How To Get and Where to Find Rune Pistol in Remnant 2

One prominent weapon in Remnant 2 is the Secret Rune Pistol. This weapon is highly sought-after because of how special it is in both its appearance and its use. In this guide, we’ll go through how to get the Secret Rune Pistol Remnant 2, from finding the rare Decrepit Rune to making the weapon and analyzing its specifications.

Where To Find Rune Pistol In Remnant 2

Rune Pistol Remnant 2
Rune Pistol in Remnant 2 (Source – TheGamer)

Players in Remnant 2 have access to a wide variety of weaponry, each suited to a certain playstyle. It takes a number of difficult but worthwhile procedures to get the Secret Rune Pistol Remnant 2, which is no minor achievement.

1. The Secret Decrepit Rune

Rune Pistol Remnant 2
Collecting The Secret Decrepit Rune

The Decrepit Rune is a necessary ingredient for creating the Secret Rune Pistol. The game’s open world does not include this rune, therefore getting it requires the player to do particular activities. Gathering Ravenous Medallions is the first step to getting the Decrepit Rune. You may find these medallions in the Great Hall and use them to trade for the Decrepit Rune.

2. How To Reach The Great Hall

Rune Pistol Remnant 2
Discovering The Great Hall

You must enter Adventure mode in the Losomn region with your selected difficulty level in order to start your search for the Secret Rune Pistol Remnant 2. You need to get to the Great Hall to locate the Ravenous Medallions.

  1. In Adventure mode, choose Morrow Parish as your starting location. You will have to start your trip again if you land anywhere else.
  2. You must find Cotton’s Kiln prison in Morrow Parish. You may enter the Great Hall using this magical entrance.
  3. There are two magical doors on the wall within Morrow Parish. The Great Hall is accessible via one of these doors, while the other entrance progresses the plot. You must be cautious to choose the right one since the Great Hall entrance does not contain an exclamation point.
  4. You will have to redo the whole region if you chose the incorrect door by mistake in order to continue looking for the Secret Rune Pistol.

3. Discovering The Ravenous Medallion

Rune Pistol Remnant 2
Discovering The Ravenous Medallion

You can go through the Great Hall after you’ve done that to get to the kitchen. The kitchen is upstairs and across a little hallway. You may discover the Ravenous Medallion by turning left once you enter the kitchen.

4. Getting into the Tormented Asylum

Your quest for the Decrepit Rune is one step closer now that you own the Ravenous Medallion. You may find the Soulkey Tribute while you explore the Shattered Gallery in order to advance and open the Tormented Asylum.

  1. You will ultimately reach the Shattered Gallery as you go through the game. The Soulkey Tribute, required to open the Tormented Asylum, is located here.
  2. You may go on to the next stage of your quest to acquire the Secret Rune Pistol after you have the Soulkey Tribute.

5. Opening the Tormented Asylum Portal

Rune Pistol Remnant 2
Opening the Tormented Asylum Portal

Head to the Morrow Parish basement to find the Tormented Asylum. You need to find a web on the wall with a blue lighting core in the middle. The doorway to the Tormented Asylum will open when you interact with this web.

  1. Navigate to a chamber in the Tormented Asylum where a web of threads is dangling from the wall. You will now hand over the Ravenous Medallion you already purchased.
  2. You will get the coveted Decrepit Rune in return for the Ravenous Medallion, moving you one step closer to creating the Secret Rune Pistol Remnant 2.

How To Craft The Secret Rune Pistol

Rune Pistol Remnant 2
Crafting The Secret Rune Pistol

It’s time to make the Secret Rune Pistol now that you have the Decrepit Rune and have completed all the conditions. The Nimue Retreat is the location for this last action.

  1. Start by going to Nimue Retreat’s quick travel point. When you get there, go down the steps toward the rear of the space.
  2. Search for Nimue, a pivotal figure in this section of the game. Engage her in conversation to open the menu for creating.
  3. Pick the Rune Pistol from the menu. The Decrepit Rune is the sole component this weapon needs. She will build the Secret Rune Pistol for you if you give her the Decrepit Rune.

Rune Pistol Overview And Stats

Rune Pistol Remnant 2
Rune Pistol Overview And Stats

A special and accurate semi-automatic weapon made for the rapid discharge of tiny rounds, the Secret Rune Pistol Remnant 2. It specializes in close-quarters combat and has a unique weapon mod called “Soul Brand.”

  • Soul Brand Effect: The Soul Brand effect is active for 25 seconds and affects all enemies within a 25-meter radius. When you destroy an opponent while it is under this condition, it leaves behind an Echo that lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Echo Health Regeneration: These Echoes lure any survivor who approaches them within three meters, giving them 20% of their maximum health at the point of touch.

Here is a list of the Rune Pistol Remnant 2 Stats:

  • Damage: 15
  • RPS (Rounds Per Second):6
  • Magazine: 42
  • Accuracy: 95%
  • Critical Hit Chance: 10%
  • Weak Spot Damage: 100%
  • Stagger Modifier: 0%
  • Ideal Range: 18m
  • Falloff Range: 53m
  • Max Ammo: 168


In Remnant 2, obtaining the Secret Rune Pistol is a difficult but worthwhile procedure. The adventure is filled with excitement, from finding the coveted Decrepit Rune to building the gun and discovering its special abilities. To get this potent weapon, it’s essential to pay close attention to the details and properly follow the instructions.

To find secret best weaponry and improve your gameplay in Remnant 2’s universe, careful investigation and tenacity are essential. As you explore this fascinating and dynamic gaming environment, there are a variety of hidden gems like Dreamcatcher Weapon in Remnant 2 which is only one of them. So, go out on your mission, collect your supplies, and use the Secret Rune Pistol’s fight to overcome the difficulties that lie ahead.

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