Uncover the Secrets of the Remnant 2 Fallen Trinket , Unearth Hidden Treasures and Unravel Mysteries.

Uncover the Secrets of the Remnant 2 Fallen Trinket

Remnant 2 is a fan favorite when it comes to shooting game experience. It was released on July 2023 by Gearbox Publishing and was very well developed by Gunfire Games for Windows, Xbox X/S series, and PlayStation 5.

It’s a new RPG in the town with soulslike video game adventures and multiple mods. The first part or sequel was Remnant (from the Ashes), and we knew from that part that there’s a class system in the game. But in this game, the cultist class is replaced with the Gunslinger class.

Following are some significant classes in the Remnant 2 called Archetypes:

  • Medic Class
  • Hunter Class
  • Challenger Class
  • Handler Class
  • Alchemist Class
  • Sumner Class
  • Invader Class
  • Explorer Class
  • Archon Class

There are many dungeons in this game as well, with special items obtained by different kinds of quests in this game.

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What is Remnant 2 Fallen Trinket

Remnant 2 has a Labyrinth of secrets spread in the worlds and dungeons of this game. The Chimney, which is a beautiful yet very dangerous dungeon, relies on a unique Fallen Trinket. It is an amulet or an artifact that has a powerful impact on the person who has it. This necklace or an amulet gives abilities to the possessor that are amazingly unique and useful. But to get this marvelous piece, you have to go through a lot of difficulties in your way.

Location of the Fallen Trinket

Let us discuss how you can get the marvelous craft of the Fallen Trinket in the worlds of Remnant 2

Visit the Chimney Dungeon in the Yaesha

The Chimney is the dungeon among many dungeons in the world of Yaesha. It is very difficult to find the Chimney dungeon in Yaesha since it is located underground, and you can only visit it through a tunnel of stone, which is hidden in the bed of the floor.

First, you have to go to Forgotten Grove and meet Bedel of the Vaunnt to actually visit the Chimney Dungeon. The work in the Chimney dungeon is going to be so hard, so we suggest you stop and buy some magical item or jewelry from Bedel of the Vaunnt.

Find the Room with the Large Hole

The Chimney is a humongous and long staircase that is said to be the authority of the Root (Secondary villains in the game). All you have to do is use that staircase to go down and also keep an eye on the mini-map that appears on your screen. There will be a purple hue showing you something, and you just have to follow it.

The purple color thing in the mini-map is actually the Fallen Trinket. When you reach that place, you will notice that there’s nothing on that place like they showed on the map, but you must not panic because it is just the beginning of getting Fallen Trinket.

Remnant 2 Fallen Trinket
Remnant 2 Fallen Trinket (Source – Reddit)

Shoot the Glowing Root

To finally get the Fallen Trinket, you have to come back upstairs and find a good point in that place where you can see everything clearly. Find a point of vantage and try to locate the root with a glowing purple area. To obtain that object inside the root, you will have to shoot that small area with the glowing purple object inside.

By shooting it, there will be something inside the root that fell in the ground. Now go downstairs again; using your mini-map, locate the purple object again; it is where your Fallen Trinket has fallen when you shoot the root in the first place.

The Fallen Trinket’s Benefits

It is a very precious item, which is also referred to as “Downward Viral.” It can give a ten percent increase in the player’s fire rate, which he can use in his two guns in combat, whether it’s a handgun or a long gun. It can provide 10 percent better results when it comes to speed in the player’s melee weapon use as well. It makes the player overall stronger with his combat powers increased.

It will give a special boost to the player’s health on the damages and health meter. It will give boost damage as well, with 20 percent more damage to the foes like Wielders in the Dark Fantasy World.


The Fallen Trinket will be so useful in your treacherous journey in the Realms of dangers. It is worth all the effort, and the best part about this amulet is that you don’t have to fight any enemy to get it. If you carefully follow these steps, you can easily find this specific item, and it has no puzzles or difficulty for the player. This amulet will boost your combat in every way possible, and you can ace your game easily.

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