How to Get Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2 (Uses & Unlock)

Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2

Dreamcatcher is a melee weapon that can be used to get various items in Remnant 2. Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher uses include unlocking a secret archetype as well when you explore beautiful places. This article will guide us to all the uses and the exact location where you can find the Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Uses.

Although the Dreamcatcher is best at giving maximum damage, it also serves another purpose which is quite vital. Read the article to get all the information about its precise location and uses. Do remember that you can get your hands on 3 newly crafted items like crafting weapon mods by using the Dreamcatcher at various locations.

Dreamcatcher Location

Players need to travel to the Asylum using a map which is located in Tormented Asylum. Another way is by playing in Adventure Mode but here you are required to fight a major boss in the Losomn biome during campaign mode in order to be able to reroll in Adventure Mode.

You must travel through the Overworld in Morrow Parrish unless you reach the entrance point. This entrance point can be denoted by an exclamation point lingering right over it. This will confirm that you are at the right location. Use the map and as long as the exclamation point is being shown in the map, it means that you are going in the right direction.

Obtaining The Nightweaver Stone Doll

Here, you will have to fight with a boss that won’t give you a tough time. You can easily defeat him with some of the basic weapons and skills. Players must get their hands on a Nightweaver stone doll which serves a great purpose.

When you obtain the Nightweaver stone doll, you must continue to follow the exclamation mark to reach your location. Here, the marker will lead you to the top floor of an Asylum where you will come across a Shattered Gallery. Exploring the room, you will find a quest item known as Soulkey Tribute. The Tormented Asylum can then be accessed by inserting this item into the web in the Asylum’s basement.

Inside the Tormented Asylum, you will come across several cells. One of the cells has a sizable web inside of it. The Dreamcatcher will be given to players who opt to insert the Nightweaver Stone Doll in one of the cells. Right when the player interacts with that web, it brings up the Quest Item menu and hands over the Dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2 Uses

As you know Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher uses are not only restricted to battle damages but they can be used to find other items as well. It can be used by an NPC which will provide some consumables so you can have some unique items. Players need to assign those consumables to a certain QuickSlot which are mentioned below.

Nimue (Crescent Moon Bow)

Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2
Crescent Moon Bow

Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Uses requires you can get the Nimune consumable by visiting Nimue’s Retreat on Losomn and when she is sleeping, hit her with the Dreamcatcher. This will give you Nimune’s Dream. If you want Nimune to sleep, you must leave the Retreat and come back again. This way you can hit her any time you want while she is sleeping. You can use two items to craft the Crescent Moon Bow by using:

  • Anamy’s Echo
  • McCabe which is found in Ward 13

Pod on Harbor Map (Invader Archetype)

Players must use the Root Earth’s Corrupted Harbor map and when they reach the midpoint of the map, they will spot an engine room. Travel straight from the engine room which will lead you to an arena where you are required to battle. You can identify this room by its large space and a glowing pod that can be seen on the ground.

Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Uses
Invader Archetype

The battle you will fight is not so hard and you can easily defeat the opponent by using the standard weapons. Once you are over with your battle, you will spot a glowing pod on the ground. You can achieve the Walker’s Dream consumable by striking the glowing pod with Dreamcatcher. Apart from that, you will also get Escalation Protocol Amulet as an additional item for striking the pod. Players must do the following to get their hands on secret archetypes like the Invader Archetype:

  • They must fight a battle with a boss named
  • Defeating the boss will get you a reward such as Wooden Shiv.
  • You should hand over the Wooden Shiv to Wallace who is located in Ward 13 to obtain the Invader Archetype.

The Huntress (Familiar Weapon Mod)

Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher uses come in handy when you want to get a familiar weapon mod. For this, you must locate the Huntress who can be found in an area like Losomn’s Ironborough and Forsaken Quarter.

Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Uses
Familiar Weapon Mod

The three places in Losomn where the Huntress can spawn at random are Brocwithe Quarter, Forsaken Quarter, and Ironborough. You must go to the Huntress when it is sleeping and like Nimune, you must strike it with Dreamcatcher when it is sleeping. This will grant you the Huntress’s Dream consumable. You must do the following to get the familiar weapon mod:

  • Use the Hunter’s Dream consumable to get transported to Briella’s Reverie.
  • Here, you have to fight a battle with the Huntress
  • When you defeat her, you will obtain Sacred Hunt Feather as a reward
  • You can use this reward to craft some of the Familiar weapon mod whenever you want in Ward 13.


You can use the Dreamcatcher to get some damage to the opponents by using the best weapons. Apart from that, you can now use it to craft new items which can be beneficial to you. There are a total of 3 secret items that can be crafted by the Dreamcatcher which include a Crescent Moon Bow, an Invader Archetype, and a Familiar Weapon Mod. Although, achieving all three items might require some time having these on the side is always an advantage.

The Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher uses are quite beneficial and can grant you new items. You can use it to even fight with enemies for greater damage and for crafting new items as well. The new update has led players to get their hands on the bow, archetype, and weapon mod.

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