How to Get the Best Boss Weapons in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is a straightforward RPG with a player who has to fight many enemies and die a lot of time doing that. It was made by the team of Gunfire Games and released in July 2023.

Since then, it has been the talk of the town, and many of the shooting game fans are eager to know about many things beforehand to ace the game.

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How to Get the Boss Weapons

Usually, when you fight with the enemies, they drop some items with which you can upgrade your weapons and craft them with the help of other resources as well. To get the best weapons is almost the same, but the struggle is a little more.

To get the boss weapons, the player needs to win the one-to-one fight against the bosses, and you will be given a boss weapon as a reward or items to craft the boss weapons.

There are upper-class merchants like Rigs and Rags with the best of your boss rewards, Lumenite Crystals, and a lot of Scrap to craft the boss weapon or to upgrade the ready-made weapon.

How to Get the Boss Weapons in Remnant 2
How to Get the Boss Weapons in Remnant 2 (Source – IGN)

Best Boss Weapons

Spectral Blade

Spectral Blade is a sword-like melee Weapon that can only be crafted when you have an item called Eidolon Shard. Eidolon Shard is a rare item that the player gets after killing Sha’hala, who is the Spectral Guardian of N’Erud.

The sword, unlike other melee weapons, is swifty and light. It has great accuracy and fine precision. Spectral Blade can be upgraded as well into its better version for tougher battles ahead.


It is a handgun in Remnant 2, and it can not be crafted without a special item, which is Spiced Bile. You can get this item after defeating the Tal Ratha boss in Forgotten Prison.

Boss weapon inventory

It has acid gas streams instead of bullets that give high damage to the enemies.

Feral Judgement

Feral Judgement is a strong melee weapon that can only be crafted with the help of Ravager’s Maw, which is a rare item to get as a gift after you Attack the Corrupted Ravager and kill the doe.

Feral judgment is a speedy melee weapon that is difficult to handle. There are mods to activate for the best use of the weapon.

Twisted Arbalest

Twisted Arbalest is a powerful long gun and can be crafted with the help of a special item called Twisted Lazurite. If you succeed in killing the Corruptor of Yaesha, you will get this item as a reward.

This long gun, once crafted, is a strong weapon to have. It has one magazine capacity, but one shot has the ability to hit four enemies.

Cube Gun

The Cube Gun is one of the most powerful handguns in Remnant 2. This gun can be crafted with the help of a rare item called Conflux Prism, which is given as a reward to the player who destroys the boss Labyrinth Sentinel.

The Cube Gun is a close-range weapon that has the ability to heal itself and re-use the ammunition in it.


Deceit is one of the must-have long guns in Remnant 2. Suppose you chose to kill Farlin, who is a boss in Remnant 2, and not Faerin in Losomn. The item dropped after killing Faelin is called Imposter’s Heart, which will help the player craft this masterpiece long gun.

This long gun has the ability to shoot two rails at once and inflicts huge damage on the enemies.


Nightfall is a strong long gun and can only be crafted with the help of Cursed Dream Silks, which is a unique item that the player will get after killing the Nightweaver. This long gun has normal bullets but inflicts serious damage to enemies with great accuracy.

Boss Weapon Claiming


Merciless is one of the fans’ favorite long guns made with Crimson Membrane if you kill the Ravager in Yaesha after the boss eats the doe. This weapon, upon hitting the foe, bursts and causes bleeding. This gun inflicts serious damage with great precision.

Alpha Omega

You can craft this long gun if you kill the Annihilation boss and get the special item called Forgotten Memory. This gunfire projectiles and kills many. This gun is a reliable weapon in Remnant  2.


With the help of the boss weapons, you can ace your game and level up easily. After upgrading these weapons, they become more strong, so we would suggest you upgrade them over time.

For upgrade, the player needs not to fight the boss again, but with simple scrap and other minor items, they will be successfully upgraded.

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