Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss: How to defeat Sha’Hala (Aquiring Seeker Keys, Strategies, Rewards)

Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss

In Remnant 2  Sentinel Keep is a crucial location where players encounter The Custodian on a mission to find the Core and save N’Erud and the Drzyr. To unlock the secrets within Sentinels Keep, players must embark on a challenging quest to collect Seeker’s Keys scattered across N’Erud.

Once players collect all the Seeker’s Keys, they gain access to Sentinels Keep—a critical juncture in Remnant 2. Formidable bosses guard the path here, challenging players with their unique abilities and tactics. It’s a place where hidden treasures await discovery, and powerful items lie in wait to aid the brave in their quest.

This guide serves as your roadmap to reaching Sentinel’s Keep, guiding you through the journey and ultimately aiding you in reaping the rewards that await upon defeating the Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss.

What Is Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss

Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss
Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss

In Remnant 2  Sentinel  Keep is a significant location characterized by being the site where players encounter Sha’Hala, the Spectral Guardian of N’Erud, a major boss. The Sentinel keep is likely to be a central hub or fortress, potentially holding key elements or quests that are crucial to the overarching storyline of Remnant 2.

Players must explore the area, interact with non-playable characters (NPCs), and navigate challenges before facing Sha’Hala in a climactic battle. The defeat of Sha’Hala promises substantial rewards for the players, making Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss a critical and rewarding part of the gaming experience.

Who Is Sentinel Keep Boss: Sha’hala

Shahala remnant 2
Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss: Sha’Hala

Sha’Hala is the final boss in Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep, appearing as a phantom with multiple eyes on its head. Unlike other bosses, it hides its weak spot during the second phase. Its ranged attacks include Laser Beams, Directional Orbs, Homing Orbs, Hand Beams, and Black Hole Attacks.

To succeed, players must dodge and counter when the weak spot is visible, exploiting Sha’Hala’s weakness. The boss also phases in and out of reality, demanding well-timed attacks for victory. Mastering this strategy is essential for overcoming Sha’Hala, the Spectral Guardian of N’Erud in Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss.

Where To Find Sha’Hala In Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss

Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss: NeErud

In Remnant 2, you’ll find Sha’Hala, the Spectral Guardian of N’Erud, in Sentinel’s Keep. Sentinel’s Keep, a significant locale in N’Erud within Remnant 2, holds the coveted Core sought by The Custodian. To reach Sentinels Keep Gallery, commence your journey from the Seekers Rest Area in N’Erud, unveiling a path that leads to the heart of the mystery embedded within this enigmatic location.

To get there, start at the Seekers Rest Area in N’Erud, collect Seeker’s Keys, and unlock the keep. Navigate to the highest floor, interact with a terminal, and get ready for a boss fight as Sha’Hala emerges. It’s a crucial encounter, so make sure your character is well-prepared for the challenge in Remnant 2.

How To Access Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss

Accessing Sentinel Keep Boss
Accessing Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss

To encounter Sha’Hala, the formidable Spectral Guardian of N’Erud in Remnant 2, embark on your quest from the Seekers Rest Area. The journey unfolds as you traverse N’Erud, diligently collecting three Seeker’s Keys scattered throughout the region of Ne’Erud.

These Seeker keys serve as the means to unlock Sentinel’s Keep, the very tower where Sha’Hala awaits. Ascend through its labyrinthine corridors until reaching the highest floor, where interaction with a terminal unveils the Spectral Guardian in Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss.

How To Get Seeker Keys In Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss

Activating Shahala
Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss: Sha’Hala Emerging

To secure the Seeker’s Keys in N’Erud within Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss, your journey begins at the Seeker Rest, the starting point in this enigmatic realm.

  • First Key: Upon reaching the Seekers Rest, a crucial encounter awaits with the Custodian, an NPC pivotal to your quest. The first key is concealed within a room adorned with a statue, presenting a puzzle that demands solving to unlock the key.
  • Second Key: The path to the second key leads you across the Phantom Wasteland, where the formidable Primogenitor Hatchery Boss stands as a powerful boss. Defeating this boss is essential to claim the second key.
  • Third Key: For the final key, your travels take you to the Spectrum Nexus, where you confront the Custodian Eye. Exploring into the depths of a dungeon in this surreal nexus reveals the last key needed for the journey ahead.

