Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss Guide: Where to Find and Access Nightweaver Boss to get Secret Material.

In Remnant 2, The Nightweaver Boss emerges as a challenge, a formidable boss who stands as a testament to the game’s unforgiving nature. This elusive boss commands attention as an obstacle on the Losmn run due to its dual-phase encounters during combat.

Bosses are powerful enemies in Remnant 2 that provide more challenge compared to regular enemies. They can have particular locations and items or are interconnected to the game story.

This guide will help you find The Nightweaver Boss, explore its attack patterns, and most important the strategies to beat Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss to earn rewards.

Who Is Remnant 2 The Nightwaever Boss

Remnant 2 The Night weaver Boss

In Remnant 2, The Nightwevaer Boss is one of the two potential bosses waiting adventurers in Losomn. Notable, She is the sister of Nimue (a Losomn NPC).

The Nightweaver Boss can feed on the fears and nightmares of her prey thus known as the Fae Goddess of Sleep. Unprepared encounters with the Nightweaver can prove exceptionally challenging, as she possesses the capability to drain the life out of those who make missteps.

In Remnant 2, facing the Nightweaver offers a challenge, but there’s good news. Most attacks are telegraphed, allowing skilled players to dodge effectively. The boss has lenient damage windows, making strategic shooting and positioning key to overcome this powerful boss. You can earn valuable rewards by beating Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss.

Where To Find Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss

Morrow Parish
Remnant 2 The Night Weaver Boss: Morrow Parish

In Remnant 2, The Nightweaver Boss is found in Morrow Parish within the Losomn region by going through two main quests, Strange Web and The Nightweaver. You will find Nightweaver when you approach the gates of the Asylum by having three Stones-carved dolls.

This shows that reaching the yards is not easy to face Nightweaver, you have to beat many enemies and minibosses. Let us discuss how to make your way to face Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss.

How To Access The Nightweaver Boss In Remnant 2

nightweaver stone doll
Nightweaver Stone Doll

In Remnant 2, The Nightweaver Boss is not easy to reach. You need to complete the quest to get your way to Nightweaver Boss to beat him.

Morrow Sanitorium

In Morrow Sanitorium of Remnant 2, the path to the Asylum involves collecting three Stone-carved Dolls from various locations, such as a second-floor study, the front yard’s side, and a third-floor room behind a curtain.

These dolls are crucial for unlocking an Asylum safe. Upon offering them to a mysterious voice in the basement, guided by a singing jingle, the safe opens, releasing a spirit and leaving behind the Nightweaver Stone Doll.

Shattered Gallery Dungeon

soulkey tribute
Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss: Soulkey Tribute

Moving on your journey in Remnant 2, you will encounter the Magister Dullain boss in the Shattered Gallery dungeon. This boss drops the Soulkey Tribute quest item. When you return to the basement taking this item you will complete the Strange Web quest, which will provide you with a shadow realm.

You need to use Nightweaver Stone Doll there in a nearby cell to get Dreamcatcher, a melee weapon that features the Dreamwave mod. Upon dealing 250 damage, it releases a Dreamwave, slowing enemies and granting your character a damage and movement speed buff.

Nightweaver Mansion in Losomn

In Losomn of Remnant 2, a gated mansion sparks curiosity upon arrival. To unlock it, explore the city, leading to the locked Hewda’s Clocktower. Solve the Clock Tower puzzle, defeat the boss, and emerge behind the tower.

third floor key
Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss: Third Floor Key

Move to the Losomn’s streets, battling hostile mobs, until you reach the mansion’s rear side. Climb over the wall and interact with a crystal. On the mansion’s third floor, defeat a saw enemy locked in a shed in the courtyard to acquire the third-floor key.

Fae Nimue

Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss: Nimue

In Remnant 2, as you venture deeper, you reach Nimue’s retreat and encounter the mysterious Fae Nimue. She reveals that a heart from a Nightweaver victim must enter her hunting grounds. Subsequently, you’re teleported to a different section of Losomn, gaining access to Fae dungeons.

Gilded Hall Dungeon

Gilded Chamber
Gilded Dungeon Chamber

In Remnant 2, the key to your quest lies within the Gilded Halls dungeon. Conquering this dungeon entails defeating the formidable Red Prince. After vanquishing the boss, head to the newly unlocked door where the Nightweaver is found feasting on a victim. Collect the Soulkey Tribute left behind to progress in your journey.

Nightweaver Hurting Ground

red prince boss
Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss: The Red Prince

In Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss, progressing beyond, a glowing door takes you back to the Morrow Parish Mansion, unlocking one of its doors. Reaching the mysterious web downstairs, offering the Soulkey Tribute opens a portal to an alternate version of the mansion.

Here, a climactic boss fight awaits as you finally face the Nightweaver.

ALT Kill Method to Defeat The Nightweaver Boss In Remnant 2

Alt Kill Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss

In Remnant 2, for an extra reward, an alternate method to defeat the Nightweaver involves:

  • Targeting her exposed heart during the first phase.
  • Shooting it when she summons spiders leaves her vulnerable.
  • Destroying her heart in the first phase removes her spider-summoning ability in the second phase.
  • This tactic not only alters her attack pattern but also earns you an additional reward – the Nightweaver’s Finger.

Defeating the Nightweaver in Remnant 2 yields the following drops and rewards:

  • 1,163 Scrap
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • 5 Lumenite Crystal
  • Nightweaver’s Finger (Alternate drop in her shade form)
  • Cursed Dream Skills

Note: You can craft the Nightfall utilizing Cursed Dream Silks. It is a long gun exhibiting base damage of 31 and full automatic mode for 10 seconds.

How To Use Nightweaver Finger In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss: Nightfall

In Remnant 2, Nightweaver Finger is used to craft Nightshade. So you need to destroy the Nightweaver’s heart to obtain the secret material “Nightweaver Finger” for crafting.

The heart is exposed when she summons bugs in Phase 1, offering a brief window to destroy it. Despite the challenge, preserving the Nightweaver until this opportunity arises is crucial, as the Nightshade weapon can only be obtained through this method

  • Use Nightweaver’s Finger to craft Nightshade, fast-striking claws with a high critical hit chance (base damage: 47).
  • In Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss 


To access Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss and obtain the secret material in Remnant 2, focus on destroying her heart during the first phase when she summons bugs. This vulnerable moment is crucial for acquiring the crafting material for the Nightshade weapon, offering a unique reward, and altering her behavior in the second phase. Balancing survival and seizing the opportunity is key to unlocking this hidden path in your journey.

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