Exploring the Secrets of Labyrinth in Remnant 2 (All Items & Locations)

Exploring the Secrets of Labyrinth in Remnant 2
Labyrinth in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is a newly released RPG in the gaming world. It was developed by Gunfire GamesStudio. Remnant 2 is a shooting video game, so it requires a lot of weapons.

Just like the Original version of Remnant 2, which is Remnant from the Ashes, the weapons are divided into types here they are handguns, Long guns, and melee weapons. The weapons are usually divided on the basis of the range in which they work ideally.

There are many types of characters for players that are given as an option to earn and start the game with.

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Labyrinth and its Secrets

Labyrinth is a realm where we encounter a lot of mysteries and Puzzles. It is a nexus point of the world. Once you are done with the worlds but not Earthly and defeat the boss, you will be given the special item called Index Segment. Having an Index Segment means your next location to explore is Labyrinth.

There is a boss in the Labyrinth as well, which is called Labyrinth Sentinel. The boss is a mystery in itself. It looks like a cube with enormous powers and three energy balls. That’s not it. When you are done defeating the boss in Labyrinth, you will still have a lot to explore and secrets to unlock.

Energized Neck Coil

The Energized Neck Coil is a neckpiece made from the parts of Labyrinth. This amulet helps boost the basic damage by 25% and increases Elemental attacks of the weapons the player holds.

Labyrinth View 1
Secrets of Labyrinth in Remnant 2

Shard Banged Ring

Shared Banged Ring is a special item that can enhance the abilities of weaponry mods of weapons you equip them with. This ring can enhance your active mod abilities and damage by 12%.


To find this ring, you must visit the Fractured Ingress checkpoint, where you have to take the upstairs to the left side and turn left again to see two statuses. When you reach the second statue, you will see the ring if you look down around the base of the statue.

Labyrinth Staff

Labyrinth Staff is a powerful melee weapon that inflicts great damage at close-range encounters against the foes. It has a slot for weaponry mod, and with the perfect weapon mod, the Labyrinth staff becomes even more dangerous in taking down the enemies.

There are charged attacks in this weapon, which causes a high AoE Damage. This damage also affects the nearby enemies.

Vengeful Strike

Vengeful Strike is one of the mutators for melee weapons in Remnant 2. This melee mutator can be equipped with any melee gun with a specific slot for the mutator. It increases the damage by 20%.

Secrets of Labyrinth in Remnant 2
Labyrinth in Remnant 2 (Source – Pc Invasion)

This is a very useful item for bad situations. After defeating the Bastion, a mini-boss in Remnant 2, you get this mutator.

Cipher Rod

The Cipher Rod is a rare item found in the Labyrinth. This is a very useful item, and it helps in crafting many other useful things like the Enigma gun. The Cipher Rod is a rare palm-size item, but it has a great capacity for precision and accuracy to provide.

The subatomic information and interpretation of this energy into a gun make the gun one of the best guns in the game. It is used in McCabe to make the Enigma gun.

Reprocessed Heart

Reprocessed Heart is a unique Artifact that can effectively and efficiently change the player’s health into the power of Weponery mod. This is a relic that takes up to +5 health and converts it into 40 mod power for the weapons you are equipped with.

This Relic helps you to actively fight against enemies and bosses.

Encrypted Ring

The encrypted ring is a rare craft that is found in the Labyrinth. It can be beneficial for the skill tree. Not only does it contribute to enhancing the stats, but it also increases your health by 10%. This ring is also to be found in the Fractured Ingress checkpoint.

Labyrinth View 2
Labyrinth View 2

If you visit a hall and kill the enemies, you can take the stairs to the left. After taking a left again, you will find this ring on the shelf. You just have to grab it and use it for its benefits.

Leto’s Stash

Leto Stash is an event in the Labyrinth which can provide you with the powerful long gun called Chicago Typewriter in Remnant 2. Chicago Typewriter is a rifle with 10 Damage,11 Rounds per second,  and 80 magazines.

This gun, although it has no mutator or weaponry mods in it, can be upgraded and used to tackle all the enemies and bosses.

Labyrinth View 3
Labyrinth View 3


The Labyrinth is filled with mysteries and Secret items. To collect those secret items, the player has to be vigilant in his exploration and see each and every corner. The player can use different skills to unhide the hidden secrets as well.

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