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Remnant 2 is a Shooting RPG developed by Gunfire Games. It was released in July 2023 for various platforms like Xbox X/S, windows, and PS5. The players are supposed to have three weapons along with them for the combat. Two guns and one melee weapon. Although there are many complex options for weapons and armor, the deadliest among them are guns.

The foes and their pawns are made so strong. The main villains or Bosses are nonhuman beings, and to defeat these monsters and strange magical creatures, you need to have the best weapons in your inventory.

All Puzzles in the Lament

The Lament is a dungeon with the most difficult puzzles of the whole game and one of the most treacherous solutions.

Let us discuss the puzzles in detail:

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The Arrow Trap Puzzle

The dungeon of the Lament will be in the Faithless Thicket area of the Yaesha. But it can be changed as the locations are computer generated. The Arrow Trap Puzzle is the first puzzle in the Lamnent. The narrow hallway with arrows firing from one place to another from hollow slots in the wall.

The arrows are being fired in the starting area and at the end of the corridor. It will happen at alternate times, so you have to dodge them smartly. The same will happen to two more corridors, and the hallways have crouching places where you have to squat down and crouch through to get past them. If you succeed in getting to the lever, you will be sent to Dungeon 2.

The Plinth Puzzle

When you happen to cross the huge room, which has the large altar of burial with signs and  Symbols carved above, you will see the dial with the well-locked door on the higher level. The dial is a Plinth Puzzle with four signs to match the four collectibles that you will find in the book and around the room.

Plinth Puzzle
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The book will have the symbol with matching colors of symbols on blankets and coffins. You have to find a coffin with a similar coffin color and see the symbols to find it. When you succeed, find the symbols in the room, which are one from the book and the other 3 in the room. You will have to arrange them on Plinth Puzzle, and so the door will be opened for you.

Kolket’s Razor and Key

The Plinth puzzle area has two more coffins in that hall. If you happen to mess with that coffin, it will start a fight with an Enemy. If you succeed in defeating that enemy, you will get Kolket’s Razor as a gift item, and when you take it, you will get Kolket’s key with that as well.

Floating Pillers Puzzle

One of the dangerous puzzles you will find in the Lament is the Floating Piller puzzle, in which you will see the floating pillars. There will be invisible bridges that you will find if you fire at the space.

The matching symbols in the pillars have some way between them that you have to cross.

Hidden Blades Puzzle

Back in the checkpoint of the hallway, if you break all the vases in the room, you will be able to find the secret door to the underground passage. When you go into that underground passage, you will see something red glowing in the dark. The red glowing thing is a key to the room called Supply Room.

The Supply room is at the end of the waterway passage. Upon going inside the Supply Room, you will find a big hole. Just go to the hole and turn the side with the blades. There will be blades everywhere. All you have to do is dodge the blades, and upon reaching safely, you will get a reward.

Rewards from the Puzzles in the Lament

The room at the end of the floating pillars will only be opened by Kolket’s key. Upon opening, you will find the Ring of Diversion as a reward. On the left of this chamber is a secret stairs that lead to Lodestone Crown. After crossing hidden blades, you will get a Red Widow Armor Set as a reward.

You will get stronger and more agile after getting the rewards of the plinth puzzle in the Lamnent.


The puzzles in the Lamnent are so difficult to solve, and the passages in the dungeons, for example, Floating Pillers and Hidden Blades, seem impossible to cross. The guide here shows how you can smartly solve the puzzles and cross the deadly passages easily with a few tricks.

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