How to Upgrade Armor in Remnant 2

Armor in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, investigate various defensive equipment and armor upgrades. Although an armor upgrade is not an option, you can find armor to suit your playstyle. Adapt and succeed in this challenging sequel.

Are you seeking armor upgrades in Remnant 2? So you’ve come to the right place! Enter the world of Remnant 2, where you may discover if armor can be upgraded or not and explore a range of various armor sets, each providing a different amount of protection.

Remnant 2 is the widely anticipated sequel to the best-selling Remnant: From the Ashes. In the terrifying environments of this sequel, you’ll confront more hazardous beasts and bosses with godlike abilities. Whether you play alone or in co-op mode with two friends, your mission is to journey into the unknown depths and stop evil from destroying reality.

Armors—The Medium of Protection

Armor, in the ever-changing world of Remnant 2, acts as a reflection of your combat style and mobility, as well as providing protection. These faithful companions can be found in unexpected locations, purchased from daring traders, or skilfully crafted.

While the conventional trio of Head, Body, and Leg Armor remains, Remnant 2 welcomes a new player to the stage: Gloves, which enhance those critical arms.

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The exciting aspect is realizing that it’s not only about what you dress but also about how you move. The weight of the armor you’ve chosen affects your agility. Going heavy will turn you into a tank, but it will cost you 75% more stamina and result in you flopping rather than dodging. Heavy Armor provides enough protection, but it increases your stamina cost by 50%, making dodges slower.

If keeping your balance is important to you, medium armor provides standard dodges at a 25% stamina cost premium. Light armor, which permits fast dodges without draining stamina, is the best choice for the most nimble warriors.

Can Armors be Upgraded in Remnant 2?

Is there a plethora of possibilities to upgrade your armor in Remnant 2? Unfortunately, the answer is emphatically unfavorable, that is, “NO’ particularly when it comes to fine-tuning specific equipment components.

While boosting the power of your weapons is a straightforward procedure, there are no comparable means to improve the defensive qualities of your armor. As a result, once you purchase new armor in the game, the stats associated with it are set in stone.

But don’t fear, daring adventurer, and not everything is gone. Finding better alternatives rather than clinging to your initial armor is the key to success. In Remnant 2, there are various distinct armor sets, each with unique benefits that will boost your ability to live.

For those who are less daring, keep Ward 13’s trusted armor merchant in mind, where a fantastic range of top-notch gear is accessible for your consideration.

As a result, even if some armor upgrades are tough to obtain, you may still expand your weapons while your armor remains unaffected. Hold on! You can find better armor if you know where to find them.

How to Upgrade Your Gear - Remnant II Guide - IGN
Armor in Remnant 2 (Source – IGN)

Location of Armors and their stats

Individually upgrading armor is still not an option in Remnant 2. Weapons can be modified to deliver more damage, while armor components’ defensive values remain constant. As a consequence, regardless of the armor you receive, its protective qualities will remain constant.

Your character, however, is not doomed as a result of this restriction. Instead, as the game develops, it encourages you to seek out better solutions. The universe of Remnant 2 is populated with a wide variety of armor sets, each of which provides unique benefits and defenses.

As you begin out on your quest, you can explore different places to obtain these various armor sets. Some are hidden in secret locations or given through in-game activities, while others may only be found by purchasing special editions of the game.

The Following are Some Examples of Light Armor Sets and their Stats

Light Armor Sets

  • Dendroid Set (Light Armor): Acquired using a Root Earth link, this set has a 47 Armor Rating and a weight of 25.
  • Elder Set (Light Armor): This set, with a 44 Armor Rating and 24 Weight, is available through Remnant 2’s Deluxe or Ultimate editions.
  • The Realm-walker Set (Light Armor) is your first piece of equipment as an Explorer, with a 40 Armor Rating and a weight of 21.
  • The Space Worker Set (Light Armor), which can be obtained via locating a hidden door in the Void Vessel Facility, has a 44 Armor Rating and a weight of 23.

Medium Armor Sets

  • Academic’s Set (Medium Armor), which grants 72 Armor Rating and 42 Weight, was taken from a corpse during the Monster in the Drain event.
  • The Red Widow Set (Medium Armor), having an 88 Armor Rating and 48 Weight, can be found in Yaesha’s The Lament neighborhood.
  • Whispers in Ward 13 is selling the Field Medic Set (Medium Armor), which has a 68 Armor Rating and 35 Weight.
  • The Gunslinger class’s High Noon Set (Medium Armor), which has a 72 Armor Rating and 39 Weight, is its foundational equipment.
  • Also offered by Whispers in Ward 13, the Nightstalker Set (Medium Armor) has a 69 Armor Rating and a 36 Weight.
  • Players are given the Survivor Set (Medium Armor) at the start of Remnant 2, which has a 60 Armor Rating and 33 Weight.

Heavy Armor Sets

  • Another choice from Whispers in Ward 13 is the Bruiser Set (Heavy Armor), which has a 110 Armor Rating and 60 Weight.
  • Exclusive to Remnant 2’s Deluxe or Ultimate editions, the Void Set (Heavy Armor) has a 104 Armor Rating and 57 Weight.
  • Fae Royal Set (Heavy Armor): This item, which has a 107 Armor Rating and a 55 Weight, can be found in Losomn, in the Postulant’s Parlour region.
  • Knotted Set (Heavy Armor): This item can be crafted at the Bloodmoon Altar and has a weight of 56 and a 100 Armor Rating.
  • Exclusive to Remnant 2’s Deluxe or Ultimate editions, the Radiant Set (Heavy Armor) has a 113 Armor Rating and 61 Weight.
  • Looted from a corpse in the Aeon Vault region, this Technician Set (Heavy Armor) has a 106 Armor Rating and 58 Weight.


Although particular armor upgrades may not be accessible in Remnant 2’s hostile environment, don’t lose hope. This sequel provides a range of diverse armor sets, each with unique properties to help you survive. Remnant 2 has the right gear for you, whether you want resilience or agility. You may certainly change your weaponry, but not your armor. In this tough environment, explore, adapt, and thrive.

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