Mastering Remnant 2 Sniper Rifles: Unleash Precision and Power

remnant 2 sniper rifles

Remnant 2 is a shooting game which is filled with action and adventures. It’s a third-person Role playing with a camera on the back. Gunfire Games Developed this one-of-a-kind third-person shooting game with many weapons to fight against enemies called Roots. Lets dive deep into Remnant 2 sniper rifles in this article.

This is a fan-favourite game when it comes to Shooting Games. In this game, there are four classes of players: Archetype, Gunslinger class, Challenger class, and Handler Class. It depends upon the level and experience of the player in this game to achieve them.

Weapons in Remnant 2

Weapons in Remnant 2 are divided into three different types, which are Long Guns (Rifles), Handguns (small guns), and melee weapons (close-range Weapons like daggers). Every category in Remnant 2 has multiple Weapons in it, which a player and enemies use for attacking and defending. They are so unique and well-designed that they can be split into the top 10 according to their beauty. Here, we will discuss all the Rifles in Remnant 2, which are just as unique as other Weapons and are better than Melee Weapons.

Long Guns and Rifles


Alpha-Omega is a Beautiful black-coloured sniper rifle that highly damages opponents. This long gun has high precision and can give more damage in mid-range usage.

It can be made in McCabe, and the materials you will need to craft this masterpiece will only be obtained if you defeat Annihilation at Root Earth.


This Beautiful long gun has an Ideal range of 20m with a falloff range of up to 65m. With its highly charged Wide-arching line, this gun can give superb mid-range damage to the foes. It is already equipped with Supernova and can be upgraded 20 times.

AS-10 Bulldog

AS-10 Bulldog has an ideal Range of 10m, and the Falloff range goes up to 32m. In the Close Quarters Combats, this song is so helpful. It has excellent delivery for short-range encounters. It is a deadly weapon with a Fully automatic system. This fat fish Long gun can be Purchased from Barbus at Ward 13.

Blackmaw AR-47

Blackmaw AR-47 is a retro-style rifle with an Ideal range of 20m and a Falloff range of up to 60m. With its ability to highly controlled shots and accuracy for mid-range combat, this became one of the competitive weapons against other weapons. It is available for handler classes and can be purchased from Barbus at Ward 13.

Chicago Typewriter

Chicago Typewriter looks like an army rifle with bandages on. This long gun has an ideal range of 17m and a Falloff of 55m.

remnant 2 sniper rfiles
Chicago Typewriter (Source – Primagames)

It has a Maximum ammo of 320, which is alright. Chicago Typewriter is a quality weapon with a large capacity for bullets and has a quick response rate with maximum damage to the villains.

Coach Gun

Correctional officers use this double-barrel gun to warn the prisoners to stay inside in an emergency, but it can also take down roots. Its Ideal Range to attack is 15m, whereas the fallout range is 33m. It is best for short-range combat and its modified weapon.

It has bullets that, when encountered, Root, spread, and can blast the body to death. This long gun for CQC ability can provide high damage in short ranges. You can equip this for the invader Archetype Class.

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon is a long gun, and the question arises about its look. Does it look like a Long gun? No, To me, it is not. It seems more like an elegant bow without an arrow. But it is just as powerful as other weapons in the game.

With an ideal range of 25m and a Falloff range of up to 65m, this long gun can shoot dead anyone in mid-range combats. It has moonlight debuff and mighty arrows to take down enemies with a single shot. Crescent Moon is equipped with the weaponry mod of Moonlight Barrage.


The crossbow looks like a modern mechanical arrow’s bow. It is a deadly single-shot rifle that the players need in mid-range encounters. For longer-distance combat, it can also be expected to excel in that. It is a must-have rifle with both mid and long-range combat advantages. It has no builtin Weapon mods, and you can have it for Summner Archetype after you complete the puzzle in Imperial Gardens (Yaesha)


Deceit is a long gun that looks like a sword of Knights. This Elegant long gun has excellent precision and accuracy. It doesn’t have much capacity for ammo per magazine, but the unbelievable damage it provides makes it one of the best long guns in Remnant 2.

