The Plinth Puzzle in Remnant 2 – How To Solve Easily

The Plinth Puzzle in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is released this July 2023, and everyone is getting crazy over this Role-playing action game. It is inspired by Soulslike and is a shooting game with a third-person perspective.

It is developed by talented developers of Gunfire Games and Published by the famous Gearbox Publishing. The game has many different features and has multiple options for weapons.

One player can only use two guns and one melee weapon to fight against the Opponents in this shooting game. The main bosses are vicious creatures, and players have four classes. You are supposed to get rewards and class according to your level in the game.

What is a Plinth Puzzle?

It is a puzzle for the players to solve for the accomplishment of specific tasks or opening the chest for rewards. In Remnant 2, The Plinth Puzzles can be found in many specific and specialized locations across the game.

The Plinth Puzzle consists of a big deal with Symbols on it, and all you have to do is find the answers to all those symbols to solve the puzzle. On the big dial, you have to find the corresponding signs to solve it accurately.

There are a total of 12 puzzles in the game, and Plinth Puzzle can only be found in 3 different places. They are not easy to solve and have a great reward if you succeed in solving the puzzle, which can be upgraded weapons, scrap, or points.

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How to Solve Plinth Puzzle

Although its computer-generated system means the puzzle for everyone will be different, we are here to give you an easy way to get the right thing done.

If you happen to encounter the Plinth Puzzle, you will notice many symbols on the round table, like a dial, but don’t panic. You will only have to find four corresponding pieces to solve this, not all of them.

How to solve the Remnant 2 plinth
The Plinth Puzzle in Remnant 2 (Source – PCGamesn)

You should thoroughly investigate the area around you to find more and more clues.

Find the Book in The Lamnent

In the Lamnent, all you have to do is find the book. The book might be protected by the deadly foes, so be vigilant. It is a beige-colored book in a small room.

Find the Symbol in the Book

When you open the book, you will definitely see the symbol on the left page. This will be one of the four symbols you need to solve the Plinth Puzzle. The symbol’s color will be matching to one of the blankets on the coffins.

Match the Symbols

Now, you have to look for the blanket to find the symbols. Once you find symbols on the blanket, match them with the symbols on the giant dial. The order of the symbols can be ignored because it doesn’t have to do anything to the Plinth puzzle. You need to collect the four symbols.

Set the Symbols

Now, more than half of the work is done, and all you need to do is set those symbols on the dial to open the door of rewards.

Rewards for solving Plinth Puzzle

The type of reward depends upon your location where you saw that dial for the first time.

If you found the Puzzle in The Expanding Glade, you are more likely to get an amulet called A Blooming Heart, which is used for maximizing your overall health and resurrecting you.

If you happen to find the plinth puzzle in the Lamnent, then you will get stronger and more agile while you dodge the attacks of enemies.

If you find the Plinth Puzzle in Imperial Gardens, you will get a Crossbow as a reward, which is a long gun that helps in long-distance encounters against enemies. It shoots the bolts into the bodies of enemies and kills them in one shot.


No matter In which location you encountered the Plinth Puzzle, the solution remains the same as we discussed. That’s why we didn’t tell you about the certain pattern and certain location. You can have this guide for any Plinth Puzzle in Remnant 2


Where can we find this Plinth Puzzle?

We can find the Plinth puzzle in the following 3 locations:

  1. The Lament
  2. The Expanding Glade
  3. The Imperial Gardens

What does the Blooming Heart do?

The blooming heart is an Amulet with the ability to heal and revive the player in Remnant 2.

What kind of a weapon does the handler Class have?

Handler Class can have the best weapons provided in the game, like Nightfall Long Gun, MP60-R, and Huntress Spear. They also carry a Companion Dog to help the Handler Class player.

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