Remnant 2 Ornate Lockbox – How to Find and its Rewards


Prepare to go on an amazing adventure in search of the enigmatic Ornate Lockbox and its accompanying Ornate Key in Remnant 2. Explore the dark depths where formidable opponents and malevolent characters lurk. Confront the wicked forces that threaten our entire existence, whether you want to walk this adventure alone or with trustworthy companions.

The Ornate Lockbox has a particular location in Remnant 2. It’s not just any old thing; it’s a key to progressing the main narrative, discovering hidden kingdoms, and beginning hidden quests. These unique Key Items can be found in certain locations, presented to you by fascinating NPCs, or even stolen from foes you have defeated.

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Where to Search Ornate key

A fallen soldier’s body may be found at the far end of Yaesha’s Widow’s Court. This is where you’ll discover the Ornate Key and a message. The letter directs you to look for the fancy box but prevents you from opening it.But take note of the warning: we’ll show all sides.

Your mission is to locate the elusive Ornate Lockbox hiding amid this equally disturbing location.

Remnant 2 Ornate Lockbox
Remnant 2 Ornate Lockbox (Source – GameSkinny)

Where to Find Ornate Lockbox

Please keep in mind that your journey to the Widow’s Court may differ from ours owing to the ever-changing regions of Remnant. Begin your trip by investigating the abandoned structures near this enigmatic court.

Inside one of these ruins, there may be a stairway that lowers into a chasm, gives passage across a flowing waterfall, and leads to a long hallway.

At the end of the corridor is a chest that offers instant treasure. However, your investigation is only beginning. Look for a skilfully placed false wall on the left side of the corridor’s end to find a secret lift.

As you mount this elevator, you’ll notice an elaborate box containing secrets lying atop a table. Examine the box in your inventory and solve its mysteries with the Ornate Key.

Within this intricate treasure, you will find the Thaen Seed, a treasured item that may open a range of treasures at two distinct locations. Your journey continues, full of mystery and adventure.

How to Use Thaen Seed

The Thaen Seed, a precious treasure, opens up two exciting paths:

Option 1: Plant in Ward 13.

  • By interacting with the ground, you can choose to plant the Thaen Seed.
  • With patience, the seed will grow into a magnificent tree.
  • When completely mature, it yields the precious Mature Thaen Fruit.
  • This fruit grants you the power to revive, allowing you to survive a death strike on your risky travels.

Option 2: Present to the Pan Empress

  • Deliver the Thaen Seed to the Pan Empress of Yaesha’s Red Throne.
  • In exchange, she offers you the Burden of the Rebel Ring.
  • This magnificent ring granted strong perks, such as a 25% increase in Relic usage speed and a 15% reduction in skill cooldowns.

It is up to you, adventurer, whether you will tend the tree of life or take the powerful ring of rebellion. Your decision in Remnant 2 will decide your fate.


To summarise, the hunt for the Ornate Lockbox and Ornate Key in Remnant 2 is a thrilling trip filled with puzzles and options. The Thaen Seed obtained from the Ornate Lockbox opens up two new paths, while Yaesha’s Widow’s Court holds the key to unlocking secret goods and objectives.

You can give the seed to the Pan Empress in return for the powerful Burden of the Rebel Ring, or plant it in Ward 13 to obtain resurrection power. In Remnant 2, your decisions will define your fate, making the journey both intriguing and exciting.


Where can I find the Ornate Key in Remnant 2?

The Ornate Key may be found in the solemn swath of Yaesha’s Widow’s Court, towards the outskirts of the realm.

Where can I find the Ornate Lockbox in Remnant 2?

Examine the damaged structures around Widow’s Court. Look for a long tunnel, a stairway into an abyss, and a bridge spanning a now-running waterfall. The Ornate Lockbox may be located in a secret lift at the end of the corridor, concealed behind a false wall.

What impact do my Thaen Seed choices have on how I play Remnant 2?

The Thaen Seed you select will impact how you play. While giving it to the Pan Empress grants you the Burden of the Rebel Ring, which affects relic usage speed and skill cooldowns, planting it in Ward 13 grants you resurrection power. Your decisions have an impact on your character’s abilities and development.

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