Minecraft Live New features: Check out the Minecraft update 1.21

Minecraft Live new features have been added in the recent update of the game. The Game director Agnes Larsson and his team have made this game exciting with the new update coming on mid of next year called the Minecraft Vanilla Update 1.21.

The exciting thing is the inclusion of brand-new Star Wars DLC which has increased the interest of several players making Minecraft sell over 300 million copies.

The Minecraft Live started off the festivities by revealing the Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC as the game will be available soon. Players can progress in advance through the ranks from padawan to Jedi Knight and definitely yes, there will be lightsaber fighting and Force abilities while traveling through well-known Star Wars locales and personalities.

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All Minecraft Live new features

All the new features are covered below in detail so stay tuned and read the whole article to get all the new updates and modes that will be available.

The Crafter

It’s a new feature that springs to mind when it comes to technological changes in Minecraft, but it’s a feature we never expected to see as an official inclusion. Certain goods can be produced automatically by the redstone-powered craft automation device. It looks to work with hoppers, but the specific workings are not known yet. Thus a number of automated farming and crafting operations should function well.

Minecraft Live new features
The crafter in Minecraft

This invention has the potential to completely change how players approach the game’s resource collection and crafting mechanics. Players may now imagine creating complex networks of devices to automate their in-game tasks with the craft automation gadget. Imagine an enormous, intricate network of mines, farms, and workstations that are all connected and effectively convert raw materials into valuable items, all under the control of the hum of redstone machinery. This technology has countless potential uses, from supporting sizable towns to building complex Redstone puzzles that will test the abilities of even the most accomplished Minecraft developers.

The world of crafting and automation will change in ways we could never have imagined in the past, and the mechanics of gameplay will be completely altered by this incredible innovation.

The Breeze

Fans of Minecraft should get ready for an exciting new inclusion in the next 1.21 update: The Breeze. The Breeze, as its name implies, is somewhat related to the powerful Blaze; nevertheless, it adds a special twist by using wind strength to launch its attacks. These nimble opponents are renowned for their dramatic gymnastics, which include gravity-defying jumps and accurate weapon launches propelled by wind. These missiles explode powerfully when they come into contact which produces an amazing knockback effect that may send players flying across the blocky terrain.

Minecraft Live new features
Minecraft Live new features

With their unique skills, the Breeze’s entrance signals the beginning of a new age of hostile mobs that will test players in creative ways. It adds a windy, aerial fighting style to the game that creates intriguing options for tactical engagements and creative gaming. There’s little doubt that The Breeze, which explorers are anxiously awaiting, will provide a breath of fresh air to the Minecraft universe.

Copper Bulbs

Players can now create their own lightbulbs in the ever-changing world of Minecraft which has added a whole new level of creativity to their lighting design options. These crafted light sources shed light on creative methods for lighting your virtual environments. These lightbulbs have a special quality in common with their copper counterparts which is:

  • They may oxidize gradually over time.
  • Your in-game landscapes will become more dynamic and immersive as they get older because of the way their glow gets darker.
Minecraft Live new features
Copper bulbs glowing

Nevertheless, fans of Minecraft Live new features don’t have to fear since they can still influence this brilliant change. Lightbulbs may be stored and maintained with a light coat of wax, much like other copper blocks. This enables you to maintain the amount of brilliance that you find most comfortable, so your in-game

With the most recent update, players can now customize the lighting to create the exact mood and look they want. This marks the beginning of a new age of customization. These craftable lightbulbs let you customize the lighting in your Minecraft world to suit your own vision, whether you want to build a warm, inviting home or a strange, ethereal environment. So, while you explore the many possibilities in Minecraft, embrace the brilliance and let your creativity shine.

Trial Chambers

Adventurers in the thrilling world of Minecraft Live new features now have the chance to come across The Breeze in brand-new combat trials. It is found buried beneath the surface of the ground are these incredible constructions using the newest copper and tuff blocks in the game. Entering these underground mazes will expose you to waves upon waves of strong opponents who are itching to put your skills to the test. However, the benefits are well worth the effort as you might obtain priceless treasure in return for your successful victories.

Minecraft Live new features
Trial Chamber

These combat trials are unique because of their persistent commitment to providing an even higher degree of difficulty. In contrast to conventional Minecraft dungeons including preset spawn points, these challenges are intended to test the limits of your fighting abilities. Every wave of enemies is designed to keep you on your toes and will test your reflexes and strategy of the skills you use to play.

These new combat trials are the perfect arena for you to show off your skills, gather important resources, or just enjoy the rush of defeating more difficult opponents. They guarantee a thrilling experience that will keep you captivated and amused as you go further into the Minecraft universe and test the limits of your fighting and exploring prowess.

Trial Spawners

Somewhere deep inside these trial rooms is a new tool that will revolutionize the game and daring map makers alike which is the Trial Spawner. This spawner’s unique mechanics are what distinguish it from its traditional cousins. These trial spawners are distinct from ordinary spawners, which produce creatures at regular intervals in Minecraft Live new features. They can only summon enemies up to a certain maximum, which changes dynamically depending on how many players are in their range.

Minecraft Live new features
Showing Trial Spawners

In Minecraft Live new features, these trial spawners serve as the guardians of hidden treasures. Trial spawners become reward dispensers when you beat a certain number of enemies, bestowing valuable treasure that is richly merited for your arduously won victory.

The map makers and daring players have countless options thanks to the Trial Spawner’s dynamic nature. These spawners promise a new experience that keeps you on the edge of your virtual seat, delivering new challenges and giving rewards with every encounter which is best if you are on a hunt for wealth.


The Minecraft Live new features have been added with the new Minecraft Vanilla Update 1.21 and it holds exciting features for the players. The game has introduced features like Crafter, Breeze, Copper Bulbs, Trial Chambers, and Trail Spawners. This update has opened doors to new experiences, encouraging both map makers and players to explore and discover Minecraft in thrilling ways.

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