Remnant 2 The Great Hall Locked Doors [How to Unlock]

Remnant 2: The Great Hall Locked Doors

Remnant 2 is the latest version of Remnant from the Ashes, and this game also became the Apple of shooting game fans like a bushfire. The developers have proved their worth again when making a Shooting game sequel. The game is diverse, with multiple options for Archetypes and weapons.Weapons play a great role in the game, and the player is given three weapons to equip at a time. The player can carry one melee weapon, one handgun, and one long gun at a time, but he can keep a lot of weapons in his inventory. Scrap and other items are also part of currency in the worlds of Remnant 2.

The Great Hall in Remnant 2

There are worlds in Remnant 2, and The Great Hall is in a World of Losomn. The Great Hall is a mysterious place with puzzles and a place for many rare items. There are no vendors in the Great Hall, and no NPC is seen in the Great Hall of Losomn.

The great hall has many puzzles and mysteries to solve. The Great Hall has a very important event, which is called the Feast Event. This event is important for many reasons, and one of the main reasons to complete this event is to get rare items that can upgrade your active and passive abilities.

The new traits can also be obtained in The Great Hall’s Feast Event.

The Great Hall Locked Door
Remnant 2 The Great Hall Locked Doors (Source – Exputer)

Enemies in the Great Hall

Although we told above that there are no nonplayable Characters in the Great Hall, we must not forget about Enemies that are a big part of this RGB. The Great Hall is infested with Enemies, and the following is the list of enemies in the Great Hall.

  • Fae Soldier
  • Melee Fae
  • Ranged Fae
  • Heavy Fae
  • Lantern Horror
  • Teleport Fae
  • The Executioner

What is The Great Hall’s Locked Door?

The Feast Event can only be accessed through the doors, which are locked in The Great Hall. If you are able to open these two doors, you will enter the event of the Feast.

The players have to find the locked doors and also the quest item to enter the Feast Event.

The Feast event needed to be completed in order to have the best. It is not easy to complete the event, so the player needs to have the best of his weapons and mods in the weapons to face the cruel world of the Feast Event.

How to Unlock The Great Hall Locked Door?

To Unlock the mysterious door that opens in the Feast Event, you need to find the special key to that door first.

  1. To get access to the key, the player needs to go to the underground of the Great Hall.
  2. When the player reaches the underground of the Great Hall, he will have to get the key from the secret passage underground. The secret passage can only be accessed by breaking the wall to expose it.
  3. Once the player gets the key, he will need another rare item as well to open the door.
  4. To not make things more difficult, we would say that the rare item is the Ravenous Medallion, which is accessed easily before the journey to find the key to the door of The Great Hall.
Hall Back Side

How to get the Ravenous Medallion?

As you know, the Ravenous Medallion is easy to obtain before the key. You can also get this special Medallion after you find the key to the Great Hall Locked door. There are a few simple steps to find The Ravenous Medallion, which are as follows:

  1. The player needs to find the kitchen of the Great Hall and go into the Kitchen of the Great Hall.
  2. There will be two locked doors in the kitchen if you look keenly at the surroundings of the kitchen.
  3. There, you will see tables, and on one of the tables, you will see the Ravenous Medallion lying on the top of the table in the kitchen of the Great Hall.
  4. After you get the Ravenous Medallion and the Special key, go to the Great Hall’s locked door.
  5. The player needs to put or insert the Ravenous Medallion in the insertion place of the Locked door, and the door will be opened.
  6. After you open the door and come inside, you will encounter a single creature inside the hall. The creature will tell the player to accompany it to the Feast Event. The player has to accept this offer, but after accepting the fae, enemies will attack the player, and he has to fight for his life.
  7. If you successfully defeat the enemies, you will get the Neckbone Necklace as a reward.


If the player is able to defeat these enemies, they will drop rare and special Items, which will help the player upgrade their weapons and other combat skills. The Feast Event is also a golden opportunity for players.

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