Minecraft Outdated Geyser Proxy Error: How to Fix

Minecraft Outdated Geyser Proxy Error: How to Fix

Geyser is used in Minecraft to increase the server community so you can interact with others but sometimes it causes problems due to Minecraft Outdated Geyser Proxy Error. This causes a problem with players having difficulty connecting with the server.

This happens because the GeyserMC plugin requires an update or when the Bedrock client needs to be updated. Read the whole article to get an idea of what the error actually is and what are the solutions for fixing the errors.

Why does Minecraft Outdated Geyser Proxy Error Occur?

Geyser serves as an essential form of communication that enables smooth transfer between the servers of Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Depending on your unique requirements and preferences, Geyser may be easily integrated into your server setup as a standalone proxy or as a plugin.

“Minecraft Outdated Geyser Proxy Error” is a frequent problem that customers may run across while using this Minecraft bridging solution. This issue usually appears while trying to connect to a Geyser-based Minecraft server and signals that certain important components are out of sync. This issue may specifically arise if the Bedrock client being used is not running the most recent version if the GeyserMC plugin on the server has not been updated to the most recent version, or in rare situations, if both the client and the plugin are out of date.

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Take into account the following elements to help identify further probable sources of the “Outdated Geyser Proxy” issue:

  • Compatibility issues may arise because the server’s GeyserMC plugin may not have been upgraded to the most recent version.
  • It is possible that the Bedrock client is out of date, which is necessary for seamless communication with the server.
  • Another possibility is that separate, incompatible versions of GeyserMC and Minecraft are being used by the Bedrock client and the server. For a smooth gameplay experience that connects the two Minecraft versions, it is imperative that these elements stay in sync with one another.

How to Fix Minecraft Outdated Geyser Proxy Error

Minecraft Outdated Geyser Proxy Error
How to Join the server on Minecraft

Players should start with the basic ways and ensure that the server is being reached or not whenever they try to log in. When you are using the Bedrock client, ensure that the correct port is being used because a different port will cause server connection problems. Some of the solutions that can be tried are mentioned below so check all of them to solve your issue:

1. Compatibility of Minecraft Geyser MC

Keeping your server and client versions in sync is essential to a smooth gaming experience that crosses the boundaries of different Minecraft editions.

When you establish a connection, examine the GeyserMC log to do a compatibility check. This report provides you with a clear view of which Bedrock versions should be utilized on the client side by revealing which versions are supported by the server.

An additional helpful resource for keeping up with version information is the Minecraft Wiki. It serves as a thorough resource for comprehending how Minecraft has changed over time and what upgrades are required to keep up with the dynamic world of the game.

2. Update the New GeyserMC Plugin

One common problem that appears when the server or the Geyser plugin is not running the most recent version of Minecraft Bedrock is the “Outdated Geyser Proxy” error.

You need first stop the server and then get the most recent GeyserMC jar file from their GitHub website in order to fix this issue by upgrading the GeyserMC plugin on the server.

Minecraft Outdated Geyser Proxy Error
How to select the Geyser MC Plugins

The most recent version of the GeyserMC plugin may be obtained via their GitHub repository or through their official website.

The plugin must be placed in your plugin folder after it has been downloaded. Make sure the folder doesn’t include any more Geyser jars. You can restart the server after these preparations are complete.

3. How to Update the Geyser Proxy

You can take the following actions to upgrade the Geyser Proxy to the most recent version:

  • Go to the root directory of the Geyser.
  • Run “git submodule update –init –recursive.” This is a critical step in the upgrading process since it downloads all of the required submodules for Geyser.
  • You may find the “bootstrap/build” folder by running “gradlew build.” Check to see whether Velocity/BungeeCord is current.

Use the ViaVersion plugin for compatibility if some of your backend servers are still running a version of 1.20 or earlier.

Likewise, it’s critical to consistently check your device for updates and install them if they are available in order to keep your Bedrock client up to current. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you could try removing and reinstalling the Minecraft program as a backup troubleshooting method.


Minecraft Outdated Geyser Proxy Error is a very common issue that is arising to many players. Just try to follow all the above-mentioned ways and correctly make all the steps in the right sequence. This error signals a lack of connection between the GeyserMC plugin and the server, as well as potential version disparities with the Bedrock client.

Keeping the Bedrock client updated on your device and exploring reinstallation options when necessary can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable Minecraft experience.

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