You can get this masterpiece long gun if you defeat the Faelin in Losomn because this gun never disappoints.

Ford’s Scattergun

Ford’s Scattergun is an incredible shotgun with an ideal range of 10m and a Falloff range of 35m. It has a maximum ammo of 28. The bullets of this shotgun are widely spread to not miss any foe in the way. This is among the favourite shotguns of Remnant 2. In Close combats, it has no match because it always remembers its targets.

Huntmaster M1

Huntmaster M1 is made with modifications to old long guns used for hunting. With the best of parts from hunting guns, it becomes the master of enemy hunters. It has an ideal range of 27m, and the Falloff range goes up to 75m.

Looks don’t matter when the work is done perfectly. This song is a killer of long-distance combats. High accuracy and superior precision make this gun One of a kind. Don’t let the enemy get closer to you when you can hunt him down from afar.


What is it, a long gun or a complicated wand with fire? This magical-looking long gun has an ideal range of 20m and a Falloff range of about 45m. These ranges make this gun the perfect type for medium to long-range combats. It has an additional critical damage ability with a blast, making the enemies regret fighting with you.


Night Walker is a decent long gun used for fights of more extended time. It has a weaponry mod of Dread Walker equipped in it. It is used for short to mid-range combats. It was once considered the father of all long guns.

Plasma Cutter

This gun is a fan favourite for many reasons. It is made for close engagements in combat. It has a precision in cutting and has damage of 7 with the maximum ammo up to 400. It has a Heat Sink as a mod equipped in it.

Pulse Rifle

A Pulse Rifle is a player’s companion more than a rifle. It is not an ordinary rifle but a long gun that can shoot three rounds of bursts in a go. It has excellent precision power and exalted performance against foes. It doesn’t contain any built-in mutators and mayn’t need one.

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Repulsor is one of the rated guns in Remnant 2; it has a beautiful finish and precision. Unlike other Long guns, it is magical and can send any foe into another world or dimension. Enemies fear this Bazuka, and they should.

remnant 2 sniper rifles
Repulsor (Source – Youtube)

It has damage of 100, and you can get this gun in the Brabus Shop after a clear of Nightmare. It has a weaponry mod of Banish equipped in its body.

Royal Hunting Bow

Royal Hunting Bow is a mid-range weapon. It provides damage with no sound and is fatal when used. It provides deadly damage to foes. Players need to accomplish a Postulant Event to get this gun.

Rusty Lever Action

It is a long gun which is old in its looks. But works better than the new one with 55 Damage. The ideal range of this gun is 30m, and 80m is its falloff Range. Its maximum ammo is 60, which makes it best for long-distance fights and kill rate.


It came from medieval times. With its sleek beauty, it is also a highly capable long gun. It gives fatality to the one it encounters. This mid-range weapon is a mother to all the guns when it comes to it’s damage potential. It can be bought by Yaesha (Cathedral of Omen).


In the long-range combats, Savior is a Savior to the players against Roots. It has a lethal firing effect, and the impact on its enemies is deadly. It has a Falloff range of about 75m.

If you clean Hardcore Veteran, you can have this in your weapons from Brabus Shop.


This Long gun has the Stagger bonus, and it is as vicious as it looks with single-shot abilities. It can also shoot rotten spores that blast with fatal gas that damages the foes.


Why use anything artificial when you can use a high-velocity long gun from aliens? It has a weaponry mode of Gravity Core. It is used in long-range battles and can take down Root.

Twisted Arbalest

Twisted Arbalest is a long gun weapon in Remnant 2 with 80 Damage and a falloff range of 70m. The energy-bouncing discs proved to be a lethal attack in Remnant 2.


What a name! This angry rifle always gets mad at enemies with a falloff range of 85m and an ideal range of 35m. In long-distance fights, it has proper accuracy and significant damage.

Wrangler 1860

It is a long gun with 55 damage, an Ideal range of 25m, and a falloff range of about 70m. It can also be effective for very long distances and mid to short-range. It is a lever-action hunting long gun.

XMG57 Bonesaw

It is an infantry support rifle with long-term firing ability. It can be helpful in many ranges with accurately sustainable firing; it has that gut to take the Root down.

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