Tower Of The Unseen in Remnant 2 [Solved Puzzle & Secrets]

Tower Of The Unseen in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is a newly related shooting game with worlds to explore. It is a Soulslike role-playing game and has been getting appreciation since it was released.

Tower of the Unseen in Remnant 2:

It can be found in Timeless Horizon, Phantom Wasteland, and Abyssal Rift, or it can also be found at the Eon Vault in N’Erud, and enemies surround it. There is energy in this industrial area, which keeps this area somewhat functional. There are corpses of people who came all the way here in this tower to solve mysteries but died for some reason.

Items in the Tower of the Unseen

There are the following special items found in this tower, and we also explained the benefits with them.

Burden of the Stargazer

It is a Ring that helps the player to guide for specific locations and helps with 15% health when activated.


It is an alien-looking small amulet that helps the player to reduce the damage he gets from the attacks of enemies.

Stellar Powered Cell

It is a glowing key that helps open the door at the tower of the unseen.

Vacuum Seal

It can be picking up scrap by 100%.


It is a mutator to upgrade the weapon and give extra shots.

Stone of Continuance

It is a ring that increases the timings for any skill.

Shielded Heart

It has the ability to 100% heal all the companions of players, including him.

Low Yield Recovery Ring

It can help players kill enemies and also increase 5% health for a particular duration of time.

Propulsion Loop

It Increases speed.

Constant Variable Ring

It increases the damage to the current


Gives Slow status to foes for a specific duration.

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Puzzles in the Tower of the Unseen and Solution

When you successfully reach the Tower of the Unseen, you should stop at the checkpoint your map shows you on your Screen. Face the doors of the rooms ahead of you and obtain the Stellar Powered Cell put on the terminal in the corner of the room. Exit the room and go upstairs; you will find a red door that will be locked. U need to put the Stellar Powered cell (glowing orb) in the terminal present here.

You can then use an elevator to go up to the larger room on the left side, where you can get the Stellar Powered Cell. Make sure that the room on the left side has opened doors. Go down again with the same elevator using the same method. Use that orb to open the second closed red door. This time, go inside the room. There will be an elevator you can use to go and obtain another item called Samoflange (It is a powerful amulet)

Come back from the elevator and take your orb back from the lock of the door you opened before. Go back in the hallway or the large room again. Put that glowing orb back to the left of that large room. The room associated with that glowing orb will open the way for you to explore and investigate.

tower of the unseen remnant 2
Tower Of The Unseen in Remnant 2 (Source – supersoluce)

There, you will find a metal way to walk. You can jump on that metal made way with some Ledge nearby. It would help if you kept on walking straight in a single path to find another red door; you have to repeat the same procedure of taking the orb from the left side of the hallway and inserting it into the door to find an elevator inside the room, which takes you to E.D Alpha fight of the boss in Remnant 2.

You will get a Refunder Mutator here as a reward. A continuance Ring can be obtained from the middle of the fighting area. Now open the red door of the boss arena. Retake the Stellar Powered Cell from the terminal and return to the hallway or a large room.

You will see an elevator from which you must go down and send the elevator machine back upward, but don’t go upward means send the empty elevator to the upper portion again. Use the space of the elevator and explore the way until you find a statue in the Boss area. Put the glowing orb in the back of the statue. You will get the Shielded Heart by opening the red door afterward.


The glowing Stellar Powered Cell is used multiple times to solve the puzzle, and the red doors make the player dizzy in the Tower of the Unseen. You can get by now how repetitive the process of the Puzzles is in this Tower of the Unseen. Most players usually come to this tower and get confused and go back to another world because the mystery here is challenging to understand. We wrote the solution so it can help players actually get some benefits of Special Items from the Tower of the Unseen.

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