your strikes should be focused on the light and the cubes that are emerging from the sky.
  • Use the narrow passages to move there to avoid the cubes from reaching you. Meanwhile, take aim at the further cubes to destroy them and take them out.
  • When the purple light from a cube vanishes, it means that the cube has lost all its weak points.
  • You can defeat the boss by taking out the final cube which can be struck once and it will be destroyed.

Do note that if a broken piece of any cube lands on you, it won’t affect you and no damage will be caused. After defeating the boss, move all the way to Clementine in the Keeper. Now, use the Master Portal Key to go back to Fractured Ingress and you can access any kind of world from there. This way, you get to kill the Labyrinth Sentinel Boss and by obtaining the portal key, you can easily travel to other worlds quite effectively.


The Remnant 2 Master Portal Key can be found in a locked door which can be accessed by visiting one of the world stones. You must escape from all four energy wave attacks and right after getting away, you will be granted the master key. The portal key can be used to travel in Fractured Ingress and to other worlds as well simply by transporting. All this can be done by defeating the Labyrinth Sentinel Boss. It can be killed by learning its simple, repetitive moves and aiming for the glowing spot located at the center to finish it off.

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