How to Unlock the Second Archetype in Remnant 2

Archetype in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is one of the favorite Shooting games with dark and fancy environments to explore and fight the dangerous Roots and Foes. There are many classes in this game for players called Archetypes.

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Unlocking the Second Archetype

When the player starts playing this game, he has a choice to choose his class or be given a class for free at the start to initiate his journey. The second class or second archetype is only achieved when the player fulfills the set of necessities in the game.

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, you can not only have the second archetype in the game but dual, as you can already switch the abilities and also combine the ability of both. Let us discuss all the requirements to unlock our secondary archetype.

Trait Points to Unlock Secondary Archetype

As we explained, you will have to choose from which archetype you want to begin your journey once you are done. After some time in the game, the player is given the option for a secondary Archetype option as well for improvement in the combat and defensive abilities and to prepare the player to fight bigger and stronger foes.

You can get the option to have a second Archetype by completing different quests and missions, winning trait points, and collecting Tomes of Knowledge. When you are finally able to collect 10 to 12 Trait Points, you will be able to achieve the second archetype for your journey in the Worlds and realms of Roots.

Special Items Required with Trait Points

Once you get the 10 to 11 trait points, all you have to do is visit the place named Wallace to buy the second archetype from the vendor, but just in 11 trait points, the vendor will not give you a second Archetype for that you have to trade a special item as well.

The vendor will provide you with not only the second archetype but also an upgraded version of that special item you exchanged called Engram.

How to Unlock the Second Archetype in Remnant 2
How to Unlock the Second Archetype in Remnant 2 (Source – PCGamesN)

How to Get the Special Item

The special item that we needed with the 10 to 100 trait points can be any special item. If you are wondering where we can get that special item, then we would say it is not that difficult. The special item can be purchased from vendors in Ward 13 and also from Non-playable Characters in the journey.

For example, if we need to have a secondary Archetype of Handler class, then the special item to collect for this can be Mudtooth. The type of Special item you give to the vendor for exchange will decide what kind of archetype the player will be getting. The more special and difficult to get the special item is, the stronger the archetype will be given to the player.

Some of the Special Items for Different Secondary Archetypes:

  • For the Alchemist Archetype, you will have to find the Mysterious Stone from Manticora’s Lair at Losomn.
  • For the Archon Archetype, you will have to get Strange Box from TBA in the Labyrinth.
  • For Challenger Archetype, you will have to buy Old Metal Tool from Reggie in Ward 13.
  • For the Engineer Archetype, you will have to find an Alien Device from the Eon Vault at N’Erud.
  • For the Explorer Archetype, you need to find the Broken Compass in Blackened Citadel at Root Earth.
  • For the Gunslinger Archetype, you will have to get a Worn Cylinder by listening to the stories of Mudtooth Ward 13

Changing Your Secondary Archetype to a New One

If you are not happy with your second archetype and want to change it into another one that you wish you had, then you have to follow these steps. You need to take your Engram and visit the Wallace again. With that Engram, you will now have to give ten Crystals of Lumenite and one thousand Scrap to get a new Second Archetype.

This is not as easy as it seems to be because the points you have achieved with the previously given second archetype will be removed entirely. You will now have to start from level one difficulty level for your new archetype even if you were previously on level 14 or anywhere.


If you take time to understand the game first and focus on collecting items and credits in the quests you are provided with, then choosing a second archetype is more likely for you is a choice. You can also check our list of certain items for certain archetypes to get your favorite upgraded archetype.

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