Remnant 2 Grime Crawler Guide: How to beat Grime Crawler to get Twisting Wound Mutator.

In Remnant 2, Grime Crawler is an Aberration you will come across in the region of Losomn. Grime Crawler offers more challenging battles, located at particular locations, and continues to progress the main story of Remnant 2 like other bosses including Nightweaver Boss or The Ravager Boss.

Aberrations are considered a powerful enemy race where they serve as enhanced versions of regular enemies, boasting increased resilience and damage. They spawn with unique modifiers, drop valuable Mutators, and are scattered across all in-game worlds.

Who Is Remnant 2 Grime Crawler

grime crawler
Remnant 2 Grime Crawler

In Remnant 2, Grime Crawler is an aberration that comes across in a special event called the Grime Crawler Event. You have to go through a secret passage by jumping challenges in this event to face the Grime Crawler.

(Note: Grime Crawler is also known as George Boss)

The Grime Crawler in Remnant 2 has a notable weakness in its “Loin.” This boss belongs to the Beast race, and targeting this weakness is crucial for effective combat. Grime Crawler appears to be a unique enemy possessing distinct characteristics, and behaviors and drops many valuable rewards.

The Grime Crawler event is like the Great Hall Feast Event in Remnant 2  where you can solve puzzles or explore to obtain special items such as combat-based weapons or consumables. These events may not always occur in every playthrough, requiring players to restart or explore different modes for a chance to encounter them. Each event is typically associated with specific locations in the Remnant 2.

Where To Find Grime Crawler In Remnant 2

butcher quarter
Remnant 2 Grime Crawler: Butcher’s Quarter Location

In Remnant 2 Grime Crawler or George Boss can be encountered in one of the two regions of Losomn:

You can look for these in Morrow Parish, Ironborough, or Brocwithe Quarter.

Remnant 2 Grime Crawler Walkthrough

cotton klin
Remnant 2 Grime Crawler: Cotton Klin

Let us Discuss how to reach Grime Crawler in Remnant 2 to kill him and earn rewards from him.

  1. Discovery of Charred Bodies: Locate two charred bodies in a small area.
  2. Finding the Gap: Identify a gap in the wall behind the bodies. Crouch to pass through and venture “outside” the map.
  3. Wooden Beams: Go down until you reach an area with wooden beams. Jump or fall onto the beams.

    grime crawler
    Remnant 2 Grime Crawler: Find Boss wooden beams
  4. Mind the Gap: Exercise caution near a round entrance; apparent walking space may be deceiving. Follow the wooden beam to avoid fatal falls.
  5. Passing the Round Entrance: After passing through the round entrance, turn left.
  6. Climbing the Structure: Go upstairs to the structure located in the left direction.
    Upon reaching the top, you will find the Shiny Hog Lure.

    shiny hog lure
    Remnant 2 Grime Crawler: Shiny Hog Lure
  7. Locate Sewers: After obtaining the Shiny Hog Lure, proceed to the end, climb a wooden structure, and intentionally fall off into the sewers.
  8. Encounter Grime Crawler: Move forward to discover a lever; activate it to reveal the Grime Crawler. The boss possesses Thick Skin and Vortex affixes.

    fight george
    Remnant 2 Fight Grime Crawler/ George
  9. Defeat it to obtain the rewards.

Rewards To Defeat Remnant 2 Grime Crawler

twisting wound
Remnant 2 Grime Crawler: Twisting Wound Mutator

You will get many rewards as a drop from Remnant 2 Grime Crawler when you beat him:

Twisting Wound Mutator

In Remnant 2 Grime Crawler, Twisting Wounds is a Mutator used for long gun and handgun weapons, with a 10% boost in Ranged damage against Bleeding enemies. Apply Bleeding with skills or mods for tactical advantages in combat.

Shiny Hog Lure

shiny hog lure reward
Remnant 2 Grime Crawler: Shiny Hog Lure

Shiny Hog Lure in Remnant 2 is a ring accessory that enhances Mod power. It provides 25-30 Mod Power, depending on the percentage of magazines reloaded during the reload action.


In Remnant 2, the Grime Crawler poses a formidable challenge with its Thick Skin and Vortex affixes. To secure the Twisting Wounds mod, engage in a tactical battle, exploiting the boss’s weaknesses. Defeating the Grime Crawler rewards players with a valuable enhancement for their arsenal, making the encounter both challenging and rewarding.

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