Remnant 2 Tillers Rest Chest Code – How to Find and Reward

Discover the Remnant 2 Tillers Rest Chest Code; a thrilling voyage is waiting. Unlock priceless riches in this mysterious game. Discover the secret to unlocking spectacular prizes.

Are you ready to find Tillers Rest Chest Code in Remnant 2? From the Ashes, go on an adventurous journey into the terrifying regions of Remnant 2, where you will encounter powerful foes and deadly pawns. Whether you journey alone or with a group of pals, your goal is to dive under the surface and vanquish the evil powers that pose a danger to life as we know it.

Remnant 2 has a number of hidden treasures and locked safes. It’s intriguing that some of these safes hold valuable items. In this video game, your mission is to figure out how to unlock them.

Do you want to know the Remnant 2 Tillers Rest Chest Code? Don’t be concerned! You’ve arrived at the right place. Join us as we discover the location of the secret chest and decipher the significance of this enigmatic code. Let’s get started and learn everything there is to know!

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Where to Locate the Tillers Rest Chest

In Remnant 2, the Tillers Rest Chest is hidden under the maze-like Darn Settlement Underground. To discover its secrets, follow these steps:

  • Explore the underground space until you reach a secret room.
  • Through the first stumbling hurdle on your path. Keep going until you find a difficult person in detention.
  • Continue on to the deeper levels of the second sector, keeping an eye out for a hidden crawl space in the right-hand corner.
  • Exercise caution while accessing crawl spaces, which are often tiny tunnels buried beneath floors or within walls for maintenance.
  • The Tiller’s Rest safe may be located inside the crawl area; it may hold valuable goods, papers, or secrets, making it a worthwhile discovery. Have fun exploring!
Remnant 2 Tillers Rest Chest Code
Remnant 2 Tillers Rest Chest Code (Source – Prima Games)

How to Find the Code to Unlock Tillers Rest Chest

In this room embellished with mysterious numerals, players must solve a challenging issue. But there is a beautiful solution. The numbers are modified by just pushing the up directional button to switch on the torch, with the right ones taking on a distinctive yellow light.

The area is strategically ornamented with illuminated numbers that players may use to solve the problem.

Methods for Finding Four Digit Code:

  • The first number may be located adjacent to the safe.
  • Second Number: Climb the ledge behind the safe, then turn right into the alcove. Once the wooden pallet covering the wall is demolished, the second number will be revealed.
  • Third Number: After finding the second number, turn left and proceed to the wall adjacent to it. Remove a second pallet of wood to expose the third.
  • Fourth Number: Aim your light at the top wall across from the safe to illuminate the fourth number with its characteristic yellow glow.


When you have all four digits in your possession, it’s time to open the chest. Once the code is input, the treasure within the Tillers Rest Chest will be revealed as a treasured Rusted Heirloom. When the player’s health drops below 50% of its maximum level, this remarkable ring offers them two stacks of BULWARK, increasing their fortitude in the face of adversity.

Other Chests in Remnant 2

The locations, passcode, and seductive rewards guarded by Remnant 2’s locked Chests are detailed here:

  • The Founder Force’s Chest, chest code: 0415, Ward 13, awards an MP60-R handgun.
  • Morrow Sanatorium’s Doctor’s Chest 2971 is the chest code. Handgun with a double barrel as a prize, Morrow Sanatorium is the location of the chest.
  • The Harvester’s Chest Harvester’s Reach, Chest Code: 8-5-3-1, Rusted Heirloom ring as a reward

In a Nutshell

Finally, Remnant 2’s enigmatic universe offers intriguing puzzles and undiscovered treasures. You can unlock the Tillers Rest Safe Chest by following the instructions and cracking the code. The prize, a Rusted Heirloom, is an invaluable addition to your collection and will fortify your resolve in the face of adversity. Happy exploring!


Where can I locate the Tillers Rest Chest in Remnant 2?

The Tillers Rest Chest is kept hidden in the Darn Settlement Underground. Follow the guidelines to find it.

How do I find the code to the Tillers safe?

The code consists of four digits. Look for illuminated numerals near the safe to figure out the code’s components.

What do you get when you open the Tillers Rest Safe Chest?

The prize is a valuable Rusted Heirloom ring that grants two stacks of BULWARK when your health drops to 50%.

Is it possible to find more locked chests with prizes in Remnant 2?

Yes, there are other locked chests with a variety of goodies, such as guns and commodities, at different locations.

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