Remnant 2 Harvester’s Reach Secrets (Complete Guide)

Remnant 2 Harvester's Reach Secrets
Remnant 2 Harvester's Reach Secrets

Harvester’s Reach in Remnant 2 is an unpleasant location, full of creepy and haunting enemies that you can defeat to collect various rewards. Apart from different types of enemies that you will encounter while exploring dungeons and other Remnant 2 Harvester’s Reach Secrets you will come across certain events too.

Participating and completing these events, also hold promising rewards for you. Here’s a comprehensive guide, that will take you through all the surprises that can come forward your way as you delve into the depths of Harvester’s Reach.

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Remnant 2 Harvester’s Reach Secrets

Harvester's Reach
Remnant 2: Harvester’s Reach Secrets

In Remnant 2, character building that involves holding the right weapon and choosing a correct archetype that suits your playstyle holds prime importance. As you progress through the game, you will encounter haunting enemies that will make your survival difficult. Similar to other difficult areas, Harvester’s Reach in Remnant 2, offers you tough challenges among which haunting enemies stand out.

Remnant 2 Harvester's Reach Secrets: Barghest The Vile
Remnant 2 Harvester’s Reach Secrets: Barghest The Vile

Among these enemies, Green Ooze, MantiCora, Orange Ooze, and Barghest The Vile are the toughest ones to defeat. All of these enemies are highly mobile, therefore choosing an Archetype that is excellent in Mobility is important. Other than that Green Ooze also tends to move in the group, and Orange Ooze throws fire flames making the situation even worse. However, as you defeat these enemies, they drop incredible loot, making the effort worth it.

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Items Found In Remnant 2 Harvester’s Reach

With all the challenges you face as you explore Remnant 2 Harvester’s Reach Secrets, something that makes this location special is incredible loot that you can find either by defeating enemies or completing certain events. Here are all the items you can obtain in Remnant 2 Harvester’s Reach:


Remnant 2: Lithely

Lithely Mutator in Remnant 2, has the potential to increase your weapon’s reload speed by 4% each time you kill an enemy between reloads. This increase in reload speed lasts for almost 7 seconds and can be stacked 5 times.

Thus, Lithely Mutator can help you achieve a fiery playthrough with which you can fight with a group of enemies easily. Inside Harvester’s Reach, you will get Lithely as you defeat Barghest the Vile.

Ring of Grace

Ring of Grace
Remnant 2: Ring of Grace

Fortunately, to get your hand on this Ring you don’t need to defeat any enemy as you can find this by completing “Sobbing Man Riewen’s Quest”. Once you have this, your health will be increased by 10% each time you are attacked by some enemy thus helping you with your HP bar.

Dria’s Anklet

Dria's Anklet
Remnant 2: Dria’s Anklet

Dria’s Anklet can also be found while exploring the Harvester’s Reach. This Anklet gives players an in-depth overview of Harvester’s Reach history and Forsaken Sewer’s secrets.

Ring of the Robust

Ring of the Robust
Ring of the Robust

Similar to Ring of Grace, Ring of the Robust also regenerates 10% of your health each time you are attacked by some enemy and also gives a 15% increase to your armor effectiveness. Ring of the Robust is a random drop, that you will get defeating some enemy inside Remnant 2 Harvester’s Reach.

Lumenite Crystals

Lumenite and Corrupted Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2, can be used to upgrade your weapons and equipment as adding them to your gear set provides your weapon with additional abilities. These Crystals are dropped by different enemies inside the Harvester’s Reach.

Arcane Trait

Arcane Strike
Remnant 2: Arcane Strike

Arcane Trait is the only one Trait you can find inside Harvester’s Reach by defeating Barghest The Vile. With this Trait added to your archetype, the Mod Power generation will increase as you perform melee hits. Each trait point you spend boosts the Mod Power by 1.25%.

Remnant 2 Harvester’s Reach Events

Apart from all the aforementioned items aforementioned, here are a few items that you can obtain as you complete certain events within Remnant 2 Harvester’s Reach:

Locked Safe Event

Rusted Heirloom
Remnant 2: Rusted Heirloom

As you are exploring Remnant 2 Harvester’s Reach Secrets, you will sometimes come across a locked safe. This is the Remnant 2 Locked Safe event, you need to complete a four-digit numeric code and as you make the code, the safe will unlock and inside it, you will find Rusted Heirloom.

The digits you need to complete the code can be found on the walls around the safe. Turn on the flashlight and look for these numbers. Once you have 1,3,5,8 try different patterns, the code is the one pattern.

Clogged Pipe Event

Remnant 2: Meridian

To get Meridian, you need to complete the “Clogged Pipe” event inside the Harvester’s Reach. In this event, you will see, a series of platforms right behind the breakable shelf. On that wall that is inaccessible for now, there are electric slimes. As you kill the slimes, they will block a pipe. The next thing is to kill this slime blocking the pipe.

As you kill the slime, the water will start flowing in the room where you will now you two planks of wood floating over it. In almost 90 minutes, the water will fill the room, and then you need to step over the planks to reach the Meridian.

Torture Room Event

Severed Hand
Remnant 2: Severed Hand

To get your hands on The Severed Hand, you need to complete the “Torture Room” event. In this event, you will see a huge metal grate over the wall. On the metal grate, there are holes. Once you get through this, you will come across a series of tortured rooms where you will see enemies crying as they are hanged from the ceiling. Start hitting these enemies randomly and one of them will drop The Severed Hand.

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