Remnant 2 Mod Power: Find out how to Generate the Mod Power

Remnant 2 Mod Power
Remnant 2 Mod Power

The Remnant 2 has various amounts of weapons with several weapon mods that can help you to make a better build. One of the best ones is the Remnant 2 Mod Power generation and although it is quite self-explanatory some players tend to find it difficult to grasp the mod concept so here is a detailed version of the mod power.

What is the Remnant 2 Mod Power

Mod power is the energy that you must accumulate in order to activate your weapon mods, which are attachments that give your weapons more capabilities and help you to be more equipped in battles. Mod power generation means how fast players can charge their weapons mods using their specific weapons.

Remnant 2 Mod Power
Remnant 2 Mod Power usage

It is also a measure of the rate at which you charge the mod power through the damage incurred on the weapons. The greater the mod power generation you have, the more chance you can have to use weapon mods. One such example of the weapon mod can be the time-lapse that makes the enemy slower in a particular area.

The main advantages of the Remnant 2 Mod Power are as follows:

  • You can launch projectiles while using this mod which can cause heavy damage to opponents
  • Players can create defensive barriers to protect from enemies
  • Summoning allies is also one of the features of the Remnant 2 Mod Power
  • Dealing with the damage of the nearby area and reducing the effect caused by it.

Effects caused on Mod Power Generation

There are some items and traits that can cause the Mod power generation to either increase or decrease. These effects are mentioned below:

  • Arcane strike increases the melee damage by a rate of 50% which can be a huge boost when it comes to fighting on the ground.
  • It also causes 10% of a single charge value by converting it to a passive power mod. Although this effect lasts for 10 seconds that time is sufficient enough to cause the opponents some damage.
Remnant 2 Mod Power
Using the mod power

The mod power meter icon can be seen on the left side of the screen. As soon as the bar is full, you can use the mod by simply pressing the F button or alternatively the R button.

How Does the Mod Power Work

You can observe that different weapons generate mod power at varying rates in their stats. By using your weaponry to strike or shoot opponents, you can produce mod power. The damage done and the pace at which your weapon generates mod power determine how much mod power is produced.

Nonetheless, certain attributes or weapons could generate more mod power than others. It also gives you the opportunity to utilize your modifications more often. A shotgun, for instance, may have a higher mod power per shot than a pistol. However, the magazine size and fire rate are also reduced. You may also raise the power generation of your mods that increase it, such as Feedback or Arcane Strike.

Remnant 2 Mod Power
Applying the power mod

Mods may already be placed on crafted melee weapons that can be acquired from boss drops or certain locations. These modifications don’t require any mod power, but they usually can’t be utilized until certain attacks, such as Charged Attacks or regular swings right after a neutral back step, have been carried out.

How to build Mod Power

The best way to build any mod is to include all the best weapons, rings, shields, and other items that can be beneficial for the players. You can form the best Mod Power build by including the following items:

  • Kinetic Shield Exchanger: Activate any kind of Shield to attain a 25% increase in Mod damage and to increase an extra 15% Mod Power boost.
  • Burden of the Follower: Decreases the fire rate by 15% but increases the Mod Power generation by a whopping 50% which is much more than what other items offer.
  • Cataloger’s Jewel: Automatically generates 8 Mod Power per second
  • Dense Silicon Ring: Gain an increment of 200% of regenerated health as Mod Power
  • Faerin’s Sigil: Critical and the Weakspot hits generate 10% more Mod Power
  • Fae Lin’s Sigil: Melee hits of this particular element generate more Mod Power which helps players to give more damage to opponents.


The Remnant 2 Mod Power Generation is shown above which includes all the items that should be considered when building a mod. The mod power is a type of energy that should be accumulated for activating your mod weapons. The advantages of the mod power include dealing with greater damages, protection or healing in case of being attacked, forming defensive barriers, summoning allies, and much more.

The cash that players spend to activate Weapon Mods is called Mod Power. The mod icon located in the lower-right corner of the screen is surrounded by a ring to symbolize it. Every time players successfully hit a shot or attack an adversary, the ring progressively gets bigger. When the ring reaches its full capacity, you can use the mod power to your advantages.

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