Strategies To Defeat Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss

Strategies To Defeat Sentinel Keep Boss In Remnant 2
Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss: Strategies to Defeat Sha ‘Hala

You need to strategize your play to defeat Sha’hala in Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss:


In the Sha’Hala boss fight, dodging is vital. During attacks, like lasers, swift dodges are crucial to avoid losing a significant portion of your health. Watch out for green lasers. They may seem harmless at first but can become damaging on their return. Timing your dodges is essential for survival in this challenging encounter.

Casting Time

In the boss fight against Sha’Hala, opting for a heavy-ranged weapon is highly recommended. Each of Sha’Hala’s attacks has a casting time, and understanding this pattern allows for more effective counters.

For instance, when the boss is about to shoot lasers, focusing on its hands, which have their own health bar, can significantly reduce the boss’s overall health. A strategic approach is to concentrate firepower on the orbs to expedite the boss’s takedown in Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss.

Weak Spot

In Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss, like other bosses, Sha’Hala conceals its weak spot in the second phase. During the initial phase, focus on dealing maximum damage to the orb when the boss engages in minor attacks. In the second phase, as the boss fades and the arena darkens, seize the opportunity to strike when the main orb is deployed for an attack. Opt for melee attacks during this phase, as they prove more effective in dealing substantial damage to the boss.

How To Defeat Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss Sha’Hala

Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss Fighting Sha'Hala
Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss Fighting Sha’Hala

In Remnant 2, once you’ve located the Sentinels Keep boss, Sha’Hala, defeating him requires strategic targeting of his elusive weak spot. Unlike typical enemies, Sha’Hala consistently hides this vulnerable area during the battle. To inflict significant damage, keen observation is essential

When the weak spot is exposed, seize the opportunity to strike. While individual attacks may not be excessively harmful, Sha’Hala employs combinations that can deal substantial damage, posing a challenging counter. Be wary of the boss’s rapid attacks, which may make evasion difficult, requiring quick reflexes to mitigate damage effectively.

First Phase

shooting beams of purple lightning from his hands
Shooting Beams of Purple Lightning from Sha’hala Hands

In the first phase of the Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep Boss battle, Sha’Hala exposes his weak spot more frequently, allowing for significant damage. Throughout this phase, Sha’Hala relies on three common attacks:

  • One involved shooting beams of purple lightning from his hands, requiring constant dodging due to their rapid succession.
  • The second attack involves summoning green orbs that surround and shoot laser beams, countered effectively with automatic weapons.
  • The third and most damaging attack sees Sha’Hala using lightning to deal widespread damage, demanding swift dodges to avoid harm. Mastering evasion during these attacks is key to prevailing in this challenging encounter.

Second Phase

boss summons an orb
Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss: Sha’Hala Boss Summons an Orb

In the second phase of the Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep Boss fight, Sha’Hala intensifies its defenses over the weak spot while unleashing deadlier attacks. Prioritize evasion over countering, as the boss’s assaults become more formidable.

Counter damage is viable only during the black hole attack, where the boss summons an orb directly at your position. This challenging fight demands swift dodging, followed by a strategic retreat to damage the orb. Use consumables to heal and reload your weapon between attacks, maximizing damage on the orb to expedite the takedown of the boss.

Rewards For Defeating Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss: Tome of Knowledge

Rewards For Defeating Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss: Tome of Knowledge

After defeating Sha’hala in Remnant 2 Sentinel Keep Boss, you earn many valuable rewards that will enhance your abilities and skills during combat:

Lumenite Crystal

Crucial upgrade material enhances special weapons and upgrades relic charges


The primary currency enables the purchase of gear, weapons, and upgrades

Tome of Knowledge

A consumable grants an extra Trait point

Eidolon Shard

A crafting material for potent weapons like the spectral blade, crafted at McCabe’s


A key drop from the boss, serves as both a quest item and a vital progression token, requiring presentation to the keeper for further quest advancement.


In conclusion, navigating the Remnant 2 Sentinels Keep Boss requires a keen focus on Sha’Hala, the elusive Spectral Guardian. Acquiring Seeker’s Keys is pivotal to accessing the boss, unlocking a cascade of rewards. Crafting materials like the Eidolon Shard, upgrades such as Lumenite Crystal, and valuable items like Scrap await those who triumph. To defeat Sha’Hala, observe the weak spot dynamics exploit it in the initial phase, then prioritize dodging in the more intense second phase. Success in this challenging encounter hinges on strategic finesse, well-timed counters, and adept weapon choices. Prepare for a rewarding journey through N’Erud.


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