How To Get Dreamcatcher Weapon in Remnant 2

Dreamcatcher Weapon in Remnant 2
Remnant 2: Dreamcatcher Weapon

Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Weapon is a powerful melee weapon you can obtain to unleash calamities over enemies and obtain powerful weapons. As you progress through Remnant 2 Worlds, the challenges become tougher including the creepy dungeons and haunting enemies ready to knock you down. To ensure your survival you therefore need to obtain weapons like Dreamcatcher, which will help you unlock the secret archetypes and attack the enemies from the front end.

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How To Obtain Dreamcatcher Weapon in Remnant 2

To obtain the Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Weapon, the first thing you need to do is roll up the adventure mode until you get Morrow Perish. However, once you get the Morrow Perish on the map, you won’t be simply able to get the Dreamcatcher weapon, rather, you have to collect various items and engage in some boss battles until you reach Morrow Sanatorium. Starting with Morrow Perish, here are all the things you need to do to finally get to Remnant 2 DreamCatcher Weapon:

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Find Three Idols In Morrow Perish

Remnant 2: Idols
Dreamcatcher Weapon in Remnant 2

As you enter the Morrow Perish, go downstairs, turn right, and enter the room. In the corner of this room, you will find the first idol. Pick that up, and head towards the courtyard. At the far end of the Courtyard, you will be able to find the second idol.

In the Courtyard, you will also encounter Ripsaw in a Shed. Defeat this boss, to get the Third Floor Key. Get this key, to unlock a door, then go upstairs and there you will find the third idol. Come out of this room on the third floor and look towards your right where you”‘ll see a blown-up window. Jump out of it, to get the Prison Key laying at the corner.

Find out Night Weaver’s Stone Doll

Remnant 2: Night Weaver's Stone Doll
Remnant 2: Night Weaver’s Stone Doll

Once, you have collected all three Idols, it’s time to head back to the basement. In the basement, make your way to the final door on the extreme left. Here, you will hear a woman talking and you need to interact with her. This is perhaps the most crucial step in obtaining a Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher weapon.

Interact with the woman, you need to give her the three dolls first which she hasn’t seen for a long time, and she will ask you to sing her a song, which will then let you enter the safe. Then using the Prison key you need to unlock the door where the head Doctor is located. As you unlock the door you will find Night Weaver’s Stone Doll here.

Nimue’s Retreat

Nimue's Domain
Remnant 2: Nimue’s Domain

Once, you have picked up Night Weaver’s Doll, now you should head back to the third floor where Nimue’s Retreat is located. Reaching there go into the Nimue’s Domain, and inside the Nimue’s Domain all you need to do is keep moving straight until you get to interact with the Nimue. Interacting with Nimue is crucial to progress in your mission of finding the Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher weapon, or otherwise, you won’t be able to do that.

Shattered Gallery

Dragon Boss
Remnant 2: Dragon Boss

After speaking up with Nimue, keep clearing the map until you reach the Shattered Gallery. Here you will encounter a Master Dragon Boss. To further progress through the quest, you first need to defeat this Dragon Boss.

Soul Key Tribute

Soul Key Tribute
Soul Key Tribute

After defeating the Master Dragon Boss, you will finally encounter the Night Weaver who will be feasting over some corpse. After a little fight, Night Weaver will run away, and now you need to make sure that you’ve picked up the Soul Key Tribute from above the dead body. Once, you have picked it up you will be able to head back to Sanatorium.

Tormented Asylum

Tormented Asylum
Remnant 2: Tormented Asylum

Once you reach the basement of Morrow Perish, you need to use the Soul Key Tribute over the Blue Mass. Once, you do that you will get access to Tormented Asylum. Once into the Tormented Asylum, as you go straight and look towards your left you will find another mass. Interact with it and use the Night Weaver’s statue which you have already collected.

Once you use the Night Weaver’s Statue over this mass, it will automatically give you the Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Weapon that we’ve been looking for.

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How To Use Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Weapon

Once, you have the Dreamcatcher weapon, you can use it to collect various valuable items that will help you survive the Remnant 2 hardships and also unlock “Invader” which is a secret archetype. Here is the list of the most significant items you can get using the Dreamcatcher weapon:

Crescent Moonbow

Crescent Moonbow
Remnant 2: Crescent Moonbow

Crescent Moonbow in Remnant 2 is a pretty long bow having 86 damage and can even be charged for more damage making it a great weapon to damage enemies. To obtain Crescent Moonbow, you need to head back to Nimue’s Retreat right after you get a Dreamcatcher Weapon.

Inside the Nimue’s Retreat, take a look at Nimue’s. Use Dreamcatcher over her bracelet in case she’s sleeping, and you will get a consumable item called “Nimue’s Dream“. In case she’s not sleeping all, you need to do is visit her again often and you will find her sleeping.

With Nimue’s Dream, teleport yourself to the other realm and there head straight out from the checkpoint. Running forward you will get Anamy’s Echo which is a blue stone that can be exchanged for Crescent Bow in Ward 13.

Familiar Weapon Mod

Familiar Weapon Mode
Remnant 2: Familiar Weapon Mode

Similar to Nimue’s, you can also find Huntress sleeping in Remnant 2 in Losomn’s Ironborough or in Forsaken Quarter. As you see her sleeping, use Dreamcatcher, and you will get Huntress Dream, which will teleport you to Brilla’s Reverie. Here you can obtain Sacred Hunt Feather as you defeat the Huntress. Familiar Weapon Mod can be then obtained by exchanging Sacred Hunt Feather in Ward 13.

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