Unraveling Beatific Palace Remnant 2: A Complete Walkthrough

Beatific Palace Remnant 2
Remnant 2 Beatific Palace Walkthrough

In Remnant 2, Beatific Palace stands adorned in gilded opulence in the heart of Losomn. However, beneath its opulent exterior lies a perilous domain teeming with formidable foes and mysterious secrets.

This guide will help you navigate the intricacies of Beatific Palace Remnant 2, ensuring you conquer its challenges with finesse and get the most out of loot.

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Remnant 2 Beatific Palace Walkthrough

The Remnant 2 Beatific Palace is full of secrets, puzzles, and items that you’ll want to explore and discover. Simply follow these steps to make the most of your visit to the Beatific Palace.

1. Attain the Faelin Mural Piece

Remnant 2 Beatific Palace Faelin Mural Piece
Remnant 2 Faelin Mural Piece

First off, head to the Beatific Palace and proceed to the initial checkpoint. Next up, progress beyond the checkpoint at the base of the stairs. Simply follow the stairs to the leftward path and continue until you encounter an elevator.

Now, take the elevator, eliminate any enemies in your path, and proceed to reach the first checkpoint. A spiral staircase will be on your left; move up the stairs to reach the library. Inside the library, you’ll find three doors.

You need to take the door on your left and proceed along the walkway; it will lead you straight to the Faelin Mural Piece.

2. Acquire the Magic Quill from Jester

Beatific Palace Magic Quill
Magic Quill Beatific Palace

Afterward, turn to your left from the Faelin Mural Piece to find another spiral staircase leading to the upper portion of the library. You need to proceed towards the upper portion of the library and take the room to your left.

In the room, you’ll find another staircase towards the left that will lead you to the basement. Simply move along the path, and you will eventually encounter Jester seated upon a mound of bones.

You will have to witness the performance of Quill, and he’ll entrust you with the Magic Quill as a reward.

3. Utilize the Magic Quill to Access Ironborough

Remnant 2 Beatific Palace Ironborough
Beatific Palace Ironborough Gate

You are now required to use the Magic Quill to Access Ironborough. Simply retrace your steps back into the library basement, and you will find an elevator. Take the elevator to proceed to the main library.

You’ll find a wooden door in front as you exit the elevator. Proceed beyond the door and move toward the right side wall of the library. Now, you need to use the Magic Quill to reveal a door, granting you access to Ironborough.

4. Traverse to the Great Sewers

Beatific Palace Remnant 2 Great Sewers
Entrance to Great Sewers

Next up, you need to head to the Great Sewers, and the best part is that the path from Ironborough to the Great Sewers is straightforward, without any obstacles. However, the Ironborough map may vary from person to person.

Simply follow the designated path and eliminate any enemies that stand in your way. You’ll arrive at the Great Sewers in no time; make sure to save your progress at the checkpoint upon arrival.

5. Locate and Confront the Bloat King

Beatific Palace Bloat King
Remnant 2 Bloat King Cutscene

Inside the Great Sewers, you will need to locate the Bloat King. The Bloat King is also simple to locate since no puzzles impede your way. You can use the reference image to locate him.

Beatific Palace Remnant 2 Bloat King
Remnant 2 Bloat King Location

When you arrive, approach the circular, misty wall near the checkpoint to trigger a cutscene and battle the Bloat King. Engage in combat with him and defeat him to receive the Tome of Knowledge as a reward.

6. Head to the Malefic Palace

Beatific Palace Great Sewers Exit
Remnant 2 Great Sewers Exit

When you are done with the Bloat King, it is recommended to head to the lowest point of the sewers in Beatific Palace Remnant 2. Once there, follow the path leading to the exit.

You’ll find yourself at the threshold of Malefic Palace upon exiting the sewers. It is recommended to save your progress at the checkpoint as you enter the Malefic Palace.

7. Jester’s Card Puzzle

Jester's Card Puzzle Beatific Palace
Remnant 2 Jester’s Card Puzzle

In the Malefic Palace, turn left to proceed up the stairs and turn right to find an elevator. Take the elevator and proceed straight ahead to encounter Jester, who will provide you with a card puzzle. This puzzle, much like the Remnant 2 Cathedral of Omens Puzzle, will require your wits to solve the puzzle, so pay close attention.

Keep an eye out for the card with two half-face icons and identify it after the cards have been shuffled. When the card turns into a gate, enter the correct gate to solve the puzzle to obtain the Faerin Mural Piece.

Remnant 2 Faerin Mural Piece
Beatific Palace Faerin Mural Piece

8. Fast Travel to Palace Courtyard

In order to venture further into the Remnant 2 Beatific Palace, you need to retrace your steps back to the elevator and descend the stairs to get back to the checkpoint. Now, use the fast travel to return to the Palace Courtyard.

9. Unveil the Secrets Behind the Ornate Gate

Beatific Palace Remnant 2 Ornate Gate
Remnant 2 Ornate Gate

When you arrive at the Palace Courtyard, ascend the stairs, and you will find two empty slots right next to a lever in front of the Ornate Gate. Just place both Faerin Mural Piece and Faelin Mural Piece into their designated floor slots.

This act will unlock the grand Ornate Door, revealing the culmination of your journey, and it marks the end of Beatific Palace Remnant 2.

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