Plain Ribbon Remnant 2: Best Locations How To Get and Use Plain Ribbon

The Plain Ribbon is an interesting quest item in Remnant 2’s world of Losomn. While getting this ribbon may not be particularly difficult, many players often get perplexed about what to do with it when they have it securely tucked away in their inventory. This guide seeks to dispel any misinformation and provide guidance on how to maximize the potential of the Plain Ribbon Remnant 2.

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How To Find Plain Ribbon In Remnant 2

Plain Ribbon Remnant 2
How To Find Plain Ribbon In Remnant 2

Finding and gathering the Plain Ribbon inside the game is the first step toward using its power. On many maps dispersed around the Losomn globe, players may find this elusive artifact. The real journey starts after you obtain the Plain Ribbon Remnant 2.

  • The Plain Ribbon is a sought-after item in Remnant 2, but it’s also a little difficult to come by.
  • Its placement may change from one playthrough to another, and sometimes it could not even spawn in your world.
  • This unpredictability gives the game an intriguing aspect of exploration and discovery.
  • Players have reported discovering the Plain Ribbon in certain places, while its exact position isn’t known.

Here are the two most likely places to encounter the Plain Ribbon Remnant 2:

1. Gilded Chambers – One True King Quest Route

  • You could run across the Plain Ribbon in the Gilded Chambers’ Overgrown Ruins section. The One True King quest line includes this place.

2. Great Hall – Nightweaver Questline

  • Another likely location for the Plain Ribbon is the Great Hall, which is a part of the Nightweaver questline. As you explore this region, keep an eye out for anything.

Getting Around in the Unknown

  • The randomness of the global map is one of the difficulties players encounter while looking for the Plain Ribbon.
  • During each playtime, the game’s algorithm randomly rearranges the map’s layout.
  • While this guarantees a different gaming experience each time, it might also make it difficult to locate the Plain Ribbon Remnant 2 precisely.

Players have discovered that the Plain Ribbon often appears next to an elevator, which is a similarity in its places. Remember this when you explore the Great Hall and Gilded Chambers and keep an eye out for elevators that might bring you to this elusive quest item.

How To Use Plain Ribbon In Remnant 2

Plain Ribbon Remnant 2
How To Use Plain Ribbon In Remnant 2

Use the Plain Ribbon properly by following these easy steps:

  1. Find the Faes Statue: After getting the Plain Ribbon, go on a mission to find a statue of two happy Faes holding hands. You may locate this statue on your current map.
  2. Tie a Ribbon Around the Faes’ Wrists: Approach and engage the statue. Wrap the Plain Ribbon around the wrists of the Faes seen on the statue by selecting it from your inventory.
  3. Exit and Enter the Map Again: When you’ve finished the ribbon-wrapping routine, exit the map and then enter it again. The magic takes place here.
  4. Gather the Transformed Ribbon: Depending on the version of Losomn you are in, you will see that the Plain Ribbon Remnant 2 has evolved into one of two more potent items when you return to the statues: either the Silver Ribbon or the Golden Ribbon.
Plain Ribbon Remnant 2
Gather the Transformed Ribbon (Source – TheGamer)

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How to Interpret the Transformed Ribbons

Through this special procedure, the Plain Ribbon Remnant 2 transforms into one of two strong amulets, each with its own special qualities:

Silver Ribbon (Amulet)

Plain Ribbon Remnant 2
Silver Ribbon (Amulet)
  • Increases skill damage by 25%.
  • Activating a Skill grants HASTE for 15 seconds.

Golden Ribbon (Amulet)

Plain Ribbon Remnant 2
Golden Ribbon (Amulet)
  • Increases Mod damage by 25%
  • Activating a Mod for b gives HASTE.

Determining The Type Of Ribbon

Depending on whatever Losomn the Fae statues appear in, you will either earn a Silver or a Golden amulet. In essence, there are two variations of Losomn, one signifying light and the other, dark. Depending on whatever Losomn edition you finish the ribbon-wrapping event in, you will get a different amulet.

  • Completing the event on a light map awards the Golden Ribbon.
  • Completing the event on a dark map awards the Silver Ribbon.

Players should thus prepare to get the Golden Ribbon when they come across the Fae statues in the Council Chambers or Gilded Chambers. Those who stumble across the statues in the Great Hall or Shattered Gallery, however, will get the Silver Ribbon.

Nimue’s Ribbon: A Coveted Amulet

Plain Ribbon Remnant 2
Nimue’s Ribbon A Coveted Amulet

For players looking for even more strength, Nimue, a well-known NPC who resides in Nimue’s Retreat on Losomn, is the key to Nimue’s Ribbon, an even more powerful amulet. This remarkable amulet offers a significant advantage:

Nimue’s Ribbon

  • Nimue’s Ribbon increases the Healing power of Relics by 50%.
  • When a Relic is triggered, it grants haste for 25 seconds.

Players need to have both the Golden and Silver Ribbons in order to make Nimue’s Ribbon. By combining these two amulets, Nimue is able to maximize relic healing and increase the duration of her haste. Players should evaluate the advantages against the sacrifice, yet it’s important to remember that the making process uses both the Golden and Silver Ribbons.


An apparently modest quest item in Remnant 2 called the Plain Ribbon has tremendous power in the Losomn universe. Players may change the Plain Ribbon into the Silver or Golden Ribbon by following a straightforward yet perplexing method; each ribbon has special properties that improve the player’s powers.

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Furthermore, individuals looking for even more strength may enter Nimue’s Retreat to craft Nimue’s Ribbon, a powerful amulet with amazing abilities. Understanding how each ribbon transforms and its unique characteristics may provide players with a substantial competitive advantage in Remnant 2’s universe. So, embrace the Plain Ribbon’s mystique and discover its untapped potential to overcome Losomn’s obstacles.

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